Harry!" I screamed as I raced down the sloping lawn of Hogwarts towards the Forbidden Forest, Ron hard on my heels. It was misty twilight, and it was hard to see. Hagrid's hut loomed, a dark silhouette in the white mist. "Harry," I panted, my voice finally succumbing to my body's need for oxygen. Beside me, Ron's breathing also sounded labored. We slowed to a stop beside Hagrid's home.

"Now where?" Ron wheezed, "He could be anywhere in there…"

Before I could despair, a large crash sounded to our right. Our heads jerked around to the source of the noise. A dark figure was stumbling out of the forest a few hundred yards to our right. Ron bolted towards it, and I quickly followed, praying it was Harry. The figure fell again and again, each time stumbling back to its feet. After one fall, it got up again, only to stagger back the direction it had just come from.


Ron reached him first, and grabbed him by the arm, to turn him around to face us. "Harry!" He shouted.

Harry screamed shrilly. Ron gasped and let go of his arm. It was then I realized that Harry's arm—the arm Ron had grabbed him by—was hanging at an odd angle from his body. It was obviously broken in several places.

Ron tried again, "Harry, mate, what happened?"

Harry turned and staggered towards us. I screamed at the sight. Harry's face was covered in blood. His scar seemed to be seeping blood, and his hair was matted with it. His clothing was dirty and torn. The worst were Harry's eyes, usually a bright green. They were nearly white, with just a faint hint of green.

Ron swore quietly. "Hermione?" Ron questioned quietly, as Harry stumbled between us, gasping, "What's wrong with him?"

I shook my head. Just then, Harry fell again. "Harry!" I screamed, dropping next to him.

Harry laid sideways on the ground, gasping. His cloudy eyes found mine, "Voldemort…Ginny…" He gasped, "Dead…."

I heard Ron take a sharp breath and charge off into the forest.

"What happened Harry?" I pleaded, "What happened?"

Harry gasped, "Obliv…"

His eyes turned completely white, and then closed.