The Spirit

Chapter 1-Beginnings of Misfortune

In this story, speech in bold is that in the daemon tongue.

Outside the small farm town of Kleinsburg the sun was breaking over a cold and terrible scene, through a layer of thick clouds. The battlefield was quiet; the dead of the chaos force that had attacked lay on the ground mingled with their destroyers.

The only sound was that of passing crows.

And a pair of shoes trudging through the dead.

Fifteen year old Kirsten the farm girl walked carefully through the dead. She had a pretty face, and long black hair. A slim figure, taller than most. Whenever the village was attacked, her parents told her to search for valuables, so she did. She never found anything. But this timeā€¦ something glinted in the half light, and she walked over to it. And gasped. It was a beautiful sword of black metal, carved with runes inside runes to depths that hurt the eyes: just by looking she knew that it was worth thousands of crowns. She stepped forwards and touched it. Instantly she knew how bad an idea that had been. The blade felt hot in Kirsten's hands, and it began to glow. The light and heat became unbearable, but she could not let the weapon go .The sword flashed once.

And a monster stood before her.

"I thank you," Said the creature. "for freeing me from my prison."

She stood there, too scared to speak, and too scared to move.

"Now, of course, you must take my place in the daemon sword."

She found her voice at this terrifying statement.

"But I am not a daemon! Please, just let me go."

The daemon nearly laughed at the naive child. But something stopped it. Something was left of its previous life.

"That means nothing. You freed me, so you must take my place. That is how it is. But I can tell you what will happen to you now." She said nothing, so it continued. "You will become the sword, and the sword will become you. I will take you to the great gods and they will keep you until you are given to a champion as a reward. That is how you will live, from now until the end of time, or until some fool frees you and takes your place. You will remain as you are now, but you will be daemon. Only if your bearer is changed will you follow. But only the greatest champions are worthy of a human daemonblade. That will not happen."

She stood there, barely aware she still grasped the weapon that had doomed her.

"I am no daemon." The daemon responded with a crooked smile.

"A daemon is just a spirit without the flesh hanging off it. Your 'soul' is but another word for daemon."

"Please." She whimpered. "Help me! Spare me!"

The daemon spoke again, its pity exhausted. "You are beyond help now."

The sword began to glow again, and for Kirsten the whole world turned bright white. There was a flash, and the sword lay on a small pile of clothes and dust. The daemon took Kirsten the sword, and vanished with a crack and a cloud of smoke.