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Title: Musical Romance

Author: xCuteyCupcakesx

Pairing: Gabpay, GabriellaxSharpay, FEMSLASH

Disclaimer; Unfortunately, I don't own HSM, 'Speechless' by The Veronicas, or any other things referred to in this story.


Chapter 4: Speechless



"Troy. It's just not gonna happen."


"Give it up."

"Hey Troy…Gabriella."

The couple looked up to see a petite blonde standing before them.

Gabriella forced a small smile, fearing how much of the comversation she'd overheard.

"Hey, Sharpay." Troy looked the girl over with evident interest. Receiving a death glare from Gabriella, he quickly forced his wandering eyes elsewhere. Thinking of a plan, Troy—not so subtly—asked "any plans today?"

Sharpay bit her lip; a look of nervousness showing on her face for only a moment, before she recomposed herself. "Well, you know…you?" She forced the perkiness back in to her voice.

'What the hell was that, Sharpay.' She growled mentally.

"Basketball for me," answered Troy. "Gotta train for the state finals-" he glanced at his brunette friend, who had backed into the lockers and hadn't uttered a word since Sharpay's arrival. "-Gabby, though…you doing anything?"

The girl's cheeks warmed as she gave him a murderous look. 'Troy, I'm going to kill you!'

She glanced at Sharpay for a second, but rapidly averted her gaze. "Uh…not…no…nothing…" Her words faded as the red returned to her cheeks. 'Yeah, that sounded smart.'

The onlooking blonde held back a smile at the other girl's expression. 'She looks so cute.'


"As interesting as I'm sure it is, you're late for practice, Troy."

Coach Bolton rushed by, in the direction of the gym.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a minute dad." Troy called after him.

"Now!" The response was firm.

"I think you're wanted," said Gabriella, an amused look on her face.

"Uh, yeah, I'll see you guys later.
" He gave Gabriella a hug; taking the chance to lean in and whisper "tell her" in her ear.

Sharpay tried not to scowl at the closeness between them. 'Get over it.' She told hersellf. 'They've still got a something…you don't stand a chance.'

"Well, um…I guess I'll…" The brunette looked around; anywhere but at the beautiful girl before her.

"So, you're not doing anything later?" The curious-dictator was back in Sharpay's voice.

The former raised an eyebrow. 'Why do I like her again?' "No," she answered simply.

The chilly winter wind blew, sending Sharpay's blonde curls in a frenzy around her head. 'Oh yeah, that's why.' Gabriella thought, admiring the other girl's captivating beauty.

The girl pulled on her fly-away hair in annoyance. "Do you wonna…hang out…do something…since we're currently dateless…might as well….?" 'What are you saying!'

'Yes!' "Um..sure…what?" 'Bad answer.'

"Like coffee or something." 'Just stop talking.' She mentally snapped.

"Yeah, coffee sounds good."

"Okay." Sharpay began down the hall in her usual I'm-the-queen-of-the-school manner, motioning the—somewhat shocked—brunette to follow.

After all the Lava Springs drama they had managed to get along, but they were never friends or anything. They were more like those people you exchanged a few words with sometimes. The ones you gave just a simple candy cane to at Christmas. Definitely not the kind who spent Valentine's Day together.

Lost in her thoughts, Gabriella wasn't able to prevent a collision with a pole. As her forehead collided with the cold metal, SHarpay looked over, slightly amused, slightly worried.

Gabriela felt her face—once again—turning tomato-red; feeling about as embarrassed as she had during the chilli fries incident a little over a year ago.


So far the ride to the Coffee Bean (Apparently Sharpay was a 'coffee-addict.') had been filled with awkwardness and quiet.

About five minutes in to the drive, it became too much for Gabriella. 'Say something.' "So…"

Sharpay looked at her briefly, before turning her gaze back to the road ahead.

The brunette searched her brain for something to say. "So…did you paint your car pink, or do they actually sell pink cars."

'God, don't tell me I just said that.' She stared out the window, trying to avoid the humiliation.

Sharpay smiled amusedly. Glancing at the girl, her smile grew at the look of embarrassment and deep blush on her face. 'Even more cute.' She laughed slightly. "I don't know. It was a gift for my sixteenth birthday."



The door gave a small twinkly sound as the girls entered the warm coffee shop. The awkwardness seemed to be somewhat lifted as other humans surrounded them.

After ordering their drinks, they headed for a table in the far corner.

Gabriella took a deep breath of the delicious scent and sat down, Sharpay followed suit.


Sharpay looked up at the sound. Taking a deep breath, she decided it was time to say what she had planned. "Gabriella?" Her voice was timid.


"I just…well, we've kind of had a rough past and…I…are we…friends?" She looked down and examined her pink nails; avoiding the brunette beauty's eyes.

Gabriella smiled warmly. "Of course we are."

Sharpay let out a breath. "Good. That's…grate."


Sharpay contemplated telling Gabriella the rest, but decided against it. She wasn't willing to take the risk at that moment. "So?" She tried to move on to lighter matters; the air felt way to tense right now. "You ever notice how alike Troy is to that guy from Hairspray?"

'Why did you have to bring up Troy?'

'Why'd she bring up Troy?' Gabriella pushed the thoughts aside and smiled. "Yeah. I totally kept making him go watch it with me over the summer; he still doesn't see the resemblance."

'You're smile's so beautiful.' Sharpay pulled herself from her trance. "It's definitely there. Something about his hair…the look during that scene in Twinkle Town. The one where he had to dance around in the tights."

They both giggled, remembering the picture that still haunted the basketball captain.

"So you guys are still, like, really good friends?" 'You just had to ask that.'

"Yeah. The break up was kinda neutral, so it's all good between us…" She took a sip of her chocolate latte.

"That's cool." Sharpay nibbled awkwardly at her maple scone. "So what'd he get you for Valentine's Day?" 'You suck at small-talk!' She mentally snapped.

"Just a bunch of candy."

"Can't go wrong with that."

They smiled.

Sharpay reached in to her pink schoolbag (It was essential for her to carry it; it matched her outfit perfectly after all.) and pulled outa small red and pink gift bag. "Since we're friends…I thought…"

Gabriella smiled and reached for the bag. Sharpay had gotten her a gift, even if it was just between friends, Sharpay had gotten her a gift.

As she grabbed the bag, their hands brushed. Both girls lingered like this for a moment. At exactly the same time, they both pulled forcefully back, the bag landing on the table.

They looked away from each other. Faces burned.

Sharpay cleared her throat.

Gabriella grabbed the bag.

As she pulled out a folded piece of paper atop the gift, Sharpay froze.

'Crap.' She thought frantically. 'I forgot to…


Finished reading, Gabriella looked up at Sharpay. Her face was one of shock; unreadable, stunned.

Taking this as a negative sign, Sharpay desperately tried to come up with an excuse.

"It was a—"


"I was…a joke. I forgot about…I didn't mean iit…"

"I al—what?" Gabriella's face fell.


"A joke?" Not waiting for a response, she got to her feet and rushed out the door.

"Gab—" The door closed with a slight ring of a bell.

Sharpay stood up, leaning on the table with both hands, trying to think of a solution. 'Shit.' She thought repeatedly. 'What just happened?'

She grabbed the small bag that had been left, and noticed that the letter she'd written was gone. 'She's probably gonna burn it.'


Gabriella raced out the coffee shop door, trying to hold back the tears pressing against her eyelids. Wrapping her arms around herself, she began the long, cold walk home.

As soon as she was about ten minutes away, the tears began to fall rapidly.She was hurt by the 'joke.' She found it extremely hard to believe that Sharpay would do something like that; she'd actually thought that there had been something there. When they touched…

And what the note had said. It seemed so sincere, so real.

Dear Gabriella.

I don't know why I'm writing this, I don't know why I'm telling you now, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't take another day of you not knowing. I don't expect you to feel the way I do, but I want to be true and honest with you. I don't want to lose you, but you should know…

Putting it in simplest terms, I want you as my Valentine. I like you Gabriella, and in more than a friend kind of way. My feelings are so much more than that. I've felt like this for a while, but until now I've been too scared to say or do anything.

Your smile can cheer up any day for me. Your laugh can make me grin like nothing else. A look from you makes me melt.

I never thought that I could feel like this about someone. I'm sorry if this scares you or pushes you away. I understand if the feelings aren't returned, I just hope we can still manage to be friends, because that's more than I could ask for right now.

Happy Valentine's Day.



The tears fell freely as Gabriella entered her room and curled in her bed.


"Hi, Mrs. Bol—"


"Sorry—Lucille, is Troy home?"

Sharpay had recovered and headed for the Bolton residence. If anyone knew Gabriella inside-out, it was Troy. She needed to pry, she needed to know what he knew.

"He's out back playing basketball. You can head back there if you want," the woman answered kindly.

"Thank you." She headed for the back of the house.

"Bolton!" She stood at the edge of his court.

Looking up, Troy did a double-take when he saw Sharpay.

"Wha—weren't you with…" He took in the form-fitting sweater she wore; lingering a moment too long on the low V-neck it had.

"My face is up here." She snapped her fingers at him. "And yes, I was with Gabriella."

He suddenly looked up, interested. "So what happened?"

"What did you expect to happen?" She challenged.

"Uh…nothing, I don't know. Did anything…?"

"What do you know?"


She raised an eyebrow at him.


"Troy!" She snapped in her usual Sharpay-manner.

He gave her a clueless look.

"Tell me how the hell she feels!" Her voice rose to a shrill command.

'Damn, she's hot when she's pissed.' Troy thought, although he took a timid step back. "She um…she kind of…"

"Likes me?"

He nodded.

"Look. I need your help with something."

"What?" He stared at her.

"Okay. I kind of wrote her something—a note. It said all this stuff about how I felt, and I wanted to give it to her today. I decided against it last-minute and she still found it. I freaked and said it wasn't true and a joke and—"


Sharpay scowled, she hated being interrupted. "Keep your mouth shut; you'll have your time to talk."

He glared at her, but said nothing.

"Like I said. I freaked out. And how she looked after she read it…" She continued like this for a while, Troy listening restlessly before her. "The point is, I want her back. You know her. Now I know for sure how she feels. So…"

Troy stared. "So you want me to help you guys get together?"



"What if she, like, pushes me off the balcony or something?"

"Then I'm guessing she's really pissed and doesn't want you back."

Sharpay glared daggers at the guy next to her. "You're completely useless."

"Have fun climbing up on your own Sharpay." He began to walk away.

"Get the hell back here," she hissed, grabbing hold of his 'Wildcats' T-shirt.

They were now standing in Gabriella's backyard; below her balcony. Troy had helped come up with a—surprisingly—good plan. Now she was going to give it a try, but she wasn't one for climbing trees.

Sharpay tugged on Troy's sleeve impatiently. "Get me up there."

He reached for her waist. "And your hands will remain where they're supposed to be at all times." She warned, before allowing him to lift her.

They both shuddered at the contact, though probably not for the same reasons.

Grabbing on to a high branch, Sharpay pulled herself up onto the floor of the balcony. She outstretched her hands, motioning for Troy to hand up her stuff.

Stopping a few feet from the landing, he held out her things, wich she quickly took.

He stayed in this position, looking up,. "Go!" She hissed at him.

"Sure you don't want me to…erm…hang arounde?"

He scurried down the tree as a heel came a little too close to his head.

"Damn," he muttered.

She pointed toward the front, mouthing 'go.'

Taking a deep breath, she grabbed a mass of red, blue, and pink balloons (Gabriella's favorite colors.) and headed to the glass doors.

Peering in, she saw Gabriella on her bed, curled up and hugging a pillow.

Smiling at the sight, she softly knocked on the door.

At first the girl didn't flinch, but after the second—and more forceful—knock, she turned around to see what was there.

Glancing out, she spotted the nervous blonde, and froze for a second. 'What is she…

Another persistent knock.

Opening the door, she stared at the other, not sure about what she should say. "I'm sorry," Sharpay whispered.

"What—" She stared at the balloons, and the single red rose clutched in the girl's other hand; the stem almost breaking under the hold she had on it.

Reaching out, Gabriella gently took it from her, allowing her hand to linger there just a moment more than was needed. Looking up, she met the blonde's gaze. "I'm sorry…I just thought…it seemed…I—"

Sharpay placed a hand on her shoulder. "I-I was…scared. It was all real. I meant it all. I wrote it for you…"

"Then why…" Her voice trailed off filled with unanswered questions.

"I was scared. I didn't think…I freaked out last minute. And I wasn't sure what you thought, I assumed…"

The brunette's face held an understanding look. "It's okay. I…do you…"

"I meant everything I wrote." She reached out to the brunette, giving her a slight hug.

Gabriella hugged back with her free hand; the other held the balloons. "Thank you," she whispered in to the other's blonde curls.

Pulling apart, they looked at each other uncertainly. Above them the sky was beginning to darken; the first stars shining brightly. The slight breeze was cool and fresh. The air was peaceful. Two pairs of brown eyes locked.

The gaze was held, growing more intense with the passing milliseconds. Two beautiful girls leaned forward slightly, the space between them decreasing more and more.

Two pairs of brown eyes closed. The separating space was broken. Two pairs of soft lips joined. Two hearts gave a leap of joy. The sun set completely, and the moon shone brighter than ever.

Breaking apart, Sharpay stroked Gabriella's cheek. "Happy Valentine's Day, Gabby." She whispered.

"Happy Valentine's Day," came the sweet melody of a voice.

Taking a step away, Sharpay handed Gabriella a familiar gift bag. "Wha—"

Sharpay just smiled and motioned for her to open it.

The excited girl reached inside and pulled a pack of heart-shaped peanut butter chocolates Smiling, she reached again. This time she held a brown fuzzy panda bear, dressed in a pink costume similar to one she'd worn during Twinkle Town.

"Oh my—"

"One more thing," Sharpay said softly.

Reaching in a last time, Gabriella extracted a beautiful golden necklace; a charm in the shape of a rose hung from it. Looking closely, she saw that in the middle of the flower were the letters G and S.

She felt tears of joy and emotion come to her eyes, and she made no effort to hold them back. "Thank you, so so so much."

The blonde smiled and gave her a hug, holding her close.


"I'm just that amazing." Sharpay grinned.

"Uh-huh?" Gabriella was now grinning as well.

"Well, a little birdy gave me a few ideas."

"Really? Did it maybe have blue eyes?"

Sharpay smiled. "Could be. So is it…okay."


Suddenly Gabriella pulled away and grabbed a blue balloon from the mass. "Your favorite color's pink?"

Sharpay stared and nodded.

Grabbing a pink one as well, she held it out to the confused girl.

She held her blue balloon outward, and grabbed Sharpay's hand with the pink one; the two balloons bobbing next to each other.

Sharpay began to understand.

"Three…" she whispered. "Two…one…"

The balloons rose into the night. Side by side, together…

Higher, higher, together…

[Falling head over heels

Thought I knew how it feels

But with you it's like the first day of my life

You leave me speechless

When you talk to me

You leave me breathless

The way you look at me

You manage to disarm me

My soul is shining through

I can't help but surrender

Oh no

My everything to you

You leave me speechless

(the way you smile, the way you touch my face)

You leave me breathless

(it's something that you do I can't explain)

I run a million miles just to hear you say my name



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