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Small But Great Help

Bumblebee was still in shock at what he had done. Ever since he joined the Autobots he had grown to admire and respect his leader, Optimus Prime. He was wise, gentle, powerful and brave, always looking out for his friends and not daring once to bring them to any harm. However that had changed, Optimus Prime was now a manic, killing machine all because of some stupid circuit. He lashed out at anyone who made him angry and left the base in furious fit. Weak from the lack Energon he collapsed in the desert where the Decepticons found him and brought him back to base where he attacked them in a barbaric way that even Megatron was horrified. The Autobots planned to help their leader and went on a mission led by Prowl to assit the Decepticons trapped within their own base. the plan was to get the Constructicons together to form Devestator, lure Prime out of the base and using the giants help restrain the crazed Optimus Prime. Long enough to sedate him, bring him back to base and get rid of what damage the circuit had done to his personaility mainframe. It was easier said than done. So far they found the remains of Ramjet and half the Decepticon forces in shambles. Then they ran into Optimus himself and it was a sight that made Bumblebee almost scream in horror. His optics were as dark as the night and his body covered in pure Energon. He had the look of pure Rage in his face and stragne black wires and cables were crawling out of his exposed armour that lashed out at anyone who got near. He chased them down the halls of the Decepticon base until they reached the safe-room, the safest place to be in the enemy base. Upon reaching it, it was locked from the otherside and Optimus was right behind them. However Ironhide tried to bring his old friend round and almost accomplished it until Thrust emerged from the safe-room and fired at him, causing the Autobot leader to re-enter his manic sate. Bumblebee watched in horror as Prime was about to kill Ironhide and Prowl and without thinking he fired at his friend. He fired at the one machine he considered a great friend to save his other friends. with Prime dazed they all made for the safety of the safe-room, giving them time to catch their breaths. Bumblebee dropped his blaster in shock, horrofied at what he done. He told himself he would never raise his weapon against his friends but he had no choice. As he stared at his feet he suddenley heard a small growl. Turning round he saw Prowl standing perfectley still, looking down the barrel of Megatron's Fusion Cannon. Looking round the room he saw that there were four Constructicons, Thrust, Skywarp, Blitzwing and, of cousre, Megatron himself. all of them were battered and broken. Megatron had a gaping hole in chest and his leg was bareley hanging on but he managed to both feet, glaring at Prowl. He snarled and took a step closer.

'What are you doing here Autobot? Come to finish us of have you?'

Prowl remained calm. Wheeljack and Jazz had blaster pointed at their heads while Ironhide, Hound and Mirage were shoved in a corner. Bumblebee found Ravage circuling him, growling and snarling. The small Autobot gulped and clucthed his gear. The Decepticons were on the edge and seeing a group of Autobots in their base after Optimus tore it up was considered a threat. Long Haul was the first to speak after the long silence.

'Wait Megatron, believe or not they're here to help!'

Mixmaster also stepped in.

'That's right Mega-Mega-Megatron! Plus they have Soundwave as a hos-hos-hostage!'

Megatron glared at them but kept his Fusion Cannon shoved up Prowl's face. The Constructicons took a step back, still fearful of their leader. Megatron then glared back at Prowl and snarled, with the police car trying to remain calm. He was no match for the might of Megatron, only Optimus Prime could match him in strengh and power. However Prowl had a gift for being smart in a situation like this. Not showing any fear he began to neogociate with the Decepticon leader.

'Listen Megatron, we're not here to fight you. We're here to get our leader back and...assit you.'

Megatron raised an optic and snarled.

'Why should I believe what you say Autobot? You set your leader upon us and now are here to finish us off!'

Prowl smirked a little but not too much to agitate the Decepticons anger.

'Then why am I still standing here? If we're such a threat to you why haven't you killed us yet? Face it Megatron, we're here to help and you know it!'

If it had been a normal situation, Prowl would had been dead by now. However this wasn't a normal situation and Megatron knew that. If he wanted to get himself and the rest of the remaining Decepticons out of this alive he had to form a truce with these Autobots. Megatron, however, wanted answers. The ansers he never got from Prime.

'Tell me Autobot. What has happened to Prime? What do you have in mind in order to help him...and us?' growled the Decepticon leader.

Prowl was a little reliefed that Megatron had now lowered his deadly weapon, making him relax a little. He then began to explain what had happened, about the starnge circuit, Prime's sudden and dangerous anger, how the Autobots found out the Decepticons found him and that he was wreacking havoc in their base after Soundwave came for help, how the Autobots planned to get the Constructicons together to restrain Prime long enough to sedate him and remove the circuit and how they would help restore order to the Decepticon base. It took a while to explain and as the Police car spoke to the leader of the Decepticons, Wheeljack began to fix up the damaged Decepticons. The rest of the Autobots were now allowed to relax as the Decepticons felt a little safe knowing that they weren't here to finish them off. Megatron listened to every little detail of Prowl's explanation and seemed rather interested about the strange red and black circuit. Apparentely he heard something about it but the information in his data banks were too small. After Prowl had finished explaining Megatron snorted at the plan.

'It is a good plan Autobot. However you forgot one small thing.'

'What's that?' asked Prowl, keeping his cool.

Megatron pointed at his troops, mainly pointing at the group of shattered Constructicons.

'We only have four of the five Constructicons. Bonecrusher is still missing within the base.'

Prowl sighed, he knew it was going to be hard but he wasn't really planning on this. They needed all five Constructicons to get Devestator, who seemed to be the only one to stop Prime. Prowl returned his attention to Megatron.

'Have you tried communicating with him?'

'Tried but our comm links have malfunctioned.' muttered Skywarp.

'Well we better go out and get him!' hollered Ironhide.

'You can go out there if you want but I'm planning on living!' sneered Thrust.

Wheeljack huffed as some of the Decepticons began to quarrel with the Autobots and looked round the safe-room. His optic's caught sight of a large computor terminal in the corner of the room and he walked over to it trying to see if it could work. Megatron noticed and snarled at the mechanic.

'What do you think you're doing Autobot?' snapped the Decepticon leader.

'I going to try and get Teletraan-1 to help us locate the wherabouts of your friends within the base. I just gotta contact Ratchet first!'

Megatron snarled and began to march over to where Wheeljack was standing at the terminal. Prowl and Hound blocked his path and didn't budge when Megatron raised his Fusion Cannon, demanding to be let past.

'No one uses my Communication terminal without my consent!'

'Megatron please! If we want to help each other we have to trust each other! We're stuck in this mess together right now!' snapped Prowl, trying to be reasonable.

Ironhide knew what was really bugging Megatron. If Teletraan-1 scanned their base he could get into their computor systems and download secret information. The thought hadn't really crossed Ironhide's mind, this was a good oppertunity to steal data from the enemy but this wasn't the right time. Prowl had managed to calm the Decepticon leader down and Wheeljack had already managed to make contact with the Autobot base.

'Ratchet? Ratchet this is Wheeljack, do you read me?'

At first there was nothing but static but soon they heard the voice of the Autobot medic.

'Wheeljack? This is Ratchet! Where is everyone? Are you safe? What of Prime?'

Wheeljack smirked under his mask after he detected the hint of concern in Ratchet's voice. Ratchet didn't like to express how he was feeling but Wheeljack had worked with him for a long time and knew how he felt just by listening to his voice.

'We're fine Ratchet. We did run into Prime but...managed to get away before...well anyway we made contact with the Decepticons, including Megatron and four of the Constructicons. Slight problem is we're missing one of them and if we're going to make the plan work we need to find him! Get Teletraan-1 to scan the Decepticon base to see if he can pick up any energy signitures.'

There was silence for a while until Ratchet spoke again.

'I shall proceed with that...I just have one small question.'

Wheeljack blinked, what could Ratchet possibley want to know right here, right now?

'Go on.'

There was an awkard silence and some of the Decepticons were curious to know what the Autobot medic wanted. Finally Ratchet gave his question.

'Is Spike with you? We haven't seen him all morning! Sparkplug can't find him either!'

There was a long silence. Soon everyone's heads turned to face Bumblebee who looked back at them with an innocent expression, cluthing his gear. Prowl now had an angered yet stern look on his face as he walked over to the small Autobot.

'That little insect better not had brought a flesh creature into my base!' snarled Megatron, glaring at Bumblebee.

Bumblebee backed away from the advancing Prowl only to bump into Jazz. He looked up and saw the concern in Jazz's optics behind his visor. Jazz stared back in disbelief.

'Bumblebee little buddy...you didn't?' murmered Jazz.

Before Bumblebee could say anything, Skywarp suddenley snatched the Autobots gear and forced the case opened. Bumblebee yelped as the contents fell out. Among them were blaster ammo, tools and a small organic creature that tumbled onto the floor. Prowl groaned in disbelif and Ravage growled as the organic creature looked up at the robotic faces and tried to form an uneasy grin on his face.

'Spike! What are you doing here!?' demanded the Police Car.

Spike Witwicky stood up and brushed the dirt off his clothes. He had been stuck in Bumblebee's case for nearly 3 hours and was glad that he was finally out. He had pleaded with his Autobot friend about coming claiming that he could help. At first Bumblebee wasn't so sure but thought that maybe Spike could be of help, he had been of great help in the past in tough situations. Bumblebee grabbed Spike before Ravage could lay his claws on him and stood back. Spike tried to defend Bumblebee.

'Prowl, I was the one who convinced Bumblebee to bring me along! I thought I could help you guys!'

Prowl sighed and Skywarp sneered at the human. The Decepticons hated humans as much as they hated the Autobots. Megatron seemed to be more angered that the Autobots brought a human with them. Wheeljack confirmed to Ratchet the location of Spike while Prowl began to give the small Autobot a lecture.

'What in Primus were you thinking Bumblebee? He's father is worried sick and you almost put him in great danger! How can he help us!?'

'I know it was stupid Prowl but I believe he can help us! He's done so before.' argued the small Autobot.

'This is a little different Bumblebee. You've put Spike in great danger, he could of died!'

Before Bumblebee could try to defend himself, Hook suddenley interuppted.

'Atcully I think he can be of some use.'

Everyone suddenley stared at the Constructicon, Prowl in particular was in shock. Decepticons using humans was never a good combanation and Prowl wasn't about to let them use one of their closest friends for one of their darstetly plans. Hook looked up and grinned.

'He's small enough to go through our vents. You find Bonecrusher on your computor and he can go and fix him. He can repair Autobots, no?'

Prowl glared at the Constructicon, not at all happy with what he was planning.

'Yes he can fix Autobots...he doesn't know a thing about Decepticon technology! What the slag are you thinking sending him out there while Prime is around! He'll kill him!'

Megatron snickered at the thought of Optimus Prime killing something he had grown quite found of. Ironhide glared at the Decepticon but didn't dare argue with him. Hook walked over to Spike, still in Bumblebee's arms and chuckled, making Spike feel a little uneasy.

'Prime won't give a dam about him! He's more interested in us than organics.'

'What if he does! Spike can't outrun him!'

Hook realized this and began to think. Then he looked over at Ravage who snarled at the Constructicons stare as if to say, don't you even think about it! Hook growled back and snatched the black robotic feline up. He then shoved him in Spike's face who almost yelped as it began to snarl and growl.

'Ravage can go with him!'

Prowl looked at Hook as if he had gone mad. Spike and Ravage were not the best of friends, even Bumblebee was horrified that Hook would even suggest a thing. Ravage would leave Spike on the spot the moment Optimus would appear. However Hound suddenly spoke.

'I think...it would work.'

Mirage's jaw dropped in horror as did the other Autobots. Even Megatron was suprised at what the Autobot just said. The Autobots would never endanger the life of an Earthling, Optimus wouldn't dream of it. However this was an entireley different situation. Mirage appeared to be in shock with what Hound had said.

'You can't be serious Hound!' cried Mirage.

'We can't go out there and Prime would detect you even if you went invisable! Spike and Ravage seem to our only hope of locating Bonecrusher. I wouldn't put Spike at risk so I'll leave it up to him.'

Wheeljack was listening in and he spun round whilst waiting for the base plans to download from Teletraan-1.

'He does have a point Prowl, but it's up to Spike.'

Everyone now looked at Spike and the human gulped as he felt a number of optics gazing at him waiting for an answer. Prowl sighed, he and the rest of the Autobots all agreed to protect the human race not use them. What would Prime do in a situation like this? They had known Spike for two Earth years that were mere seconds in the life of an Autobot or Decepticon. Yet within those two years Spike had grown up, he wasn't a child anymore. Prowl knealt down till he was just above Spike's eye level and spoke in a gentle tone, which was rare for one of the Autobot's stotic members.

'Spike...I don't want to ask this of you but we have no choice. Once we figured out where Bonecrusher is we need you to find him and possbley fix him. We need him online if we're gonna help Prime. I'm not kidding Spike, this will be dangerous and your life will be at risk. the choice is yours Spike. We can send Mirage out if you're not up to it.'

Thrust chuckled in the back.

'Might as well send the kid to his grave!'

Prowl shot the Decepticon a glare. Spike looked at Ravage, then at Prowl and then up at Bumblebee. Ever since he met the Autobots at the tender age of 14 he had been through all sorts of trouble. The Autobot always helped him, Optimus Prime always helped him. Optimus Prime was probaley one of his greatest friends and now he was in danger. If he could help him in anyway possible, that would be enough to repay what the Autobot leader had done for him and the people of Earth. Bumblebee put him down now that Ravage was within Hook's grasp. Spike inhaled the stale air before giving Prowl his answer.

'I'll do it.'

Perceptor never interrigated anyone before. Thankfully he had Brawn and Bluestreak in the room, they even brought Grimlock along just for a laugh. The very presence of the Dinobot sacred the old mech, the creator of the circuit that made the Autobot leader go into a fit of rage. Naturally his presence seemed to have pissed everyone off in the base. The reason for their leaders maddness was right in front of them. Perceptor managed to catch his name, Mainstream. The old mech quvered in his chair and glanced nervously at Grimlock who snarled. Much to Perceptor's suprise, Grimlock was furious when he found out what had happened to Optimus Prime.

'Me Grimlock will crush puny mech who made leader Optimus Prime act bad!' growled the Dinobot.

Mainstream yelped when Grimlock smashed his fists on the table but Brawn managed to calm him down. Perceptor tried to keep a cool face and even offered the old mech some Energon. Grimlock growled but Brawn held him back. Bluestreak chuckled a bit as the small bot did his best from keeping the Robotic T-Rex from wreaking havoc on the vunrable machine. Perceptor deceided to break the silence.

'Mainstream, I want answers. About this circuit, what it does, how it works, can the effects be altered?'

Mainstream shuffled round on his chair. He was scared being surrounded by Autobots, he was clearly a neutral nither an Autobot or a Decepticon. He had been locked up in that cell long before the war began and didn't trust either fraction. He looked up at Perceptor with tired optics.

'My friends and I built that circuit almost 14 million cycles ago. We were forbidden to use such mind-alertring technology so we worked in secret.'

'Y'mean you broke the law' grunted Brawn.

Mianstream didn't argue but continued.

'We worked on it for so long. It was supposed to use the power of the emotion of anger, rage, fear thus making the host stronger. How ever the circuit also, somehow, increased these emotions to terrifying levels. It grew a mind of it's own and found ways to control the host through his emotions.'

Perceptor would be interested in subjects like this but he had a far more important task that needed completeting. He glared at Grimlock when he tried to whack the old mech, but he didn't.

'Me Grimlock was just kidding!' snickered the Dinobot.

'Mainstream, how did it build a mind of it's own!? That's impossible for a mere circuit to do!'

Mainstream nodded and sipped some of the Energon.

'Indeed, however the circuit grew another function we were unaware about...it can copy brainwaves, Spark Signitures and even expand it's progarming into other circuits.'

Perceptor gasped.

'What are you saying!?'

Mainstream looked at his feet.

'Even if you remove the circuit you can't help you friend. It infects every circuit in his body like a virus and earses him from exsistance. His Spark will be replace from one the circuit will grown and his body will soon belong to it. Then you friend will be gone, only his shell shall remain.'

Grimlock suddenly grabbed Mainstream and hoisted him the air. Brawn tried to pull him off whilst Perceptor tried to calm him down. Grimlock snarled at the mech.

'You make Optimus Prime better or me Grimlock will crush you!'

Mainstream shook his head.

'It cannot be done! The only way to stop him is to destroy him!' wailed Mainstream.

Grimlock growled and flung the mech into the wall. Perceptor ran over to help him up while Brawn grabbed Grimlock's arms' trying to stop him from hurting the mech any futher. Perceptor forced Mainstream to his feet and looked him in the optic.

'Are you certain!? Is there no other way!? This circuit must have a weakness.'

Mainstream thought for a moment.

'Well...there is one way...but you'll never do it.'

'Tell me!' demanded Perceptor.

Mainstream sighed and whispered something into his audio's. What ever he said made Perceptor's optics widen and forcing himself to step back.

'Y-you can't be serious!?' he wailed.

'That's why your friend is better off dead!' snapped Mainstream, sitting down and drinking the rest of the Energon.

Perceptor's face was filled with shock and both Brawn and Grimlock wanted to know what all the fuss was about. They spoke in whispers in the corner of the room.

'What did puny mech say!' demaded Grimlock.

'Perceptor, what is it? Is it really that bad?' whispered Brawn.

Perceptor sighed and nodded as he looked at the worried Autobots optics. What he said next even made Grimlock gasp in shock.

'Either we kill Optimus Prime...or we erase his entire personailty and memory files...for good!'

Spike was a bit nervous as he walked down the vents of the Decepticon base. Mainly because he had Ravage right next to him, growling at him. Prowl had to convince Megatron to order Ravage to assit him, which worked but the robotic feline wasn't too happy about it. As they walked futher down the vents Spike heard Prowl's voice via his mini comm link system that Wheeljack built for him.

'Spike this is Prowl! Everything OK?'

'I'm fine Prowl...I'm near one of the energy signitures of the Decepticons.' answered Spike.

'Good, proceed with caution.'

Spike could tell Prowl was worried, this was his 40th call throughout the 20 minutes Spike had been away from the Autobots. Spike approached an opening and had to enlist the help of Ravage in opening it. As it came away they both walked out into a large corridor. Spike looked around confused, there should be a Decepticon about but no sign of anyone. He looked down at Ravage, who was also confused.

'Can't you sense your pals nearby?' asked the human.

Ravage glared at him before scanning the room. Like a dog he began sniffing round and walking around different areas to try and locate an energy signiture. Then he suddenly backed up and growled in a low tone. Spike looked up ahead to see nothing but the end of the corridor, which was about a good 50 meters away. However Spike heard footsteps and wondered if this was the Decepticon, but Ravage didn't think so and tried to push Spike away, trying to tell him that they had to leave. Spike looked up and gasped when Optimus Prime apperaed at the end of the corridor, dragging a Decepticon body with him. Spike almost cried out but recognize the body as one of the Reflector mechs, his other two bodies were possibly dead as well. Optimus hadn't seen him but was smashing the walls in anger and even used the dead Decepticon body before tearing him up. Spike would had been puking up at this point. He had seen computors and robotic toys get smashed up before and it nver bothered him but these were Decepticons and Autobots and they all had life! It was sickening to see Optimus do this sort of thing but Spike had to remind himself that it wasn't Optimus Prime. Ravage then grabbed Spike's shirt and starting dragging him away before Prime spotted them. It was a good idea but they had no place to hide, the other way out was 70 meters away and by then Optimus would had seen them. Then Spike cried out when he felt something grab him and pull both him and Ravage behind a loose wall panel. Within the dark space surrounded by wires and cables, Spike saw Optimus look up when he heard the noise and starting walking over to investigate. Before Spike could figure out what was going on he heard a voice he knew all too well.

'If you want to continue living out your misrable life span fleshling, I suggest you keep quiet!'

Spike looked round and found himself within the grasp of the Decepticon Air Commander, Starscream.