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Fun at the Office: Part 2

"I need to get this work done… I can't…" Ichigo gasped, but finding it harder to ignore the hot sensation emulating from his crotch.

"Could I really fuck my office assistant… in the office?" Ichigo thought. He couldn't deny that the notion hadn't left him alone pretty much all day, but the moral and ethical questions it raised! He'd only just met the guy; he knew nothing about him, except that he was incredibility hot and hornier than a lioness in heat. Besides, if they were caught it would mean an instant firing from his boss, and he really needed this job! And what about the work he needed to finish? He couldn't just abandon it… could he?

"So what do you say?" Ishida asked, leaning in and pressing a few gentle, suggestive kisses against the nape of his neck, Ichigo almost biting his tongue to prevent a pleasurable moan escaping from his mouth. When he woke up this morning, waved good bye to his sisters and left the house, the last thing he expected was to be sitting in the office after everyone had gone home, in a state of arousal with a horny office assistant biting at his neck.

The hot sensation in his groin was becoming too much to ignore, Ishida's soft lips pressing against the delicate skin of his neck, his hand traveling lower down his body and stopping at the buckle of his belt, was becoming unbearable. Ichigo felt his office assistant's fingers tracing a line along the rim of his belt, before pulling his shirt from its position, which was tucked into his trousers, in order to gain better access to the body underneath. He felt the restricting garment slide out from its place, allowing Ishida's warm fingers to glide inside and run along the rim of his belt without any material restricting his touch. The other man continued to kiss and lick at his neck, playfully nipping and biting at the sensitive skin underneath, moving up towards his jaw line, closer to his mouth.

Fuck the job! Fuck the money! Right now the only thing Ichigo wanted to fuck was his hot, horny office assistant who was working damn hard to get him to succumb to the idea… and succeeding for that matter. He couldn't restrain himself any longer.

Ichigo roughly wrapped his arms around Ishida's slender waist and pulled his body forward on to his knee, before pressing his lips forcefully against those of his office assistant. It didn't take long for Ishida to respond, feeling rather pleased with himself for winning the other man around to his way of thinking. He opened his mouth and allowed Ichigo's tongue to enter and meet with his own. To begin with, the kiss was instantly hungry and almost aggressive, Ichigo releasing his frustrations from before and Ishida fighting for dominance and craving for release.

"Is that a 'yes', let's do it then?" Ishida panted as he momentarily broke off from the kiss and looked directly into the other man's chocolate brown eyes as he almost straddled the orange-haired man.

"What do you think? I want to get you back for how uncomfortable you made me feel earlier, and for being so damn distracting!" Ichigo squinted his eyes, returned the stare, but with a mischievous smile spread across his features and a tightening grip around his assistant's waist.

"It was very rude and inconsiderate of me to make you feel that way. You're going to have to punish me for being such a thoughtless human being," Ishida smiled in response, relaxing his arms around the other man's neck and shoulders, but still maintaining the stare.

"Oh, I fully intend too…" Ichigo replied. "Don't think you're going to get off lightly, I'm going to make you scream."

"I like the sound of that," the seductive smile returned to Ishida's face as he slowly removed his glasses and carefully set them on the table, using his free hand to brush away several stray strands of hair that had fallen across his face. "What are you going to do to me?"

Ichigo could finally get a clear view into the other man's striking blue eyes, making their direct eye contact feel just that little bit more intense.

"You'll just have to wait and see," the orange-haired man stated calmly, before pressing his lips against those of his lover to be, much more softly than before, Ichigo less frustrated this time for allowing himself to break and give into the other man's wishes so easily. Finally all of those Ishida-related fantasies he'd been experiencing throughout the day were about to come true. This day probably couldn't get any stranger, but at least he'd stopped complaining about it now.

Ishida responded once again by accepting the kiss, opening his mouth and allowing Ichigo's tongue to slip inside, entwining with his own as he enjoyed the intimacy he'd been craving from the other man all day. He felt his heart begin to beat roughly against the inside of his chest as one of Ichigo's hands released his waist and made it's way underneath the casual shirt he was wearing, inviting itself to touch and explore the soft, pale skin underneath.

Ishida's body felt just how Ichigo imagined it would feel from his daydreams, his skin was smooth and soft, the muscles beneath his slender frame firm and toned. He needed to get that shirt off to see everything for himself. Those jeans would have to come of too. He wanted to finally discover if his attractive office assistant was indeed going commando today or not, and ultimately to see that hot ass without any damn material covering it from his sight!

Ishida let out a small moan into Ichigo's mouth as the other man ran his thumb past one of his hardening nipples; the excited purr he managed to extract brought Ichigo's hand back to that particular area once again. Gasping quietly as Ichigo broke their kiss and began to caress his neck with his mouth, Ishida pressed his hardening erection against his lover's own as he moved his body closer to Ichigo, wanting as much contact with the other man as possible. He arched his back as the orange-haired man's arms wrapped around his waist once again, pulling him as close as he could get, Ichigo's lips continuing to suck and kiss at his sensitive skin. He tilted his head back to expose more of his neck and shoulder's to Ichigo's skilled touch, unable to contain the moans of pleasure escaping from his mouth. He was damn pleased he'd bothered to come into work today.

"mmm Ichigo," Ishida gasped, his heart starting to race even faster than before, the touch feeling even better than he ever thought it would, but it wasn't enough. Ichigo thought the same thing; there were more moans that needed to be obtained from his attractive office assistant, but more importantly, he wanted to hear him scream out his name in pleasure. He smiled to himself at the thought.

Roughly, he began to pull open the buttons of Ishida's shirt to finally reveal the body hidden inside, the body he'd been daydreaming about seeing for the entire day. Buttons were torn from their seams as Ichigo yanked the material from Ishida's shoulder's and tossed the garment across the room, causing it to smack against one of the filing cabinets in the corner.

"Impatient, are we?" Ishida panted, not too fussed about having his shirt practically ripped from his body.

"You have no idea…" Ichigo partially whispered in the midst of another impish smile, but quickly returning to caress the smooth, milky white skin of the other man's shoulders with his mouth. Pausing slightly, he removed his own tie from around his neck and dropped it to the ground.

Taking advantage of the brief break in proceedings, Ishida began to undo each button of Ichigo's shirt, taking a bit more care not to tear the article of clothing in half. It only took a few seconds before the other man's shirt was lying in a crumpled heap next to his own.

Ishida took a few moments to admire the other man's upper body. It was just how he'd imagined it to be underneath the loose fitting shirt and tie. Ichigo's build was much more muscular than his own, and he found himself feeling somewhat envious of the other man's more defined chest and stomach muscles. He was snapped out of his thoughts by a hand roughly undoing his belt and sliding inside his now open trousers, gently stroking at the hardening flesh inside. So he wasn't wearing underwear after all. Another moan escaped from his lips as he began to enjoy Ichigo's touch and craved for more, his breath starting to come in steady gasps. But to his disappointment, the other man removed his hand from where it had been and pulled at the rim of his jeans, suggesting that they should be taken off. Ishida smiled, slowly stood up and allowed Ichigo to pull his trousers down to his ankles before he stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

"No underwear then?" Ichigo smirked, finally able to see his attractive office assistant without any clothes on. It was a very pleasant sight indeed, and even more pleasant as he was seeing it right in front of him instead of only in his daydreams like before.

"Sometimes," Ishida smiled, brushing another few stray strands of hair away from his face. "It depends on who is in the office on any particular day."

He looked back into Ichigo's eyes, who had finally overcome his shyness and was able to return the look without blushing. At last he had finally gained control of himself again after the morning's setback. He just wasn't expecting his office assistant to be so… well, horny and so damn straight forward about it! It had really caught him by surprise earlier and he wasn't quite sure how to handle it.

As Ichigo continued to sit on the chair in his office, Ishida came closer and knelt down in between the other man's legs. He slowly opened the buckle of Ichigo's belt, followed by the buttons before sliding the restricting trousers, and accompanying underpants down the other man's legs, to reveal the erection underneath.


"Call me Uryuu."

"Ok, err Uryuu… they're aren't any security cameras around here, are there?" Ichigo asked, remembering just how unfamiliar he was with the building. There could be security guards watching or anything, and if this was being filmed, what would happen if his boss saw it the next day? What about his father and sisters? How would they react? Ichigo dreaded to think. He wasn't particularly ready to tell his family about his preference for men just yet.

"No, there's not. They're all outside," Ishida grinned, amused by the other man's sudden fear of getting found out. "Anyway, the fact that we could potentially get caught makes it all the more exciting though, don't you think?"

"You mean we COULD get cau…"

Before Ichigo could finish his sentence, Ishida had already taken a long lick of his length, sending a shudder of pleasure throughout his body, destroying any coherent thought he might have had. He couldn't prevent the moans of enjoyment escaping from his mouth as his assistant used his tongue to stimulate the sensitive tip, and as he ran his hand gently up and down the shaft, but not wanting the other man to cum just yet. Ichigo felt his heart slam against the inside of his chest as he began to move restlessly, enjoying every second of Ishida's skilled tongue and hands. He moaned louder as the other man briefly took him fully into his mouth, working his way up and down his sensitive erection, extracting more gasps and moans along the way.

He laced his fingers through Ishida's jet-black hair and began to move in a rhythm with the other man. On signaling his lover was becoming close to climax; Ishida came off, much to Ichigo's disappointment.

"I'm going to get you back for that," Ichigo opened an eyelid and looked down at his office assistant, slightly annoyed that Ishida didn't bring him the entire way. If Ishida could be a tease, then he could be one too, only twice as bad!

"Do it then," the assistant smiled seductively.

Irrevocably, Ichigo abandoned all worry about getting caught, and pushed Ishida down roughly to the floor, before quickly grabbing his tie and the other man's exposed wrists.

"Ahhhh! What are you doing?" Ishida gasped, taken by surprise as Ichigo wrapped the red material and tied it tightly around his hands and secured him to the leg of the table, which conveniently enough was nailed to the ground of the office. "Hey! It's not meant to be like this!" he raised an eyebrow as he pulled at his restraints, testing just how tightly he'd been tied up. "I wanted to tie YOU up!"

"That's not going to happen," Ichigo stated matter of factly, as he held down the struggling man's body and enveloped one of his nipples with his warm mouth. Ishida let out a loud moan as the other man's tongue drew circles around the hardening area. It didn't take him long to stop struggling after that, his ragged breath indicating he was enjoying it just as much as Ichigo was enjoying delivering it.

"You better not leave me tied up here!" Ishida gasped, pulling once again at the restraints, worried about what the other man might do to him. He didn't particularly like not being in control and this was actually making him anxious.

"Sorry, what was that?" Ichigo grinned as he stopped what he was doing momentarily; enjoying himself more knowing that Ishida was the nervous one now. It felt good to finally be in control.

"I said you better not…"

Ignoring his last comment, Ichigo returned to what he was doing, and surprised his assistant by curling his fingers around the shaft of his erection, and firmly beginning to stroke up and down his length.

"Fuck… Ichigo…" Ishida gasped, his heart suddenly beating so fast he felt it would burst, his edgy and restless movements working to turn Ichigo on even more. But not long after he started, Ichigo released his hand from its position on the other man's erection, smiling to himself when he saw the disgruntled look on Ishida's face.

"Maybe I will just leave you there for a while to think about what you did earlier, I've got work to finish," Ichigo teased.

"You bastard!" Ishida hissed. "You wouldn't!"

"Maybe I would…"

"You need release too! You're just torturing yourself by not finishing!" the other man cried, pulling as hard as he could against his restraints, surprised by how tight and secure Ichigo managed to knot the tie around his wrists and the table leg. He really wasn't going anywhere. If Ichigo did decide to leave him there… well, he'd be there until someone found him in the morning.

"Meh… I can just finish it myself, my hands aren't tied up like yours are," the orange-haired man laughed to himself, but Ishida was right, he did desperately need release; his erection was becoming almost painful, but he couldn't pass up on the opportunity to torture Ishida a little.

"ICHIGO!" Ishida yelled.

"Relax, I was just messing with you. Do you have any lubricant around here or am I going to have to use my own spit?" Ichigo asked, hoping that there would be some around the office, although he doubted it.

"Yeah, in the drawer to your right," Ishida smiled.

"You actually keep lube in one of the drawers here?" Ichigo raised an eyebrow.

"Yes! Now hurry up and get it before I kick you hard in the nuts! I'm within striking distance you know!"

"Now, that's no way to talk to the person who will ultimately decide whether or not to leave you there… or untie you and let you leave with your dignity still intact," Ichigo teased as he quickly opened the drawer and pulled out a small bottle of lubricant that was hidden in the back. He couldn't help but wonder if Ishida did this sort of thing a lot with other men who worked here. Oh well! Whatever the guy was into, Ichigo wasn't really in a complaining mood at this exact moment in time.

He opened up the tube and coated his fingers in the transparent liquid, Ishida spreading his legs in preparation of what was to come. Slipping one lubricant coated finger inside the other man, he soon followed with another, carefully stretching and preparing his lover from inside. Ishida let out another moan as Ichigo hit his prostate, sending a much anticipated wave of pleasure throughout him. Two fingers became three as Ichigo wanted to make sure that his attractive office assistant would be well prepared for what was to come. Once again, enjoying the other man's touch and intimate connection, Ishida tilted his head back and began to move impatiently, his body craving Ichigo inside him.

Almost as quickly as Ichigo had managed to tie his assistant to the bottom of the table, a swift pull at the knot released the other man from his restraints, his wrists left with a faint red line from where he'd been pulling so hard. Quickly clearing top of the table with a swipe of his arm, the paperwork he'd been so intent on finishing was now scattered in a jumbled pile on the ground. It would probably take him ages to try and sort out again but he'd stopped caring long ago, although he'd probably regret it when he would have to try and explain the delay to his boss the next morning. He decided not to think about it.

Ishida gasped as the stronger man scooped him up from the ground in his arms and practically threw him down on the table, in what could only be described as a fit of passion.

"Finally!" Ishida rolled his eyes sarcastically as Ichigo used pushed his crumpled shirt underneath him to propel him into a better position for fucking.

Ichigo didn't reply, instead he looked deeply into his office assistant's eyes and smiled slightly, coating his own length in a generous amount of lubricant. A few hours ago he never would have imagined this happening, not that he was complaining or anything now that he was actually going to do it.

Ishida closed his eyes and moaned almost inaudibly as he felt Ichigo's erection press up against his entrance, that moan quickly turning into a loud gasp as the other man pushed into him, earning a few more cries as he pushed in deeper, almost as far as he could go.

Ichigo panted slightly as he felt Ishida's warmth engulf him, the other man's inner body tight and firm, everything he wanted. He felt his heart begin to race as Ishida's soft voice begged him to push in deeper. Slowly at first Ichigo began to thrust into the other man, his tightness and warmth feeling sensational around his throbbing erection.

"Ichigo… harder," Ishida cried, his own heart starting to slam almost painfully against the inside of his chest. His breath coming in raggedy gasps, he struggled to control breathing as the other man brought him closer and closer to climax. The table beneath them creaked and moved from the action as Ichigo pushed harder into the other man, each thrust bringing him deeper inside until his balls met with flesh each time.

Ishida was almost pushed over the edge as he felt Ichigo's warm fingers wrap around his erection once again, the orange-haired man beginning to stroke firmly to the rhythm of his thrusts. Ishida reached up and wrapped his arms around Ichigo, digging his nails into the flesh of his back, relieved to be freed from his restraints and desperate not to let go. He couldn't take it for much longer, his body was begging for release, sweat forming across his brow. With each thrust putting ever more pressure on his prostate and each stroke from Ichigo's skilled hand driving him crazy, Ishida felt himself let go.

"FUCK! ICHIGO!" he screamed an intense wave of pleasure radiated throughout every part of his body, his muscles becoming tense and rigid in the other man's arms as he rode out the last waves of his orgasm, his heart feeling like it was going to explode. He came into the other man's hand as a stream of swears mixed with partial screams escaped from his mouth.

With one final, hard thrust Ichigo came shortly afterwards deep inside Ishida's body, the same wave of pleasure engulfing him, making his legs feel weak as if they were about to collapse underneath him at any moment and his breath coming in the same unsteady gasps.

"Jesus! Ichigo…" Ishida gasped as he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply to try and regain his breath.

Ichigo smiled, pulled out of his lover and placed a few gentle kisses on his stomach as they both came down and relaxed from the high of before. The other man slid his exhausted body off the table and sat down on the floor, Ichigo following and collapsing down next to him.

"You know, I'm just a bit curious is all, but how come you can wear whatever clothes you want into the office when everyone else has to wear suits?" Ichigo asked, his curiosity getting the better of him as he returned to kissing the other man's neck. To be honest, he hoped Ishida's tight, low cut jeans weren't a one off and that he'd have to wear a boring suit and tie tomorrow.

"Well… that's because I don't actually work here Ichigo…" Ishida panted, enjoying the tingling sensation coming from Ichigo's warm lips caressing his skin, that seductive smile spreading across his face once again.

"WHAT! What do you mean you don't work here?" Ichigo shot up, immediately stopping what he was doing.

"Well I kind of do… sort off."

"Explain yourself!" the orange haired man gasped, still in shock from his revelation. Ishida had to be messing with his head again surely! How could he have got into the building let alone as far as this office without being stopped or questioned? The security wasn't exactly the best when it came to this particular office block, but it couldn't be bad enough to actually allow a complete stranger to dander in off the street!

"My dad owns this company. I briefly saw you here last week for the training week but you didn't see me. I was in my dad's office when you walked past and I couldn't get over just how attractive you looked. Anyway, I bribed your real office assistant to call in sick today and I told my dad I'd fill in for her. I just wanted to spend some time with you," Ishida smiled, his sensitive skin still tingling from Ichigo's touch. Already he craved it again. "I even brought that bottle of lubricant just in case."

The colour instantly drained from Ichigo's face. Not only had he just tied up his boss's son to a table in the office, he'd fucked him hard until he screamed for more in his father's place of fucking work!

"Shit!" was the only thing that entered Ichigo's mind just then, everything else had simply gone blank.

"Your real office assistant is called Miss Troutapple. You'll probably see her tomorrow," Ishida grinned, enjoying the other man's discomfort once again as he returned to take control of the situation. "She has a lot of cats."

"So, are you going to blackmail me or something over this? What the hell do you want?" Ichigo cried, his mind working overtime to try and make some sense of and comprehend what the hell had just happened.

"Blackmail you? Why would I do that?" Ishida gazed at the other man with a confused expression. "Do you think that low of me?"

"Well you did go out of your way to seduce me! And now I'm probably going to get fired tomorrow because I haven't got any of this goddamn work done, which I was supposed to have finished and handed in first thing tomorrow!" Ichigo blurted out, suddenly remembering the massive amount of work he still had to finish, but which was now lying in a disorganised mess on the floor. His heart started to race again, but not in a good way like before. He felt sick to the pit of his stomach.

"Relax, do you really think I'd let my dad fire you? I like you Ichigo. I think we should have fun like this in the office more often!"

"What? So you're not going to blackmail me? But you're not going to be here with me either are you?" the orange-haired man sighed, the relief that Ishida wasn't out to blackmail him after all couldn't be described, but in all sincerity, he'd be much happier working in this boring office if Ishida was going to be there to keep him entertained… in more ways than one. He'd really grown to like the other man over the short period of time they'd known each other.

"There have been a lot of rumours circulating around the place that Miss Troutapple is going to be handing in her resignation form soon. Apparently she wants to spend more time with her cats. She's willed her house to them you know," Ishida smiled again as he reached over and picked up his glasses before placing them on his face, adjusting them carefully. "Besides, she's near retirement age. She's going to have to leave here soon anyway. I can arrange it so that I take over her job as your office assistant on a permanent basis. Just think about what we can get up to on our lunch breaks!"

"So, I'll definitely have you as my office assistant then?" Ichigo whispered into the other man's ear and smiled suggestively. "And you won't wear any of these boring, grey suits?"

"I can wear what I want and luckily for you I don't like boring, grey suits," Ishida stated calmly. "And yes, in a few weeks time I'll be your office assistant. Just don't go cheating on me in the time being with Miss Troutapple, alright? I'll be watching you." The other man joked.

"I can't make any promises," Ichigo replied sarcastically. "You know, we're still all alone and there's something else I've always wanted to do, ever since I was a kid."

"What's that than?"

"I've always wanted to photocopy various parts of my body. Care to join me?" Ichigo asked, feeling much more secure in his job now that Ishida was about. He could freely goof around without fear of loosing his source of income. "Maybe this job won't be so bad after all," he thought to himself.

"That does sound like fun," the other man grinned childishly. "The photocopying room is just downstairs, follow me."



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