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Summary: After the defeat of Voldemort, a few incidents leave the wizarding questioning Harry. With his friends and even his boyfriend thinking his turning evil, Harry leaves England only to arrive a year and half later due to a blasted exchange program! How will everyone react, especially after proving to be marvellously wrong about Harry almost as soon as Harry had left?

Warnings: Slash! Don't like - don't read! IT actually starts in Harry's fifth year, but there are some references to OotP and HBP, but nothing major. Just stuff like Occlumency and things.

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Chapter 1

Harry grinned out the window of their train compartment as he watched Sirius, and the rest of the Weasleys waving goodbye. He was certain that this year, his fifth year, was going to be the funnest year at Hogwarts so far. With no evil dark lord hanging over him, Harry was in high spirits. He looked beside him to see his boyfriend, Draco submerged in a book, looking more like Hermione, who was currently snogging Ron across from Harry.

"Arg! Can you two, you know…stop?" Harry groaned, pushing up his glasses. "Unless you want to see what I had for breakfast."

The two broke apart. "Oh please, Harry! Ron and I don't interrupt when you and Draco go at it."

Harry was about to respond when Draco cut in first. "For your information, we don't suck face in front of others…in such an enclosed area."

Ron snorted, but separated from Hermione none-the-less. He ginned at Harry, "This is going to be a good year!"

Harry grinned back. "Oh yeah" he laughed.

The rest of the journey was spent doing the usual, playing exploding snap, talking and just chilling out. If Harry had known just how wrong he had been on that trip, he would have never gotten on the train to Hogwarts in the first place.

They had been at Hogwarts for almost 2 months now. So far, according to Harry anyway, things were looking good. Despite the massive increase in the workload for the upcoming O.W.L's, Harry was coping extremely well with all his lessons. The other week he had shocked Snape so much when he had asked a competent question, that the potions master could only answer and continue. This week he had absolutely stunned the greasy Bat, as every potion he had attempted that week had come out perfectly, even after he had been moved to the front away from Hermione. Even Harry was shocked at his success, but he was pleased that he was finally doing things right. He was even more pleased that things with Draco were going well. The couple had surprised the other students, but actually, many of them had seen it coming, something about 'sexual tension' and 'fighting'.

Harry trotted into the dungeons, alone and just on time, smirking as he took a seat beside Draco at the front and waited innocently for Snape to begin.

"You really shouldn't antagonise him." Whispered Draco

"What?" Asked Harry innocently. "I'm on time, so he can't take points or give me detention."

Draco sighed and rolled his eyes, a slight smile playing on his lips.

"Today we are going to attempt the Draught of the Living Dead." Snape's glare keeping anyone from making another sound. "This is a complex potion and requires a lot of skill," he continued silkily, smirking at Harry.

Harry rolled his eyes. The stupid Potions professor was determined to catch him cheating or at least have Harry screw up and be able to give him a T, like he used to.

"You have the ingredients and instructions are on the board" he waved his hand at the black board, and elegant script spread across it. "Begin!"

"How on earth did you manage a perfect potion again, Harry?" Asked Ron, absolutely incredulous. "Not even Hermione or Draco got it."

Harry shrugged at his friends, "I don't know, I just followed the instructions. It's amazing how well one can concentrate without the threat of death looming over you." He smiled, a tiny bit of sarcasm leaking into his voice.

Draco kissed him on the cheek. "I have Charms…see you later." With that the Slytherin departed, as Harry, Ron and Hermione made there way to Transfiguration.

Almost as soon as the class had filed in and sat down, Professor McGonagall launched into a long speech about the importance of this year and the O.W.L.'s.

"Inanimate to Animal transfiguration is one of the hardest parts in your Transfiguration O.W.L ." McGonagall then proceeded to show them the incantation, and turned her chair into a flamingo. While the class took out their wands, she started to walk around, watching as they attempted to do the complicated magic.

Harry and Ron were deep into a discussion about Quidditch and the Cannons chances, not even interested in trying, while Hermione beside them was waving her wand and attempting the spell. It took her at least 6 attempts to finally get it right, which for Hermione was a surprisingly long time. McGonagall, obviously delighted with Hermione's puppy (a former footstool), gave a small clap and then eyed Harry and Ron sternly.

"Well boys." She glared "lets see it." Ron picked up his wand, gave Harry a nervous glance and then proceeded to almost kill the Ravenclaw beside him. "Well Mr. Weasley, that was certainly … interesting. Potter! Let's see if you can do any better."

Harry took a deep breath, recited the incantation in his head and then picked up his wand and stated the words out loud. Almost immediately the footstool on Ron's desk quivered and changed.

Harry stared at it, McGonagall blinked, and Ron and Hermione's eyes grew wide. What were the chances of Harry getting something in the first attempt, when Hermione had to work harder?

"Well done Mr. Potter!" Before anything more could be said, the bell rang and the students began to file out.

And so it continued, all through November. Harry's spells always seemed to work, usually on his first attempt. In fact, he was doing so well in class that his grades were as high as Hermione's. Obviously she still did better at the theory and written work, but Harry's practical work was even better then her's in almost every class. Harry, had no answer for how he did it. He didn't feel any different; apart from being happier then he had ever been, as far as he could tell, he was still the same as last year. Although, Ron found it hard to believe that Harry didn't have some secret he wasn't sharing with the rest of them.

The beginning of December found Harry in his usual spot with Draco, Hermione and Ron in Defence Against the Dark Arts. Remus Lupin had once again taken the position as Defence Professor, and Harry and the other's were relieved to have a competent teacher again. The tired looking werewolf was standing in front of the class, waiting of them to settle down. Apparently, they were going to try learning the Patronus charm today. Harry, who had already mastered it, wasn't really paying attention and started in surprise when Remus called his name.

"Sorry?" The black haired teen asked sheepishly.

"I asked you to please come and demonstrate that it is perfectly possible for a fifth year to summon a Patronus."

"I…err…I don't…" Harry stuttered, before Ron hauled him to his feet and pushed him to the front. Too busy glaring at Ron, Harry hadn't even realised that he had left his wand at the desk. Instead, almost unconsciously, he murmured 'Expecto Patronum!' in his mind, and waved his hand, watching as a giant, shimmering stag burst out of the air. Still not really paying attention, Harry waited as it galloped around the room and came to a halt beside him. He stretched out his hand and let the proud creature nuzzle his hand and gave it a pat, before it vanished in a swirl of silver light.

This was the first time that Harry realised the class was absolutely silent. Harry frowned and was about to make his way back to his desk ,where Hermione, Ron and Draco appeared to be stunned. Funny, he thought, they had seen his Patronus before; instead he was stopped by an equally stunned Professor Lupin.


"Harry…where's your wand?"

That was a rather stupid question. It was obviously in his han –

Harry blinked and looked at his hand. "Erm…I…it's on my desk." He stuttered

Remus' eyebrows shot up. "How did you…"

"I have no idea!"

"You also used a non-verbal spell. Did you know that?"

"I…I didn't realise."

Remus studied him for a moment and then allowed him to go back to his seat. For the rest of the lesson Harry watched as his fellow classmates attempted the spell, all the while casting shifty glances at him. Harry sighed as he noticed Hermione, Ron and even Draco were doing the same thing.

Harry was growing seriously annoyed. All he wanted to do was eat his dinner and then escape to his bed. It was not the first time that Harry had been reminded just how fast news travelled within the castle. Everyone seemed to know what had occurred in Defence and all Harry wanted to do was be done so he could go analyse it in privacy. Instead, not only were people constantly staring at him, but Hermione, Ron and Draco were on his case too.

They hadn't stopped asking questions since, and he was starting to get pissed off. They were taking it in turns to ask the same sorts of questions.

"Why didn't you tell us, you could do that?"

"I thought I was your boyfriend! How could you keep this from me?"

"You're not doing anything dangerous are you?"

"If it is…you know how wrong that is? I knew there was more then you just suddenly beating me in everything. If you're in trouble tell us?"

"I have no bloody idea how I did it alright!" Harry finally snapped. He stood and glared at them, completely unconcerned that now the silent crowd was openly staring at him. "So will you just back the bloody hell off!"?

"HARRY!" Hermione's voice had taken on the chiding tone that Mrs. Weasley always seemed use on the twins. "Don't you speak to us like that! Why don't you just tel-"

"ENOUGH!" With that, unbeknownst to him, Harry's eyes turned completely black. He turned on his heel and marched out, every goblet of juice or water in the Hall bursting as he did, showering the students and teachers with metal and liquid. As Harry disappeared out the door, the goblets repaired and the liquids disappeared, leaving everyone in the Hall dry and staring after him. Everyone had seen Harry's eyes change and when the talking started again, everyone was talking about the Saviour and their theories on his new eyes.

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