Alex avoided Don for the rest of the week. She thought about everything the best she could. If she was pregnant she would have the baby, no matter what. She didn't know if she wanted to keep it though. She knew Don wasn't ready to be a father, there was no way he would want it. She knew that already. And besides what would make her think Don would be a good father, his father was a drunk and abusive. She knew not to assume but most children ended up like their parents. She couldn't raise a child with someone like that.

Don spent his week trying to get in contact with Alex, he wanted to talk to her. He really did like her and care about her. He always had and he wanted to talk about the possible baby.

Mike and Don had talked about it and that helped. Don knew he wouldn't be the best father and he knew he wasn't ready but if Alex was pregnant it was his kid and he wanted to be there him or her. Don didn't want some stranger raising something that he made. He wanted Alex to know but she seemed to have disappeared.


Friday was finally here and the whole town was buzzing again. After Boobie's accident no one knew if they would win or not. As the sun began to set the stadium began to fill and the town became deserted.

Don had skipped practice and was waiting outside Alex's house to go with her to the doctor. She stepped outside the door and saw him. She looked surprised.

"What are you doing here?" She asked walking next to him.

"I wanted to go with you…to the-"

"Don't worry about it, I can go alone." Alex interrupted and began walking.

"I know but I also wanted to talk to you." Don said following her.

"About what?" Alex asked confused.

"About this whole thing, about everything." She nodded. "I talked to Mike and-"

"You told someone?" Alex asked angrily.

"No he already knew, he heard us. That's not the point, I talked to him and I was thinking about everything and I decided I don't think giving this baby to someone else is a good idea." Don said.

Alex stopped walking. "What?"

"If you are pregnant I think it would be best if we…you know…kept it." He said.

Alex started walking faster than before. "No, no that's not going to work." She sped up again. "I have a future, I am leaving here. You have football, where does raising a child fit in? Nowhere, that's where." Alex slowed down. "I know you only want to do the right thing but lets face it Donnie, children turn into their parents."

Don stopped walked, he felt like Alex had just slapped him. "What are you trying to say?" He asked but already knew.

"You always drink and sleep around now, how am I supposed to know that its going to stop." Alex said looking at him.

"Because you're supposed to trust me." He said feeling completely rejected.

"I'm sorry I can't. If I am even pregnant I want to give it to someone that truly wants it." Alex said. "I don't want a kid right now." She said bluntly.

"I won't let you." Don said feeling surprised by his own statement. "You need to have permission from both parents to give a kid up, I won't let you give my kid away." He said. "Its never going to happen." He said in a threatening tone.

"I have to go now, or I am going to be late." Alex said feeling uncomfortable. "You go and play football and I will talk to you after the game." Alex walked away.


Alex walked into the doctor's office and told them her name. She then sat down and waited for them to call her. Once they did she walked into the little room.

"Hey Alex, good to see you." Dr. Bolton said smiling.

"Nice to see you too." Alex said forcing a smile.

"Well now, last time you came in for a pregnancy test and we have the results now." Dr. Bolton said flipping through pages. "Most girls bring someone with them for this part." He said looking at her. "Like perhaps the father." He said.

"Well he wanted to come but, he plays football, Permian Panthers actually." Alex said.

Dr. Bolton nodded seeming impressed. "Always the football team." He smiled. "Well here we go." He said finally finding the page with her results. "Uh, it looks to be positive." He said.

Alex felt her stomach drop and her world crash. "Oh okay." She said barely above a whisper.

"Well we have many ways to do deal with this, there is abortion and adoption." Dr. Bolton said quickly when he noticed Alex's face. "Or you could keep it, its all up to you and the father." He said.

"What if I wanted adoption and he didn't?" Alex asked.

"Well that would cause a problem, for a baby to be adopted there needs to be permission from both parents and they have to legally sign all their rights away." He said. "If a father refused then…then there wouldn't be any adopting." He said frankly.

"Ok, um…what about abortions?" Alex asked the words hurting herself already.

"Well for that you need to make an appointment, we would need you to know for sure that's exactly what you want." He said. "Why don't you just make an appointment for next week and then we can figure out what to do. Go and talk to the father about it too." He said standing.

"Thank you." Alex said as he walked out the door and she followed.


The panthers lost their game and no one was in a good mood. Don was anxious though because he knew Alex would be waiting for him, to talk to him about the doctor. He needed to know what was going to happen with the rest of his life.

The locker room was empty except for Don and Mike. Mike was taking his time because he was hoping once he left so did the mob of angry fans. Don was taking his time because he was worried about what happened once he saw Alex. Depending on what she said would change his life forever.

Don was finally done and began to walk for the door.

"Hey Billingsley." Mike called and Don turned. "Good luck." He said.

"Thanks." Don said before walking out.

Alex was leaning against the gate outside the stadium, she was hoping Don would never come out. She thought about everything and she knew what she had to do. She wouldn't let this ruin her life, or his.

"Hey Alex." Don said.

"Hey." Alex said facing him, her stomach began to turn and she felt sick.

"So did you go?" Don asked already knowing she did. Alex just nodded. "What did they say?" Don asked.

"Um…there…there's nothing to worry about." Alex said slowly.

"What do you mean?" Don asked confused.

"It was a false alarm." Alex lied. "Just me freaking out about little things."

"So you're not…"

"No, all this for nothing." She said forcing a smile. "I'll um, see you Monday Don." She walking away quickly before she changed her mind.

Don began to walk to his car when he heard Mike.

"What did she say?" Mike asked.

"She said it was a false alarm." Don said.

"That's good right?" Mike asked confused by Don's disappointed face.

"She lied." Don said getting into his car. "She lied because she doesn't want it." He said.

"Are you sure about that?" Mike said bending over and looking into the car.

"Yeah." Don said. "Well tonight, sucked. Two big disappointments." He said before driving off.