Chapter 6-Redemption

Karl sat in the camp of Marius, champion of Tavaris. His mind was far away, dwelling on the dark deeds he had done. One of Marius' Sigmarites sat with him. In one of the larger tents Marius was examining Kirsten's sword with his chief priest, Johann. They were talking quietly between them and Kirsten, exhausted and frightened, was sleeping fitfully within her prison of daemon-metal.

Later everyone was ready. They were in the middle of the camp. Karl stood there with his only remaining follower, Leon the sorcerer. He was mentally unwell after his redemption at the hands of Marius, but he wanted to be there. Kirsten had no idea what was happening. Her prison was on the floor in the middle of a forest. Everyone was watching it. There were priests there, and they all thought she was a daemon.

What would happen to her? Johann, priest of Sigmar, stepped forwards with his hammer. He lifted it, and intoned a prayer.

"Great Sigmar, please destroy this foul instrument of evil, and free your child within."

Free? Thought Kirsten. Could it really be…?

The hammer came down. The silver blessed metal of the priests hammer struck the daemon-steel. Everything went white. Then shattered. And Kirsten lay on the ground again. Marius came quickly over, and asked in his kind, strong voice.

"Child, what is your name?" And she responded, confused.

"I am Kirsten." He held out his hand; it contained a ring of a creamy substance.

"Put it on." She looked at him, questioning. "It will keep you here. As your body is dead, if you do not wear it you will be sucked to the realm of chaos and there they will make you theirs." She yelped, and put it on quickly. "The power of the ring will give you a new body if you wear it for a year and a day." She smiled.

"Thank you. Thank you, so much."

Later, Kirsten was sitting in her own tent. She was not moving, just thinking. The day before, she had been in mental and physical agony. Now, she was free and safe.

Someone walked slowly in. "Kirsten?" It was Karl. "I- I'm sorry." She looked at him. He continued. "You are no daemon. I know that now. Can you forgive me?" She smiled.

"I think you kept me sane. You are already forgiven." He smiled briefly.

"I- no." He stopped. And turned to go. He walked slowly out of her tent.

She looked at the door curiously, and then looked away. Without warning he ran back in.

"I love you!" He said. He took her hand, and whispered. "I love you." She looked up.

In her heart, she could tell that one day she would love him too.