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Title: The Birthday Mishap
Prompt: 45 - Ignored.
Summary: There's that thing about best laid plans..
AN: Thanks to Mandy for looking this over.

"You can't ignore me forever, Matt!" Harriet said, following him into his office.

Finding Danny there, Matt asked, "Do you hear someone talking?"

"Yes, you did. What are you two fighting about now?" Danny replied, uneager to play referee let alone for the umpteenth time this week.

"He won't talk to me," was Harriet's reply.

"That much I gathered." Danny quipped. "Why won't he talk to you?"

"Because she's an idiot," Matt answered instead.

Danny sighed, annoyed. "Will someone please tell me what happened already?"

"Genius over there bought me The Purpose Driven Life for my birthday!"

"I thought you might find it an interesting read, I'm sorry! I've already said that!" Harriet replied, exasperated. "He's leaving out the part where I also got him the entire 3 Stooges DVD collection."

"And I said thank you for them, but why the book? Tell me, really? On what planet did you think it would be a good idea? Seriously! Danny, tell me, how could she think that was even remotely a good idea?" Matt looked over to where Danny had stood a moment ago to find Danny walking out, hands in pockets, shaking his head whilst muttering under his breath incoherently.