Byakuya's eyes fluttered open half way, but the weight of sleep pushed them back down again. His mind was still foggy from sleep as he shifted his body slightly. He was on his side, curled up against wonderful warmth radiating next to him. It was nice the heat he felt against his chest. He realized that there was another warmth hugging his back as well. He decided that he would try going back to sleep again, not wanting this opportune moment of perfect sleeping conditions to be escape.

Then, his heat source in front of him faded away. Byakuya, in an attempt to regain his much-wanted warmth, moved forward while keeping his eyes closed. A slight whimper escaped his lips without realizing it. He heard a noise, but could not figure out what it was. A chuckle perhaps? His mind was too far off in the clouds to think right now. He then felt himself being taken. He was going to open his eyes to figure out what was going on but then he felt the warmth that escaped him envelop him again, so he decided to have his eyes remain closed. He snuggled a bit, trying to get as much of the wonderful warmth as possible. Then he felt soft skin touch his lips. Byakuya moved his lips in an attempt to explore the skin that touched him. Something wet traced his bottom lip and Byakuya responded by opening his mouth slightly. He didn't quite know what he was doing, he felt like he was dreaming. Next thing Byakuya knew his tongue was being massage with something that felt like his own tongue. It was a nice feeling, being caressed in such a way. Byakuya felt the need to caress the other the same way, so he shot his tongue forward. He felt the pressure on his lips become stronger as the caressing continued.

Byakuya then heard a moan. He didn't know where it came from but it pulsed something inside of him. He not only felt warmth around him, but inside him as well. The fog on his mind then lifted and his eyes fluttered open. He saw red tresses and tan skin with black markings. Shit!

Byakuya realized what he was doing and backed away immediately. His eyes were wide opened as he saw his fukotaicho sitting on the ground stark naked staring at him with a mild surprise.

"What are you doing?" Byakuya questioned.


Byakuya realized that the redhead was panting. He stared at the heaving chest, mesmerized by the movement. His gaze went downwards, noticing that the man was sporting a heavy hard on. He then looked into his eyes and saw desire and lust. A shiver ran down the raven-haired man's spine as memories of last night dawned on him. He felt himself grow hot as he remembered how good it felt to be taken by two strong men. Shit.He slapped himself mentally for thinking such things.

"Taicho…" the redhead repeated.

The growing heat inside him moved down to his groin at the sound of the raspy voice. He then realized that he was naked as well. Byakuya looked down and saw that his body was not responding the way his mind wanted it too. He struggled mentally but - stealing another glance at his fukotaicho - his body won.

He moved back to the redhead, wrapping his arms around the tattooed neck and kissing the man passionately. He straddled the redhead in a sitting position as the kisses continued, wet and pressing with need. Byakuya broke the kiss and moved to explore the redhead's neck. His tongue darted out, tracing the lines of ink that were tattooed in the tanned skin. The tongue ran upwards and traced the contour of an ear as he shifted his lower body, brushing his hard on against the other. Byakuya heard a moan from the other man. It was music to his ears. He continued playing with the sensitive skin around the ear with his tongue, making small moaning noises. He felt the man under him shiver at the sound he was making against his ear. Hips bucked upwards and their erections collided once more.


Byakuya then pushed the man to the floor moving his face to brush his lips against Renji's nipple. He took the nub between his teeth and bit down softly, generating a gasp from the tattooed man. "Fuck…t-taicho…" Byakuya then traced his tongue around the sensitive nub, moaning at the sound of Renji's hard panting.

Byakuya's gaze left the tattooed body, searching around the room for a certain bottle the he knew the redhead had used last night. Renji noticed this and quickly shifted his body, bending over to retrieve the lubricant.

"Looking for this?" Renji teased, dangling the bottle in front of Byakuya's face.

Byakuya snatched the bottle and spilled the contents on his fingers. He then stretched Renji's legs apart and entered a finger, spreading the tight muscles. Renji's body stiffened at the first contact, but Byakuya bent down and took in Renji's long length, which made him relax over the finger. "Shit taicho - that feels good." Byakuya bobbed his head slowly over his partner's hard arousal, driving Renji insane with need.

A second finger was hastily put in after a moment, eager to finish preparing the muscles. Byakuya then relinquished his hold on Renji's cock and took his fingers out. More lubricant was added to the palm of the hand to lubricate his aching arousal. He positioned himself at Renji's entrance, but a voice stopped him before he could go any further.

"What the fuck, why wasn't I woken up for this!?"

Byakuya looked over at Ichigo, who was lying on his stomach looking at the two men who were about to fuck. Ichigo crawled over to the men and climbed over Renji, his back and ass towards Byakuya. He then bent down and kissed Renji passionately.

Byakuya then got a devilish idea. He took his lubricated fingers and pushed them through Ichigo's tight hole making him gasp at the sudden intrusion. He then took his other hand and lifted Renji off the floor.

"Ichigo, hold Renji's legs for me," Byakuya said as he positioned himself again at Renji's entrance without releasing his fingers in Ichigo.

Ichigo used his knees to hold Renji's legs upwards while Byakuya slowly entered his friend.

"Oh Fuck!" Renji had his eyes closed, taking in the feeling of a large cock entering him.

Byakuya started a steady rhythm with his hips while Ichigo snaked his hand between his and Renji's body and pumped his member, rubbing the head against Renji's.

Ichigo and Renji moaned and Byakuya continued his thrusting. Renji then whimpered when Byakuya took himself out of Renji.

"Wha…What are you doing, taicho?" He then understood when he saw Ichigo's eyes widen.

Byakuya had taken his fingers out of Ichigo and replaced them with his hard member. His now free hand went to pump Renji's hard on between the bodies in front of him.

After many fast thrusts, Byakuya took his member out of Ichigo and went back to Renji. He went back and forth between the two every so often, making sure both men felt the pleasure he wanted to return to them from the night before.

He settled himself back into Renji, returning his fingers into Ichigo. His fingers twisted around finally finding Ichigo's soft spot. "Shit, Shit! You're gonna make me come Bya."

He continued his thrusting motion with his fingers and his member, generating loud moans from both his partners. Ichigo had stopped pumping his own member, choosing to brace himself instead.

Finally, Ichigo couldn't hold on much longer - Byakuya was brushing his prostate every time. "Ahh..I'm coming, I'm coming! AARGGHHH" Ichigo yelled as his hips bucked and seed shot out of his cock, splattering Renji's stomach.

Renji was looking at Ichigo as he came – his facial expression putting the tattooed man over the edge. "I-Ichigo, damn you're fucking h-hot when you come."

Byakuya took his fingers out of Ichigo and used the free hand to grab hold of Renji's ass. He was now able to position himself properly to hit Renji's sweet spot.

Ichigo looked down in time to see Renji's eyes widen as Byakuya continued to thrust, hitting the prostate with every movement.

"R-Renji! Come for me!"

Renji's eyes screwed up as he came violently, yelling Byakuya's name. "Fuck Renji, you feel so godamn good." Byakuya only managed to thrust twice more in the retightened hole before shooting his own seed into Renji. "Nnggghhh…"

The men were panting heavily, taking their time recuperating from their mind-blowing orgasm. Byakuya finally took himself out of Renji, some white seed dripping out as he did so. Ichigo grabbed a nearby haori and whipped himself clean before doing the same to Renji. He then flopped himself back onto the floor, his arm covering his eyes. Byakuya followed, placing himself between both men like the night before.

"So umm…breakfast anyone?" Renji asked.

"I'm in the mood for some sausages," Ichigo declared.

Renji and Byakuya looked over at the substitute shinigami.


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