Title: He's still Harry

Author: Silver Eyed Serpent

Disclaimer: err…well obviously I don't own anything from the H.P. books. However I do claim the plot and a few characters…you'll know who they are.

Summary: At the end of his fifth year, Harry defeats Voldemort, but u the process he loses his memory of everyone and everything, except Sirius. So Harry is placed in the muggle world for his own comfort. Until at last, two years later he begins to remember. So everyone gathers to help jog his memory, but will everyone think when they finally come face with new Harry Potter.

Warnings: Slash…don't like-don't read! And Harry will be slightly OOC.

A/N: Hey guys! *grins and hides*. I know this way way way way overdue. And I'm so sorry. I was re reading over this troy and the inspiration jus came back to me. I've fallen in love with Aaron all over again and I could bear the though of leaving him hanging any longer. I know I had previously mentioned that the epilogue was next, but I want have more Aaron/Harry involvement. so there's still a few more chapters to go. ENJOY! And do review, I'd really like some feed back after all this time.

NOW…on with the story!

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Harry slowly extracted himself from Aaron, who was still asleep and quietly made his way the room. As he exited he caught sight of Ron, Hermione, Sky and Evan. Aaron had fallen asleep about half an hour ago and the foursome in the living room had been anxiously waiting.

As they saw Harry enter the room, they all jumped up and asked for an update.

"He's doing fine" smiled Harry "He's asleep."

"Well that's good news!" Muttered Sky as she flopped back onto the couch. "Thank goodness you made it time."

"Listen, I have to head back home –

Evan interrupted slightly startled 'You're not staying here…with him?"

"Relax. I just need to get some stuff." Harry sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "Also…I kind off left things in a mess. I need to go and sort it out."

"But you're coming straight back right?"

"Yeah, Ev…I am" Harry took a deep breath and nodded as Hermione and Ron gestured to the fireplace. He watched them disappear amongst familiar green flames before turning to Evan and Sky. "Just make sure to watch Aaron. If he wakes up before I return…come get me ASAP. K?"

"You got it Jamie."

Harry stepped through the floo and arrived at his house to find everyone still congregated in the living room, at that moment interrogating Ron and Hermione who had just arrived.

"Harry!" Sirius jumped up "What? Is everything…is he…" he was obviously quite flustered.

"Everything's fine Siri. I just came back to do some damage control over here." He grinned trying to lighten the tense atmosphere. It didn't really work. Harry sighed. Looking around he realised that the blonde Slytherin was absent.

"Where's Draco?"

He received nervous looks from the occupants of the room, before Sirius pointed outside to the garden. Harry gave him a nod of thanks and walked in the direction that his god-father had pointed.

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Draco took a deep breath as he gazed up wards at the stars, replaying the argument with Harry in his head for the thousandth time. Harry was right. Of course he had been, and a certain part…a very big part of Draco had always realised what Harry had bluntly thrown in his face that evening.

He had known that Harry wasn't the same person Draco had fallen for. Their relationship wasn't the same and no matter how much Draco hoped it could be it wasn't. He knew it had been ridiculous to hold on to something that didn't and couldn't exist anymore but the thought of knowingly giving up on something that he had held onto for so long, just seemed so…unacceptable.

For the last two years, Draco had held on to the knowledge that Harry would eventually be cured and then everything in Draco's life would be put right. The understanding that all that waiting was pointless and intangible was extremely hard to accept. It was hard, but having it thrown in his face made him stop and finally do what he had known for a while now, needed to be done.

He couldn't help the slight smile that graced his face as he heard someone approach from behind. HE knew who it was, and the situation was so very reminiscent of that summer night at the cabin that Harry had kissed him for the first time I two years.



"Draco…I'm sor –

"You're were right"


"Fuck Harry. You don't think I've realised how psychotic I've been acting…or why for that matter. But you have to understand that admitting that I had wasted so much of my life waiting for you, for a life that was non-existent…it was hard."

"I know. I sorry I threw it at you like that." Harry took a deep breath. "I guess it all just became too much. And you probably don't want to hear this, but I needed him…I needed him sooo much and I just felt –

"I get it really I do." The two lapsed into silence fro a while, until Draco asked him. "Aaron's gonna be ok?"

Harry shot him a small smile. "Yeah. He wouldn't have made it if we didn't go…I was touch and go for a while….but he's going to fine."

"Good." The stood around for a little longer. "I better get going."

"Where to?"

"Home…and then I'm not too sure. I need to work some things out. Get a bit of perspective."

"Sounds good."

"Hmmm….I'm thinking France. Blaise has been asking me to visit. Anyway." Draco Gave Harry another tentative smile. "I'll see you."

"Bye Dray."

Draco turned to apparate before stopping and facing Harry once more. "Hey Harry?"


"Why does he call you Jamie? Other than the fact that your name is James."

Harry gave a snort of laughter. "When I first had my crush on Aaron, I didn't know how to approach him. He was first Sky's friend and erm…well he hated being set up on dates and double dates and all that. I was too nervous to just ask him out and I needed Sky for emotional support. If he knew that it was a set up with some other guy he never would have agreed. OS Sky told him that he should come have lunch with her and her friend Jamie. Aaron's completely gay. He assumed that Jamie was a girl…we tricked him on purpose. It was our first date, I guess you could say.

It's not that big of a thing. It just…well I guess Jamie kind of stuck and if it wasn't fro that we probably each would of been to unsure about approaching someone who was so much alike to ourselves."


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Aaron woke to a splitting headache and familiar warmth against his side. He opened his eyes blurrily and gazed at the head of messy black hair beside his own head. HE closed his eyes for a moment as the events of the previous night played through his mind.

'You're awake."

He opened his eyes to be met with a pair of bright, if somewhat sleepy, emerald green eyes.

"Yeah." His voice was a little choked up and as Aaron continued to stare into those eyes he loved and had missed so much, he couldn't stop the overflow of tears.

"Hey, hey" Harry soothed as he sat up and pulled Aaron towards him. "It's alright. You're going to be fine. Are you in pain?"

"Through his sniffles, Aaron shook his head as he clung to the dark haired young man in his bed.

"So what's –

'God, Harry! I've missed you."

He felt Harry inhale deeply and loudly as the arms around him tightened. "I missed you too baby. And I'm sooo sorry I left you. But that's going to happen again. Ok?'

Aaron could only nod as he buried his face in Harry's neck, inhaling that familiar scent that had been plaguing him since the summer. "I love you."

"I love you too." The sat like that, arms around each other for what felt like ages. Until Harry pulled back and pressed a gentle kiss on his lips. "You still a few more weeks of recovery, even with magic." Standing up, Aaron watched as Harry puttered around the room for a moment, returning to his side with two vials. "You need to drink this. Also I think it's best if you stayed with me and Sirius instead of here."

"How come?"

"Well it would be better for your recovery and the Medi-witch as Hogwarts would be able to check on you more often. I'm more than capable at healing, but I'll feel much better if she had a look at you." Harry smiled and dipped his head to place another kiss on Aaron's mouth. "Besides…I still need to go to work and I can't floo or apparate such long distances on a daily basis. Now that I have you….I'm not about to leave you. Also from what I hear, you haven't been going too classed, and you wouldn't be able to anyway."

When Aaron remained silent, still trying to process that after months of solitude and heartbreak, missing Harry, that finally they were together again, Harry himself was growing nervous. Taking the silence as a bad thing, Harry gulped.

"I mean…if you don't…that's fine…I'll just move down here, just as long as we're together, and I know I might seem a little clingy but the though of –

HE was cut of as Aaron crushed their moths together in a breathless kiss. "London sounds great, anywhere with you sounds great." Another kiss and Aaron broke into a grin. "Besides, you're right. I haven't been attending classes; I'm rethinking my career path,"

They grinned at each other. "I love you Aaron.'

"You too babe."

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