Type: Mediator Fanfic
Title: When the Sun Sets
Ratings: T
Quote: "Querida, I don't want you to get hurt…don't you think fighting spirits is enough? Now you want to fight them alive…and the crayzee ones too!"

3-5 Include:
1. Jesse and Suze getting married and having a son...(SORRY ASH)
2. Crossover with 1-800-Where-R-U
3. Jesse and Suze child missing
4. Jesse a doctor

3-5 NOT include:
1. Paul Slater
2. Sappy love
3. Jesse and Suze break-up

Length: 8 chapters

...fic challenge for ashpash. please r&r.



Kissing Jesse used to be something surreal, something unimaginable. Now kissing Jesse was like stepping into my favourite pair of Jimmy Choos, dependable, comfy, and they alwaysfit right.

Having sex with Jesse used to be frightening, and exhilarating. Now, having sex with Jesse was receiving a hefty paycheck. I deservedthis, I did.

The thought of having children with Jesse shocked me to the core. Now…it still does, she still does. Ana Jenny De Silva, (AJ to all who knew her for at least five minutes) was livewire if there ever was one.

…Well. I am her mother.

At the first instance of my pregnancy, I was over the moon, jumping, whooping, totally and completely happy. Brad (who'd showed up for dinner), and Jake (who practically lived there) and disappeared almost immediately after Jesse broke the news. Five minutes later, a four-way call between my Mom, Gina, CeeCee and Adam, plus Andy on the extension ensued, and we were all laughing, crying, and in the latter two's case, cracking bad jokes. An hour later I called Father Dominic, but he couldn't really speak to me. At seventy-seven, Father Dominic had developed Alzheimer's. I'd hung up the phone and cried.

Eight months fifteen days later, Ana Jenny had been born, early and with a passion to survive. Father Dom died the night after I called him, a week later, to tell him the news. Jesse and I cried together.

Three years later, and I'd become a cop. A goodcop. The type who kicked ass in leather, and never did the plain clothes, undercover crap.

Live ass was far more satisfying to kick than ghost ass.

For one thing, everyone could see me do it. I didn't have to "mediate" either, let the psycho-ologists (according to Adam) do that. I just K.O.'d the bad guys. For another thing, AJ loved it, loved me for it. Even Jesse grew to love my ass-kicking profession, even after his initial, "Querida, I don't want you to get hurt…don't you think fighting spirits is enough? Now you want to fight them alive…and the crayzee ones too!" I'd grimaced, and instructed him never to use the word crayzee again. He'd shrugged, and I'd cut off his Disney and Lifetime channels. The word crayzee never re-entered the Simon/De Silva household.

Two years later and I still kicked ass.

But now, Ana Jenny was gone.

-- --

"You left her at Aunt Prudence's didn't you?" I screamed, angry with Cee and with myself for losing her.

"I said I wouldn't! She was with me at Pru's, I took her home, Adam and I fixed up Gertie's cot—"

"DID YOU CHECK TO SEE IF SHE WAS IN THE CAR???" I bellowed, and CeeCee smoothed her hands over her stretched belly.

"Gerta is frightened." She said in a very un-Cee like voice. "And I know she's in the car because we played her Barney tunes! I would havenever played Barney tunes! Barney tunes aren't good for the cognitive process of the birth of a child, you know that Suze! We did, I'm telling you!"

"I shouldn't have gone, shouldn't have…"

"AJ's probably just somewhere you wouldn't expect, like—"

"Where would you expect a five year old to go?" I inquired snottily. CeeCee stepped back and bared her teeth at me. Her braces had done magic, and now her mouth matched her white face, glowing and sparkly. And straight too.

"We'll find her, Suze." She said quietly, calming her initial anger. "We'll find her."

"My baby…My beautiful, beautiful baby….What will I do without you AJ? What did I do without you…?"

CeeCee stared disbelievingly at me.

"Susannah Simon! What happened to the you of ten years ago? The Suze S I knew wouldn't sit back and lose her child! That Suze would make use of her resources! You know, Suze! Use it to find her!"

I looked away. Ghosts hardly came to me now, and I didn't know what had happened to them. Father Dom was dead, Paul Slater had died in a car crash on graduation night taking Kelly Prescott to his home (She hadn't survived either), and Jack Slater was god knows where on god knows what planet. I didn't think Dr. Slaski got any visitors either. The dead scarcely asked for help from their own kind.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this must mean something, but I didn't really mind their absence. I had my Mom, my friends, my Jesse (and a super good guy in bed), and my daughter. My AJ.

The sentient spirits (my Joke word for them…I had lots of Joke words for things) didn't come to Jesse either, even though he welcomed them. Truly? I think they would've distracted them. His worked took up a lot of his time. Jesse's become one of those doctors who explain your fracture to you when you're at the Carmel Heights Hospital, and you wonder why your doctor isn't as hot and charming and nice.

Jesse loved it at his charity practice, Paediatricians For The Poor (a name I found very Patronizing and Poo-ey), but he didn't make much. Neither did I, come to think of it, in fact, if not for my inheritance, I think I'd be broke off my arse.

When I turned twenty-one, my Mom revealed the secret of my Dad's "money", the late "work" he'd done when I was younger, work I hadn't really been suspicious enough about until after he died.

Why was he always out so late? I asked myself, but never had the guts to tell him. It turns out that Dad was a writer of Romance Novels. My Dad wrote the kinds of books that twelve year olds swooned over and then grew out of when they realised that no man was ever going to be as good to them as His Lordship Banal Anal Cockhead Snufflebutt the Third. He wrote under the pseudonym Susie Bear, which, I blushed even now at the thought, was his nickname for me. Susie Bear.

"I don't, don't see them much…"

"But Jesse must have loads of contacts in the Spirit world! He can use them and help you to find AJ, and everything'll be good won't it?" CeeCee said frantically, and she kept sputtering until she broke down into tears.

CeeCee had loved AJ, and AJ had loved CeeCee's belly. Loved the roundness of it, and always listened for CeeCee's baby's (Gerta's) kicks. It was a scant two weeks until Gertie's prescribed date of birth, and I knew if we didn't find AJ, it would be a sad event. With the passing of one child would come another was the way I knew Cee'd see this. She'd beat herself up over AJ's lost. I had to find her.

For Cee.

For Adam.

For my Mom.

For Andy.

For Brad, Gina, Jake, for everyone.

For Jesse.

And most of all, for Myself.

-- --

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