A/N: Hey guys

A/N: Hey guys. Sorry I made you all wait – but the sad truth of the matter is that I absolutely cannot write more of this story after reading BD (I bought it at midnight and fully read the whole thing in 3 hours – can anybody beat that record? O.o) Anyways, I've written another (nearly as steamy) FanFic based on what happened during the break in page 85. I think we're alllllllll kind of curious as to what might have happened. Yes, even you, Prudence the Prude!

Anyways, these are just my imaginings…..hey, don't blame me. I was at my summer job most of the day, and really had nothing better to do (aside from operating a cash register) then dream up steamy Edward-type things. Ooer.

Now GO READ THE OTHER STORY AND REVIEW. You know you want to.

Love to the family.