Chapter 6 You have to Know

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Chapter 6 You Have to Know

It had been a good two months since Kyle was released from the hospital. This was going to be his first time back on the track. He took a deep breath as Blake came walking up to him. Kyle still couldn't get the picture of Blake and his mom kissing out of his head.

"Dustin and I have I cleaned the track, so there should be no problems," Blake said.

Kyle shook the thoughts away and looked away.

"Great," he said.

Blake noticed the change in Kyle.

"Hey, is everything okay," he asked.

Kyle sighed and turned to Blake. It took a while for the question to come out.

"Do you like my mom," Kyle finally asked.

Blake hoped Kyle hadn't seen the shock in his face.

"Why do you ask," he asked.

"I… I saw the two of you kissing," Kyle confessed.

Blake looked down and smiled.

"Oh… so that's the reason you fell. Kyle, your mom and I used to date," he told him.

"What happened," Kyle asked.

Blake took a deep breath. He wasn't sure if telling Kyle was a good idea.

"Well, I was going to leave for two months, but when I ended up with a contract, I decided to break things off. I didn't want her to feel like she had to wait for me," Blake said.

To his surprise, Kyle began laughing.

"It's funny," Kyle said.

"What is," Blake asked.

"After I saw the kiss, I couldn't stop wondering if you're my dad," Kyle said.

"Well, according to your mom, I'm not," Blake told him


Dustin had finally told Tori what Kyle had asked him that day at the hospital.

"He what," Tori yelled.

She didn't know what to be more shocked at. Kyle seeing her and Blake kiss or the fact that her son had asked Dustin if Blake was his dad.

"Oh come on, you can't tell me you didn't see this coming," Dustin said.

She looked down and sighed.

"Well… not really," Tori admitted.

"It won't be long before he starts questioning you," Dustin said.

Tori looked at him and nodded.

"You're right," she said.

"So, you're finally going to do it," Dustin asked.

He smiled when he saw Tori give a tiny grin. Her face then turned back to being petrified of the thought.

"It looks like I have no choice," Tori sighed.

She looked up at him as he put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, Tori. Blake might be mad at first, but he loves Kyle. I can tell," Dustin said.

She looked down and smiled.

"He does, doesn't he," Tori asked.

"It's going to be fine," Dustin comforted her.

Tori slowly took out her cell phone and called Blake.

"Hey, Blake. It's me, Tori. Um, listen, there's something I need to tell you. Can we meet up somewhere? Great, Kyle and I will see you there," she said.

"Well…" Dustin began.

"This is going to be weird," Tori said.

"Of course it's going to be. You're going to reveal to your on Blake's his dad," Dustin told her.


Kyle's eyes grew and Toir smiled as Blake walked into the restaurant.

"Hey you two," Blake said.

Kyle, with his mouth still open, looked towards his mom.

"Mom, you didn't say Blake was meeting us," he said.

"I know," Tori smiled.

"Why didn't you," Kyle asked.

"Cause then you wouldn't stop asking me why," Tori laughed.

Blake's face then turned serious.

"So, what did you want to say? You sounded rushed," he said.

"You were acting a bit odd today," Kyle remembered.

Blake turned his attention from Kyle back to Tori, who was now looking down.

"Is everything alright," he asked.

"After I tell you, neither one of you might not want to talk to me again. I can understand if you hate me," Tori said.

"Spit it out," Kyle spat.

Tori looked down and took a deep breath.

"Blake, I was already pregnant when we broke up," she confessed.

"What," he yelled.

"You mean…" Kyle began.

Tori however didn't hear Kyle.

"I didn't cheat in you if that's what you're thinking," she said.

"Blake's my…" Kyle began.

"Kyle's my…" Blake started.

"Go ahead and yell if you want," Tori sighed.

Blake smiled and put a hand on Tori's shoulder.

"I'm not going to yell. I just want to know why you didn't tell me then," Blake said.

"Come on, Blake. You wanted to break up. If I were to have told you after that, you would've only stayed 'cause I was having a baby," Tori whispered.

"You're right. I would've. I'd have given up that contract and come back," Blake said.

"Alright! Now maybe we can be a real family," Kyle smiled.

Blake smiled and turned to Tori.

"What do you think," he asked.

"I think it's worth a shot," Tori said.

The End


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