We, the Sparky Army, decree 2008 to be the Year of the Spark. We pledge to post a new sparky story or chapter of a sparky story every day from January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008. Though the Powers that Be have removed Elizabeth Weir from the regular cast of Stargate Atlantis, we feel that she remains an integral part of the show, and that the relationship between her and John Sheppard is too obvious to be ignored. We hope that you, and anyone might happen to read these works, agree.

And if that isn't official enough for you, we don't know what is. Seriously, guys, we're just trying to have some fun--and show TPTB that Sparky is the way to go. So sit back and enjoy the 366 stories coming your way!

Notes: Written for the Year of Sparky and inspired by pixilove66's prompt #000 Sacrifice.

Not For Nothing

by xfireflyx


It was a thing John hadn't expected to have ever again…not since 'it' happened. He'd thought that the rest of his life would be spent feeling numb, going about each day with a heavy weight on his chest, pulling him down, down, down…

After what – or rather, who – he'd found on his latest mission, that theory seemed incorrect.

Maybe, just maybe, he wouldn't live the rest of his life drowning in his sorrows. Maybe it would, in part, go as he'd hoped it would; as they had hoped it would. Of course, she wasn't there to spend it with him any more, but that was beside the point.

It was looking like his half-life would be a little less depressing now.

With that thought in his mind, he'd actually gotten a decent night of sleep, when he and his team had arrived back home.

It made him think that maybe her sacrifice had not been for nothing. Maybe it had saved a life: their child's life.

Holding the bundle in his arms ever so gently, yet firmly enough to not lose his grip, John placed his lips against the infants' soft skin for a moment. Pulling back, he felt a tug at his heart.

This child was his. This child was a part of him and she was all that was left of her mother.

Out of all the bad things that had happened lately, nothing could erase the purity and the goodness in her.

Elizabeth's sacrifice had not been for nothing.