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Byakuya didn't know how he got here but there he was, sitting at a table in a bar with his fukotaicho and the substitute shinigami. He didn't know why he had accepted their invitation for drinks. Their reason was something along the lines of him being too uptight and working too much.Tss…Byakuya didn't think it all that important to drink alcohol to the point of passing out. Besides, how would alcohol make him relax? He found it a waste of money and time, not to mention the big headache he would get the next morning – not pleasant at all.

Byakuya looked over at Abarai Renji who was pouring himself another drink. He was laughing hysterically with Kurosaki Ichigo.

The two younger shinigami suddenly stopped their laughing and were both gazing over Byakuya's shoulder. Byakuya turned around to see what they were looking at. He did not see anything of interest.

"Hey Ichigo, did you see that piece of ass?"

"Damn straight I did."

Byakuya frowned. He looked over his shoulder again and saw that the two men were talking about a younger shinigami that was walking towards the back of the bar. Byakuya had to admit that the swaying of the young shinigami's hips were hypnotic. The raven-haired man hit himself mentally for thinking that. He looked back at the shinigami he was drinking with and saw that they were in deep discussion about the man's rear side.

"That boy had quite the ass."

"I agree. He looked delicious."

Byakuya wasn't taken aback by their comments. He knew that Renji didn't care what sex the person was, as long as they had features that he liked. As for the substitute shinigami, he figured he was going through the exploring phase that every teen goes through. Byakuya ignored their chatter, preferring to sip on his sake instead of hearing them talk about asses.

Moments later, Byakuya stood up, needing to go to the bathroom. He readjusted his robes and turned around facing the back of the bar. However, before he had a chance to take a step, he heard Ichigo say: "Hey Ren, your captain has quite the ass too." Byakuya froze. He looked around towards the substitute shinigami, who had a seductive grin on his face.

"Ya, you know, I've always thought Taicho was hot."

Byakuya couldn't believe he was hearing this. He never thought his fukotaicho would think of him that way. The raven-haired man had forgotten why he had stood up and so he sat back down promptly, still with a confused expression on his face. A blush had risen to his cheeks when he noticed both men that accompanied him were smiling at him. The alcohol was getting to Byakuya. He was losing his ability to hide his emotions.

"Hey Ichigo, I think taicho likes that we think he's hot."

"Yeah, he ain't hiding it. He even forgot why he stood up."

Byakuya remained frozen, not knowing what to do. All of a sudden, Byakuya thought it be best to drink his sake in an attempt to cover his face or just to give him something to do.

"Whoa, easy on the sake taicho. We don't want you passing out on us."

Byakuya ignored him and poured himself another glass, determined to forget their previous comments about his looks. The only good thing about alcohol, Byakuya thought.

"Hey Ren, maybe we should leave the bar. I don't think it right for Byakuya to be surrounded by the sake. He'll pass out if he drinks more."

"I agree, let's go to my place."

The three left the bar and headed towards Renji's. Byakuya was having trouble walking and had to resort to leaning on his fukotaicho while he took his steps. The raven-haired man thought about leaving them and going back to his home, but he felt too dizzy to be able to walk on his own. So there he was, heading towards Renji's, not knowing what was in store for him.

When the three arrived, Byakuya instantly made his way to the couch and lied down. He put an arm over his eyes in an attempt to block out whatever surrounded him. He didn't really find himself drunk anymore. The fresh air had cleared his senses somewhat.

Byakuya shot his eyes open and lifted his arm when he felt a weight on his midsection. He saw that Renji had climbed on top of him and was grinning at him.


"Taicho, I'll show you why it's important to take a break from work."

Suddenly Renji dove down and brushed his lips over Byakuya's. Said shinigami was surprised at the sudden declaration, but he couldn't help but feel pleasure as the soft lips kissed his own. Byakuya leaned forward to complete the kiss. He couldn't understand what got into him, but he felt the need to pursue this further. He had a weird sensation in him that he needed to know what his fukotaicho tasted like. Byakuya slipped his tongue between Renji's lips, who was all too willing to allow him access to his mouth.

There was a chuckle coming from Byakuya's side. He broke the kiss to see who had interrupted this beautiful moment.

Ichigo was looking down at the two 6th division squad members with a huge smile on his face.

"Looks like Kuchiki wants a piece of you Renji."

Renji replied with a hum. Next thing Byakuya knew, the red head was devouring his neck and a new pair of soft lips was caressing his own. Byakuya caved into the sensations he was feeling from the two shinigami.

Wet kisses made their way to his sensitive ear on his right side. Renji was awarded with the sound of a sweet moan escaping his taicho's lips as he flicked his tongue on the pale ear. Ichigo tore away from the kiss he held with the captain and attacked the ear Renji wasn't occupying.

Byakuya arched his back as he felt two tongues encircling both his ears. "Aaahhh…" He couldn't help but let another moan escape him.

Renji began undoing Byakuya's tie that held his haori while he made his way to his mouth for another kiss. The kiss this time was harder and needier. Ichigo continued his assault on Byakuya's ears, occasionally whispering dirty thoughts to the captain, which made the latter gasp and shiver. Renji smiled against Byakuya's lips when he caught some words Ichigo was saying.

Renji stopped his movements and laid back into a sitting position. He watched Byakuya as Ichigo continued whispering and licking. Renji felt his groin grow hotter as he saw Byakuya's face full of lust. He rarely got to see his captain display any kind of emotion. Right then and there, Renji was determined to warm the cool-hearted taicho.

Renji got off Byakuya's lap, grabbing onto Byakuya's hands to lift both of them off the couch. Ichigo quickly undid his tie holding his own haori as Renji helped Byakuya shake off his robe. Renji did the same for his robes, and now all three men were shirtless. They gazed at each other, looking at every inch of their well-toned bodies.

Ichigo stepped behind Byakuya and rapped his arms around him. Renji did the same to his front. Byakuya was now standing, sandwiched between his subordinate and the substitute shinigami. Renji led Byakuya into another deep kiss while Ichigo nuzzled into the captain's neck.

Ichigo snaked his hand over Byakuya's hard abs and started tracing lazy circles around his belly button. Renji broke his kiss and licked his way down Byakuya's chest, stopping at one of the dark nipples. Renji traced a circle around the nub with his tongue, mimicking Ichigo's motion. Byakuya gasped at the feeling both men were giving him.

The men chuckled when they heard Byakuya gasp. Ichigo's thumb stopped its circular motion and made its way further down, slipping into Byakuya's hakama. He grasped Byakuya erection, awarded with a loud gasp from Byakuya. "Ngghh.." Renji lost it when he heard this sound. He jerked his hips forward, ramming his erection into Byakuya's. Ichigo felt Renji's hardened member against his hand, which was still around Byakuya's erection. "F-fuck, I'm so turned on right now," whispered Ichigo. The orange head rammed his erection against Byakuya's backside, moaning as he did so. All three of them began a friction rampage as their hips bucked several times, trying to get as much friction from each other as possible. Their mouths were open and their eyes were closed as they continued their dance.

Renji was the first to stop. He stepped away from the sandwich and tore his hakama off. Byakuya moaned when he saw Renji in his full naked glory in front of him. Byakuya tried to undo his own tie on his hakama eager to be naked as well, but his hands were shot out the way.

"Let me do the honors taicho. I want you to just relax and enjoy the feeling," said Renji, who stepped back forward, pressing his chest against Byakuya's.

Ichigo released his hold on Byakuya's erection and quickly took off his own pants. They were now all naked, panting.

Renji went to his knees and one firm hand squeezed Byakuya's buttocks. Ichigo made his way in front of Byakuya and knelt as well. Renji licked the tip of Byakuya's throbbing erection, tasting his precum, as Ichigo licked the captain's ball sack. Byakuya thought his knees would give out. "AAHHhh!!" He cried out as the two shinigami below him continued their assault. Renji now had the head in his mouth and Ichigo was sucking along the base of the erection. Byakuya took hold of both shinigami's heads and squeezed his hand into their hair. Renji's hairtie was quickly pulled out in the process. The two shinigami moaned and hummed at the feeling, sending vibrations into Byakuya's member.

Ichigo went back to massaging Byakuya's balls with his tongue and Renji swallowed all of his captain's erection.


Renji felt a new rush of heat course through his body as he heard his captain moan his name with such lust in his voice. He knew his captain was close and he wanted to taste him so badly. Renji bobbed his head faster, eager for his release.

Ichigo took hold of Renji's neglected member and pumped in time with Renji's bobbing movements. Renji moaned loudly as the sudden sensation. Byakuya's head shot upwards as he heard his fukotaicho moan. He could feel a heat building up inside him. He was close.

Renji took hold of Ichigo's erection as well and they all pumped each other fast. Renji deep throated his captain faster and faster.

"R-Renji…I..I'm going to…"

That was all the warning Renji had before hot seed shot into his mouth, sending Byakuya into a screaming orgasm. Renji milked him and released him. Ichigo quickly shot forward towards Renji.

"I want to taste him," said Ichigo.

Renji and Ichigo kissed each other madly, tasting Byakuya as they kissed. Byakuya watched as the two kissed, amazed at seeing the two men below him eager to know what he tasted like. He saw that they still had their erections. He felt another heat build inside of him.

Ichigo and Renji broke from the kiss and looked up at Byakuya. Said taicho felt his knees buck at the sight of the two shinigami with lust-filled eyes. He fell to his knees instantly and landed into Ichigo's arms. Ichigo took hold of Byakuya's jaw and kissed him passionately. Byakuya opened his eyes and noticed that Renji was not around. He glanced around as far as he could without breaking the kiss he held with Ichigo.

"Don't worry Byakuya, Renji's coming back."

A few moments later, Byakuya felt a firm grasp on his hips. Renji was now in back of his taicho holding him as he traced a line down Byakuya's spine with his tongue. Byakuya felt the hands leave his hips and heard some rustling in back of him. But he didn't get a chance to look around because Ichigo took hold of him and led him on top of Ichigo. Ichigo was now on his back, with the taicho on his hands and knees on top of him, still holding the wet kiss.

Suddenly, Byakuya felt a finger linger over his tight ass hole. The finger was wet with a substance. "Aaahh.." The finger plunged into him softly. There was no movement from behind for a moment. Renji wanted his taicho to get used to his finger inside of him. Byakuya pushed his hips backwards, letting Renji know that he wanted more. Renji quickly inserted a second digit, scissoring them in order to stretch him out.

Ichigo broke away from the kiss and twirled around so that he was face to face with Byakuya's re-hardened cock. Ichigo teased it with flicks of his tongue while Renji continued to prepare the captain.

Byakuya stared at the penis in front of him. It was very long and thick. He saw drops of precum escaping the head so he bent down and licked it off. Ichigo's member twitched in response and Byakuya heard a moan coming from below him.

Renji had now taken out his fingers and was lubricating his own throbbing member. He quickly grasped Byakuya's butt cheeks and split them apart as he positioned the tip of his arousal at the tight entrance. Pushing passed the tight muscles, Renji felt his member being surrounded by an incomprehensible heat. It took all of Renji's willpower not to pound his cock into the deep cavern with wild thrusts. Ichigo plunged his mouth around Byakuya's twitching cock in time with Renji's first thrust, sending Byakuya into a frenzied state, uncontrolled moans escaping his lips.


Renji's eyes widened. "Holy shit, taicho swore. That's fucking…(thrust)…hot! (thrust)" Ichigo hummed in response, trying to send vibrations down Byakuya's penis.

Byakuya had never felt this level of pleasure before. He had never experienced two men taking care of him like this. It was all very arousing. He then noticed Ichigo's neglected member twitching in front of his face. He bent down, swallowing the entire member into his mouth. He felt Ichigo stop his head bobbing as a moan escaped his mouth. "Fuck Renji, your taicho has a deep throat."

Renji was now shaking uncontrollably. He pounded inside his taicho with all his might. Ichigo resumed his sucking (with difficulty seeing as Renji's thrusts kept moving Byakuya's body back and forth, making it hard to hold a mouth over the cock). Byakuya relinquished his hold on Ichigo's arousal and pumped it with his hand instead. It was too difficult to keep his mouth on him when Renji was pounding so violently in back of him.

Renji readjusted his angle and continued pounding inside Byakuya, determined to find his sweet spot. A lound scream was heard in front. Renji took it that he found his taicho's prostate.

"God Renji…Do that again!" Renji made sure he hit the spot with every thrust.

All three men were now sweating, trying to bob/pump/thrust each other into oblivion. Their moans and screams could probably be heard next door to Renji's place.

"Aah..I ca-can't hold…on m-much….long-er…nngghh"

Renji made a few more thrusts before Byakuya suddenly started to shake wildly and scream at the top of his lungs as he came violently into Ichigo's mouth. Ichigo milked him hungrily as he came himself over Byakuya's hand, some seed flying onto the raven-hair's face. Renji thrust a few more times into the tightened, pulsing walls before he came as well.

"T-taichooOOO!! FUCK!" Another wild thrust. Byakuya moaned when he felt the seed shoot inside him.

They remained in their positions a few moments, taking in the blissful feeling of their orgasms. Renji removed his cock, a slight moan of disapproval coming from the body in front of him. Renji collapsed on the floor next to Ichigo and Byakuya joined them, squeezing between them. Ichigo and Renji both propped up onto an elbow to get a better look at the person lying between them. A smirk covered both their faces as they bent down to lick the cum off of Byakuya's face. Renji took Byakuya's hand and licked the cum off it too. The two shinigami then laid back down and cuddled up to Byakuya, who was now so close to sleep. Renji grabbed a haori that was lying on the floor nearby and covered their bodies with it. They all snuggled together as they slept.

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