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Chapter 1 - "What a performance tonight..."

"Sir! I think you've had enough."

"Enough?! I'll decide when I've -hic- had enough!"

The small bar of a barely larger Inn was in complete silence as this scene progressed, the onlookers remaining still as the outbursts from the man got louder and louder with each confrontation of his drinking.

"I'm not no nearly drunk enough! You… you…"

"My my… Sanzo lost for insults? You must be quite drunk."

The monk turned a glazed eye to the door where four… no… two figures stood.

"I must say Sanzo," the red head spoke now, "even I don't get this plastered if I can help it, it's just embarrassing."

"Yes, and doing so for this many nights at a time? It's very unhealthy."

"Shuddap Hojyo… and you Gakkai, I'm -hic- fine."

He wasn't fine. They knew this. It had been a few weeks since the last time, but Sanzo had gotten into the habit of getting absolutely stark raving drunk for anything up to seven nights in a row. It was becoming very problematic as the progress on their journey, was reaching an almost non existent stage. They would spend days, sometimes over a week in one place and when they were away from a town and a good supply of alcohol, Sanzo became, if possible, even more angry and violent.

"Is Sanzo drunk again?" The young mans voice shot through the monk's drunken haze like a bullet and a large grin appeared on his face… yes… a grin… on Sanzo's face. This was the other reason that Gojyo and Hakkai were getting increasingly worried. Along with the excessive drinking, Sanzo had developed another interesting characteristic while drunk… which was a strange attachment to Goku.

"Sorry about this barkeep," Goku said calmly as the monk stumbled over, towards him, "I'll take him back to his room now." Sanzo fell on the boy, arms around his neck.

"Hello Goooku!" The young man patted the blonde's back gently, taking an arm to support him.

"Hello Sanzo, I think you've had enough to drink, how about we head back to our room now eh?" The monk nodded vigorously, still grinning.

"Hey Goku," Gojyo grabbed the boy's arm, "you sure you'll be ok? One of us can stay with him tonight if you want."

"No it's ok," Goku said, smiling gently at Gojyo's worried expression, "you know what he'll be like if either of you stay with him." They nodded… they remembered the incident just over a month ago, when they had been thrown out of their Inn at three in the morning due to Sanzo's actions. "I'll be fine." He smiled again.

"Well, you know where we are if anything happens," Hakkai reminded him kindly, "just give us a call ok?"

"Yes Hakkai, good night guys." The young man left, supporting the apparently if not technically older man as they climbed the stairs to the rooms above. Gojyo turned to his dark haired companion,

"He's got your smile you know."

"Yes… I noticed."

"What are we going to do?"

"What can we do?" Hakkai answered in a tone that no one but Gojyo would have recognised as sad, "Sanzo's too stubborn to admit anything while sober, and Goku's too hopeful to believe he doesn't mean it at all. All we can do is wait and hope Sanzo realises what he's doing to that boy, before he destroys him."

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