Natural Highs

1-Falling in Love

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It finally happened.

Haruhi admitted her love for Tamaki.

Hunny gazed at new couple, then glazed upward to his cousin. "Ne, ne Takashi, aren't you happy?" he asked.

"Ah," he said, but hunny knew he said 'I am happy.'

Kyoya stood off to the side, watching his best friend prance around like a idiot he is. Then he watched his little sister, Haruhi. She had become like a sister to him during the time with the Host Club. 'I'm going to have to keep on them,' he thought. Imagining the troubles that his best firend will give him later on in life.

Hikaru and Kaoru stood near each other gazing at the new couple. Haruhi was wearing a Hitachiin Original. A light blue dress that came down to her knees, blue straps that crisscrossed at the back, with blue heels.

"Well Kaoru, what do you think is going to happen between milord and our toy?" he said. Still keeping the nickname for Haruhi, even though she hated it.

"Knowing milord he is going to twirl her around and blush while shouting 'My daughter has finally admitted her love for me!! Did you hear the news mommy?' or something like that," said Kaoru.

While this is going on, the couple are gazing at each other. Each glowing with happiness.

"Haruhi, I love you so much," said Tamaki.

"And I you," she said.