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Author's Note:

first light is my 'fairytale ending' story of Bella's transformation from human to vampire following the conclusion of Stephenie Meyer's book eclipse. The 'real' story of what happens will be found in Stephenie's next book, breaking dawn, tentatively scheduled for release in the Fall of 2008. This is not meant to be a substitute – just a diversion until her book is released – something to pass the time while we wait. Think of it as the local warm-up band before the national headliner… Okay, maybe the comedian before…

I have tried to stay true to the facts already published about Stephenie's characters found in the twilight books and to quotes from Stephenie found online. I have also kept this story PG-13, at least as I interpret the rating. I expect that NOTHING I've written to actually happen in her book – hers will be much, much better!

A note about the Epilogues: Originally this story ended after Epilogue I, and I was very happy with that ending. After spending time on the forums I realized that there was one more big loose end to tie up, so Epilogue II was born.

I had a ton of fun writing this story – I hope that you have fun reading it. See you in line at the book store this fall!

blondie AKA Robin

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"You can't hurt me.
Westley and I are joined by the bonds of love.
And you cannot track that. Not with a thousand bloodhounds.
And you cannot break it.
Not with a thousand swords.
And when I say you are
a coward, that is only because you are the slimiest weakling ever to crawl the earth."

- The Princess Bride


I focused on the heavy oak door ahead of me, stifling the growl that was dying to escape my throat. The last time I walked these ancient stone corridors I was weak, timid, helpless. Not this time.

This time I was on the offensive; a strong and powerful vampire. No longer did I stand on the sidelines, watching while others fought for me – this time I was the aggressor, and I would show no mercy.

Edward shifted silently next to me, preparing for the attack. His hand tightened around mine, not in affection, but in concentration. His other hand reached for the latch.

We heard our target chuckle behind the door, unaware of the eminent danger he was in; unaware of me. That was about to change.