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"C'mon Layla…" Loreli whispered, petting her black horses nose gently "Just into the forest for a few hours" she said, coaxing her out of the stable and mounting her. She chuckled to herself slightly when she saw the brothers in their silly outfits, but held her tongue

"Good morning, Loreli…" Jake smiled, waving at her slightly

Will just nodded and continued checking his equipment

Loreli smiled at Jake and stopped her horse next to him "You're Jakob right?" she asked

"Uh, yes. Jakob Grimm…"

"What was that book you were writing in yesterday?" Loreli asked

"It's where we record the information about each legend we seek" Jake replied

Loreli nodded, "You'll find no truth in our legend. It is just that- a legend." she said

"If it's just a legend why do people come out of there deranged then?" Will asked, riding up behind Jake and Loreli

Loreli shrugged, heading into the woods "Come on you two, don't fall behind." she called, glancing back at them

They rode for nearly twenty minutes before Loreli pulled the reins on her horse "Whoa, girl…" she said "This is as far as we can go with the horses"

"Why?" Jake asked, following Loreli's action of dismounting her horse

"The horses… they won't walk past this part" Loreli said, kissing Layla's nose and grabbing her pouch, starting to walk through the trees

They walked a little while until coming to a wide stream. Loreli glanced across it, squinting her eyes and rubbing her temples

"You'll excuse me a moment boys, I have a pain in my head…" Loreli said softly, sitting on the bank

"Loreli!" Will called "Loreli, what is that?... who lives there?" he asked, pointing at an rundown looking cabin hidden behind the trees

"I… I uh, don't know." Loreli said "Truth be told I never come this far. I haven't since I was ten."

"Ten? Why ten?" Jake asked

"My parents. They were killed at this river a seven days before my eleventh year" Loreli replied

"Oh" Jake sighed, placing a stick into the river to see how deep it was

Loreli stood up walking towards the river and sighing "This place… that place" she said, pointing at the cabin "Something doesn't feel right"

"Feel right?" Will asked "Loreli?" he said, glancing at the girl who was now on the ground clutching her stomach

"Loreli!" Jake said, rushing to her side "What... what's wrong?"


--In the Cabin--

"Who have you brought with you my dear, Loreli?... such handsome young men…" the crone said to herself, watching the three of them in an enchanted mirror

The crone walked over to the window of the cabin and watched them, muttering an incantation under her breath. It was almost Loreli's eighteenth year, the spell that had been placed upon her was about to be lifted. The spell her parents died for was about to be undone and she was about to be under the crones power.

"Upon her eighteenth year as the sun rises, the spell that keeps her safe, now demises, the lives of 13 dear to her, her song will lure them without fear"

She read a loud twisting her fingers above a cauldron. Once Loreli brought forth 11 more victims the crone will awaken the forest to full bloom and the land that was once theirs will be reclaimed. The mythical creatures living beneath the muddy forests floor will have there proper order restored.

Years ago, when the humans first found the land, they captured the crone of the woods and forced her to disenchant the forest. She complied but vowed that one day when they least expected it a non believer will undo all that they have done to keep themselves safe. And that day was on the horizon.


--Across the river--

"Will! Will! We've got to get her back to the village… she could be unwell" Jake begged, watching as Loreli twisted and moaned at his feet

"Jakob! She'll be fine…" Will sighed "This is probably a trick, to makes us look like fools"

"Will!" Jake repeated, looking desperately at him

Will groaned and took Jake's and Loreli's pouches, glancing at the cabin which remained as empty as it had seemed before

Jake lifted Loreli into his arms and carried her quickly back to the horses, placing her on Layla "Loreli...?" he asked as she stopped moaning and started sitting up properly

"I'm fine" she muttered, as Will tossed her a pouch

"What was that Loreli?" Will asked, mounting his horse "What happened to you?"

"Nothing.. Stomach pains I suppose" Loreli replied. She herself didn't understand what had happened, and she was starting to believe that maybe the forest was enchanted

"The forest did that to you. I felt something there Loreli. Something unsettling." Jake said, writing something down in his book

"My parents… I was promised to an old crone. But they never gave me to her. The night my parents disappeared I… I was supposed to die in here… but something saved me." Loreli admitted quietly

"So you do believe" Will smirked

"I didn't. Not until now. I felt it to Jake… I've been seeing things, an old woman in a cabin. In that cabin." Loreli said

Jake smiled at Loreli and continued to record the conversation in his book

"Let's get back to the village. We'll come again tomorrow." Will said, ushering the two younger ones in front of him "Perhaps tonight Loreli you'll accompany my brother and I to dinner and tell us all you know of Kaufs Woods and… and your parents."

Loreli just nodded and rode out of the woods behinds Jake, trying to shake the feeling of fear forming in the pit of her stomach.


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