Chapter 9

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"It didn't happen like that!" Harry shouted at the stubborn redhead before him. "Dammit Bill! I told you I would never-"

"I saw you!" Bill screamed.

Harry swallowed and took a step back from his fuming boyfriend. He had awoken a few minutes ago with minor scratches and abrasions. Ron, however, did not have such good luck and was currently still unconscious, but was more then likely going to pull through. Bill, on the other hand, was convinced that it was all Harry's doing. He wouldn't even listen to Harry's side of events and the Radley student was losing the determination to even try to defend himself. He had promised Bill, he had promised that he wouldn't do anything to hurt his brother and he hadn't. The fact that Bill had once again thought the worst of him was having a bad effect on Harry's patience. It was extremely ironic that Bill had believed he wasn't evil all those years back, but now, he was willing to believe that Harry would intentionally hurt Ron.

Harry took in a shaky breath and then looked at Bill. "Well…I guess its pointless trying to talk to you when you're like this."

"You're right. Why don't you just go?" Came the flat reply.

Harry blinked. "What?"

"You heard me. Just go Harry. It's obvious you don't care about Ro-"

"Now wait just a minute!"

"What! You want to pretend that you care! We're over."

"Bill! Don't do something you'll regret!" Harry took in an angry breath "You're acting like an idiot!"

"Oh I promise you…I won't regret this. You nearly killed him!"

"I didn't do anything!"

Harry paced around the common room in a blind rage. He was so wrapped up in all his different emotions that he barely noticed everyone else watching him. Instead he focused on venting to his best friend.

"That…that…idiot!" He snarled. "Fuck Al! I don't know whether to go over there and hex him into the next century for the things he said or…or…" at this he collapsed onto a sofa and turned pained eyes to Alec. "Or curl up and cry that he actually believes I would do something like that."

"Harry?" Came the tentative question from the door and looked up to see the rest of his friends and his Headmistress enter the room. Harry had told all of them what really happened and no one was impressed at the standing Bill had taken.

"Harry, its Christmas Eve! Just try to calm down and relax."

"I can't Professor!" Harry stated before he stood up. "He won't even let me explain. I just…it's like 5th year all over again."

"That's not true." Said Lyla. "His family doesn't believe that you intentionally tried to hurt Ron and fuck them if they do!"

"Lyla's right, Harry." Grinned Tyler. "We know the truth and…you probably don't want to hear this but if he actually believes you hurt Ron…maybe he isn't right for you."

Harry nodded morosely, but couldn't help to smile at his friends' efforts "That's the spirit Har!" Alec was bouncing around the room now, smiling like a clown. "Now it's almost 12 am, lets say we get this Christmas Eve going, yeah!"

"Actually…there is something I would like to ask you first, Harry." came Professor Walker's voice.

Bill sat beside hiss youngest brother's bedside and waited for the gangly boy to wake up. It was December 26th and Ron had been out for almost 2 days. Bill was worried for his brother, as well as feeling awful for the things he had said to Harry, but it was the brunets fault and he really didn't know what to feel. Family was important to Bill, he may have been angry with Ron all those years ago, but he forgave him, because that's what families do and Ron in his own confused way had only tried to protect him back then.

A shuffling noise from the bed caught his attention and he looked up, to be met with hiss brother's open eyes.

"Ron? MOM! Guys! He's awake!" A moment later the rest of the Weasley family came rushing in to check on Ron. "Hey bro. You ok?"

Ron nodded and then frowned as he looked around the room. "Where's Harry!" He asked as he sat up, a little startled. "Is he ok? He's not hurt is he?"

"Ron just calm down. Harry's fine, I don't know why you would care anyway."

"Bill!" Warned his mother.

"What?" Ron looked bewildered for moment. "What do you mean?"

"Well, he did do this to you." Scowled Bill "Him and his bloody temper…"

"No, he didn't."

"I saw him…I was on the other end of the corridor."

"What!' Shouted Ron as he attempted to get out of bed.

"Don't worry. Look I'm sorry. I should have realised things wouldn't work…I broke up with him-"

"Why the hell did you do that?" This time, no one prevented the furious Weasley from extracting himself from the bed. "He didn't do anything! We worked things out!"

"I saw…"

"Did you see everything?" Ron scoffed. "It was fucking Draco!''

"Draco wasn't even there!'

"Yes he was! He was leaning against the pillar!"

Bill felt a huge weight settle in his stomach as he heard what Ron had said. There was no way he could of…Oh shit!

Flash back

Ron watched nervously as Harry just stared at him. He supposed this would constitute as a Good sign, as usually Harry would have by now dismissed him and stormed off.

"I actually believe you." Blinked Harry, seemingly still a little stunned.

Ron smiled nervously. "That might be 'cause I actually mean it. I understand."

Harry nodded his head and then smiled shyly. "So…I guess we're…friends?"

"Well I hope so. I know I-"

"I doesn't matter…well it does, but I'm over it. The only reason I wouldn't accept your apologies before is because…you didn't seem to really understand what it was you did wrong."

"I know. Realising that you're with Bill…again…after all this time." Ron frowned and shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. "I guess it kinda hit home exactly what my behaviour caused. I almost ruined something that was – Real."

The two boys stopped and grinned at each other. Harry raised an eyebrow. "Maybe we could go visit Hermio-"

Harry was interrupted as a familiar drawl was issued "Well, well, well…are we all friends again, now?"

Harry scoffed "what do you want Draco?"

"There's no need to take that tone."

Harry watched with narrowed eyes as Draco approached and leaned casually against a pillar beside Ron. Draco was a conundrum of sorts to Harry. 2 years ago the boy was all about redemption and keeping a squeaky clean image. That was the reason he had ditched Harry, yet as soon as the truth came out, apparently Draco went straight back to his annoying, bullying ways. Oh sure he knew better than to sprout all that pure-blood supremacist rubbish but that didn't stop him from strutting about like he owned the place. So ,as far as Harry understood, things had gone right back too normal at Hogwarts…well, mostly. In fact he was surprised that Draco had waited this long to get in his face.

Harry sighed and fixed the blonde with a bored expression. "Just piss off will ya?"

Draco smirked. "No, I don't think I will. You see, I'm quite honestly sick and fucking tired with you lot. I just can't seem to win! When I'm your enemy…everybody loves you! When I begin to date you…everyone begins to think you're the spawn of Mordred! Then when I fucking dump you, everybody's back to loving you! You really are a fucking prat!"

Harry and Ron exchanged slightly shocked expressions. Harry turned and smiled condescendingly at Draco. "It's not my fault you're an idiot."

Draco's eyes blazed and then he whipped out his wand and aimed it at Ron. "Are you really friends, Potter? Will you try and protect him still?"

Harry growled even as he trained his own wand at Draco. Under normal circumstances he would have easily hexed Draco into next week, but Ron was in danger. "Ron, please tell me you have your wand?"

Ron winced. "Err…sorry?"

Harry scowled and glared at Draco. "Just get out of here!"

Draco's eyes took on a mad glint. "Scared, Harry?"

"I said, just get the fuck out of here!"

"If you say so." In a sudden move, Draco pushed away from the pillar, and cast a spell that was miss aimed and instead hit the ceiling. Harry and Ron shouted warnings to each other but it was no use. There was a flash of light and Harry saw the ceiling begin to crumble as Draco, smirking evilly, slipped into the corridor right by the pillar.

End flashback

Bill pulled out of the pensive feeling absolutely shattered. He had been such an idiot. "I need to find Harry!" But, just as he turned to head to the door, it opened and in walked Alec.

"Err…hi everyone." There was a tense silence as Alec entered the room and stopped by Ron's bed. "Harry asked for me to check on you and make sure you were ok." He smiled.

"Where's Harry?" Bill asked a little frantic, only to be ignored by the dark haired chaser.

Ron blinked. "Is he still…is he…"

Alec grinned. "Harry says that things are still cool with you guys and he also went to see Hermione and make peace…so to speak."

Ron's face split into a grin. "Oh! That's brill! Is he there now?"

"Err…well no he isn't."

By now Bill had had enough, scowling he inserted himself in front of Alec. "Where's Harry?"

"Why the hell do you care!"

"What do you mea –?"

"Let me tell you something William," hissed Alec as he glared at the red head, completely unconcerned that Bill happened to be a very talented and powerful curse-breaker. "Harry has had a lot of people doubt him on a regular basis. But hell! He knows how fickle the wizarding community is and he accepts that. He also accepts that sometimes, friends also turn on you." At this Ron's face flamed red. "But he deals with it and moves on!"


"I thought you were a straight up dude! Obviously I was mistaken."

"Look just…where is he?" Bill swallowed.

Alec took a deep breath. "Harry's left. He went back home."

Bill felt his chest tighten. "He's gone. You mean he just – what about us?'

Alec raised an eyebrow at Bill's behaviour. "From what I gather…it was you who broke up with him without even letting him explain." Alec spared him another glance before turning back to Ron. "Harry said he'll stay in touch with you. I have to go. I'm glad you're feeling better."

Bill watched as the young man turned and stalked out of the room. The only thoughts running through his mind were that Harry was gone. He wasn't there, but instead back on Radley's campus hidden by all their privacy charms.

Fuck! He needed to find Professor Walker. She was the only one who could get him entrance to the school. Then he needed to speak to Harry.