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Chapter Two

When they arrived at Bobby's house, it took Eames no time to kick the apartment door shut and be in control. Bobby gladly let her. His thoughts were clouded because of his senses to the actions that she displayed. He'd never seen her this way before, and he kinda liked it.

At six, four, Bobby could be intimidating; however the only person who could pull him to the level of the average size was a five, three woman with eyes that grew dark if need be. Right now, those chocolate brown eyes were warm and hungry.

They kissed passionately, never breaking the touches that they both were playing on each other. Common sense should have kicked in, but it hadn't. Too much had happened to them to have them stop now. Bobby ended up falling on the couch. She was stronger than he thought.

"Take it off." She whispered in between kisses. "All of it."

Bobby happily agreed, submissive to whatever she desired. "Who do you want me to undress first?" Bobby teased.

"Funny, Bobby, funny." Alex said with a flat voice.

He grinned, reaching up to her cheek. Rubbing it, he took the opportunity to stare at her. She looked at him with a confused expression. "What is it, Bo–"

Bobby collided with her, lips smashing. He was just a hungry as she was. However, he wanted this to be love making, not fucking. She had other plans.

Alex broke the kiss, and he sat up. She helped him with his suit jacket, then his shirt, exposing his chest. She ran her hand through the light curls that was on his chest. He shivered, wanting desperately to get her undressed. She stopped him, shaking her finger.

"Come on, Alex. I want you; you want me." Bobby started.

"Stop with the foreplay, Bobby. Remember five years? Enough is enough." Alex reminded him. They were half out their minds because of this spell that seemed to loom over them. He got up, making her stand as well. Then, Bobby picked her up without a word, walking directly to the bedroom.

Neither took the time to fully enjoy the undressing. Within a matter of seconds, both stood naked in front of each other. They smashed into each other, furiously kissing and fondling one another. She lay on the bed and he followed suit, climbing on top of her.

He pulled out a soft smile, appreciating her love. In his life, he had one thing after another turn sour; but everything changed when Alex Eames came into his life. Granted, he respected her for staying; but the appreciation grew when they were away from each other while she was pregnant. It was during that absence when he realized the love feeling wouldn't leave him. Finally he just accepted, but did nothing to pursue her. Now he was glad that he hadn't done anything back then when he wanted to.

"Bobby, why are you stopping?" She asked, impatient.

"Oh sorry…just thinking." He responded.

"Stop that brain of yours for once and make love to me!" she demanded. He grinned once again before kissing her lips tenderly. His feelings, touch, senses took over, and for once his brain had shut up.

Checking to find that she was incredibly wet, he kissed her once again as he slid inside her. She broke the kiss and gasped. He was big! She expected it, but it took a shock that it was very true.

"Are you okay?" He paused; worried that he had hurt her. "You want to continue?"

"Just caught me off guard. I want to continue," she answered, kissing to emphasize.

He took the reins and began a rhythm, slow at first then gaining speed as they came closer and closer to climax. She moaned as he did. Alex came first, calling out his name. Then a few minutes later, he called out her name. Spent, he collapsed on top, only to move so she would not be smothered.

They lay beside each other, cuddling. She threw the covers over them, so neither would get cold.

"Things will change, Bobby. You and I know that." Alex stated, slightly worried about their partnership and the rumors.

He chased those fears away, cupping her cheek with his left hand. "I know, but as long as we are in this together, things will be all right."

They kissed before drifting off to sleep.

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