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Chapter one

"Hey look! Another shooting star!" Ayumi exclaimed, pointing. The five of them were sitting on the roof of Agasa Hakase's house, staring up at the sky, where shooting stars streaked across the sky one after another.

"Make a wish, everyone!" the professor hollered from a floor below.

Ayumi, with a glance at Conan, prayed silently that a certain someone would go to the school dance with her next week. Mitsuhiko was also thinking of the dance, staring rather hopefully at Ai; while Genta was wishing to get down to the newly opened restaurant down the street.

"I wish there would be another case already." Conan muttered under his breath. There had not been a case in the detective agency for months.

"Oh, so you wish for someone to be murdered?" Ai said, smirking. Conan ignored her. Looking up once more, Ai whispered softly, "I wish I can go back to a world where Neechan is still here."


"Agasa Hakase?" Sitting up in her bed, Ai saw the professor snoring in a chair next to her. Odd. Weren't they up on the roof just now? Why is she suddenly lying on her bed? She looked around, confused.

At the sound of her voice, Hakase woke with a start. "H-How the heck did you know my name?" He asked, looking totally freaked, as if he had just seen a ghost. Ai rolled her eyes. I've been living here for the past year, why wouldn't I know your name? She thought. "Stop joking around, Hakase, what happened?"

But the professor had run out of the room. "Shinichi! That girl you found just woke!" he yelled at the top of his lungs.

The girl he found? Does that mean me? Ai thought. If this is a dream, it certainly is a weird one.

Just then, Hakase walked back into the room, followed closely by Shinichi.

"I'm Kudo Shinichi, nice to meet you."

"Edogawa?" Ai asked, puzzled, what the hell happened to his glasses? "What trick are you and Hakase playing now?" she accused, thinking that maybe it's April Fool's and she had failed to notice.

"Edogawa? Who's that?" The boy in front of her asked, frowning. Somehow, the bewildered look in his eyes is genuine.

"Drop the act; I'm not falling for it." Ai said, getting seriously annoyed. "And what happened to your glasses?"

"Glasses? Why would I need those? I have 20/20 vision." He said, grinning, rather proudly, Ai noted. "And my name is Shin-i-chi." He pronounced every syllable of his name separately, as if he thought she didn't here him clearly the first time. "You're probably still a bit dizzy since you've just passed out. Get some rest, we can talk tomorrow."

He pulled the blankets over her, and with a last grin at her, turned to leave.

If you make a wish as a shooting star soar through the sky, the fairies riding it will hear and make it come true. Akemi's voice, faintly remembered from a story told to Shiho as a little girl, rang through her mind. Ai shivered, it can't be…

"Wait!" she called after him. "…What year is it?"

Shinichi laughed, and for a moment Ai thought he was about to admit he'd been joking, but then he said, "Have you forgotten that too? It's 1998."

"Oi, are you okay?" Shinichi asked, peering at the strawberry blonde's face, worried, as the world seemed to spin in front of her. Ai's blood ran cold. Her wish had come true. She had traveled back ten years, to a time before her sister was killed! These things don't happen except in movies, don't they?


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