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The Toad Demon

By: Sealed-Dragon

Their hero had fallen to the hands of a demon, the most powerful demon of all time. He sealed its soul inside of a small child, and died shortly thereafter. Now, when they came to finish their great leaders work, they found that the Third Hokage stood in their way.

l – l – l

It had been several hours after the Kyuubi attack, and the Third Hokage was beginning to get a large headache. He was holding a child in his arms, and that was what the commotion was about. Nearly every clan seemed to be calling for his death. And those who didn't, were told that if they didn't, the demon would break free and would kill them all. This was a great way to change many minds, though not all of them.

Surprisingly, the child in question, was quiet. He seemed oblivious to what was going on around him. In fact, he snuggled up to the Third, entirely comfortable with what was happening.

But the Third, wasn't comfortable with what was happening. In fact, he was quite outraged. He'd told them that he'd been given a letter by the Fourth shortly before he passed away, telling him that he wished for his son to become a strong shinobi, and that he should be seen as the hero who contained the Kyuubi. And they way they saw him being a hero, was to sacrifice him to kill the demons soul.

"We should kill him now!" one of the lower members said. "If we allow it to live, the demon will take over and use the kid to finish what it started!"

"That is entirely illogical. As you know, the Fourth was a master of seals, and he wouldn't ask something like that of us if he didn't know that his seal was going to work." The Aburame head said in a monotone. If there was any clan that would rely on logic in any situation, it was the Aburame.

"I still think that we should kill the damn demon and be done with it!" the Uchiha head said. The Hokage sighed. They would be one of the people who'd be for killing the child.

"Then let's kill him now!" The clan head jumped up, pulling a kunai out and rushing towards the child. The Third was about to block, until he felt a spike of killing intent from behind him.

Before the man could reach the child, a fist slammed into his face and sent him flying into the wall. "Settle down now people, it's not like it's the end of the world."

The Hyuuga elder gave a small bow. "Hello Jiraiya-sama, what are you doing here?"

"Well, I heard that both my student and his wife had died, his son was getting death threats, and I was in the area." A small perverted grin spread across his face, along with most of the men in the room. His 'research' was like gold in his books.

"Jiraiya, there is another reason for you being here, isn't there?" The Third asked, looking at his former student.

"Well, I do have something very important given to me by my student." Jiraiya pulled out a piece of paper. He quickly wiped some blood over the top of it, revealing what was written.

The Last Will and Testament, of Minato Namikaze

I leave everything to my wife, Kushina, and to my son, Naruto. All of my belongings and techniques belong to them. If anything should happen to my wife, we've named my sensei, Jiraiya, as he godfather. He already knows most of my techniques, and will be able to teach them to my son. The Kyuubi is approaching, so I must be brief. I plan on sealing the Kyuubi inside of Naruto, to help protect the village. While he might be safe in the village, there may still be those who are after my blood. Therefore, I wish for my son to carry my wife's madden name, of Uzumaki. My final wish is that he be trained as a shinobi, so that he may become a strong shinobi of Konoha, and that he will learn to protect those precious to him, with his life.

Minato Namikaze.

There was a large amount of muttering within the room as Jiraiya finished reading the will. Still, everyone could tell that it was easily legitimate, and that no one had tampered with it, or written it in his name.

"Who cares about what he said?" another of the lower clans heads said. "We need to finish what he started!"

"Have you already forgotten the most important part of the will? The person he named as his godfather?" Hiashi said, glancing towards Jiraiya.

"Who cares who his godfather it! He'd probably agree with what we're doing!"

"No, I don't" Jiraiya said, sending wave upon wave of killer intent towards the poor man. He was shaking, hoping that he wouldn't get into more trouble and be killed.

"Enough Jiraiya. As it said in the will, you are his godfather, and therefore responsible for him." the Third passed Naruto over to Jiraiya, who carefully picked him out of the Thirds arms. He looked back at the rest of the clans. "I now issue a new law. No one is to mention the demon that is sealed inside of Naruto to the younger generations. The only exception is Jiraiya, who will tell Naruto when he sees fit."

Jiraiya glared back to the few who were glaring at the child. "And if any of you have a death wish, I dare you to try to kill him."

Hiashi stood up. "Don't worry Jiraiya, there doesn't need to be any quarrel with the boy. After all, you did teach the Fourth how to do seals, and therefore, able to remake the seal should it falter."

There was a mutter of agreement, although there were still those who glared at Naruto as they did so.

"As for the punishment for those who break the law, that punishment, is death." The Third glanced out from underneath his hat. No one seemed to disagree with that, although, there were some that seemed to be cursing under their breath. "This is an S ranked secret, no one else is to know what has happened here. Naruto is to grow up, in a normal environment, one which should allow him to follow the path set out by his father."

Jiraiya stood up. "And another part to this, Naruto will keep the name, Uzumaki, like his father wanted. It's to protect him from his fathers enemies. Also, I would like a sort of, truce among the clans, to make sure that everyone knows that by breaking this, they will have more than just myself on their tails, although I'm more than enough."

Fugaku Uchiha stood up. "Why should you have the support of any of the clans? We've all lost many brave people here. Why should we help to protect the demon?"

Hiashi stood up. "Because he isn't the demon, he is simply the prison. Jiraiya, you have my support."

"Yea, your clan didn't loose anyone in this fight. You simply sat back in safety, hoping that the demon didn't get to you." The Uchiha was fuming, he'd lost a great ally in his fight to kill the demon.

"But don't forget, even if we could've gone out, we would've been useless against the monster." Hiashi raised his hands. "The Hyuuga are close ranged fighters, incapable of getting close enough to battle the demon."

There were many nods, and muttering throughout the room. Everyone seemed to understand what he was saying, how it felt to be trapped behind the walls, waiting for the enemy. It was worse than getting tortured by Ibiki. And many people knew just how much that could hurt.

The Third looked around the room. Everyone seemed to be somewhat satisfied. He sighed, and finally dismissed the meeting.

He sat back down and sighed, how could things get worse?

And speak of the devil, it appeared, in the form of Danzo. The Third grimaced. "What do you want Danzo?"

"Simply to give a proposition. Why don't we make Naruto into a weapon for Konoha?"

The Third looked up at him. "There won't be any chance of that."

Danzo looked impassive. "Look, I know that you are somewhat, attached to the boy. But you need to think of Konoha, and its -"

The Third glared at him. "Even if I wanted to think of making Naruto into a human weapon, I wouldn't be able to get past his godfather."

Danzo looked at the Third. "And who is his godfather? Perhaps I could convince him to see things my way."

The Third chuckled. "You really wouldn't stand a chance against him. After all, Jiraiya is one of the Legendary Sannin."

Danzo flinched. "You put him as the boy's bodyguard? Really I see no point -"

"Danzo, Jiraiya was named as Naruto's godfather, that is why he is taking care of him."

Danzo thought for a moment. "I'll still look into this. After all, I'm only thinking of Konoha."

The Third glanced at him. "I wouldn't count on it to much."

"We'll see."

As Danzo walked out of the room, the Third massaged his head. Jiraiya was going to get onto him once he found out about that, and then he'd really have a headache.

l – l – l

Back in the city, Jiraiya looked over the house. He would need to buy a crib for the baby, along with some other necessities. He would also have to hid his books. A small grin crossed his face. He would have to tell Naruto about the 'birds and the bees' once Naruto learned how to read, so that he could continue his series.

He felt the baby stir in his arms. He looked down at the sleeping baby, who let out a large yawn before turning over to get comfortable. He smiled. Yes Minato, I'll raise him up to be strong, better than you wanted. He thought to himself, walking over to the pictures of his teams.

He looked them over, sighing to himself. Orochimaru, his best friend, the snake Sannin, a traitor. Tsunade, the Legendary Sucker, the Queen of Elixirs, gone to gamble away from Konoha. He turned to his other team. Minato, his prized pupil, now dead, and his son in his arms.

He looked down at Naruto again. Other than the whisker marks, he was the spitting image of his father. He grinned at that thought. If he was anything like his father, he might grow up into the handful that he hoped he would. After all, no one likes to train a genius, unless their really lazy. He needed a challenge, and he was more than certain, that Naruto would become his greatest challenge yet.

He smiled again, and lay down in a chair, still holding Naruto. The little kid hadn't woken up yet, and he understood that children needed lots of food and can't get it themselves. Jiraiya grimaced, he'd have to go get some milk tomorrow, otherwise he'd have a crying baby that he couldn't feed. He sighed and leaned back.

This was going to be the start, of a long adventure, like no one, had ever seen before. And one, that would make a deep mark in Konoha's history.