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One Night Only

Chapter one: The fateful night

The fateful night;

Oh what a night,

The agony of despair,

The sorrow of losses...

So many ways that can't be described

Alas, content in a special way.

I can no longer say

"Sade dit moi"...

"Sade donne moi"

I am happy at last

Free of my restraints.

The chains that bind me so.

At last I can say

"Yes I am free".

You no longer hold me back...

From my dreams and hopes.

But you shall always have a piece of my heart,

No matter where I go.

But now it is time to let it go.

Because at last,

I am free from my restraints.

The fateful night;

Oh what a night,

The agony of despair,

The sorrow of losses

But I am free from it all...

At last...

"Stop." Inuyasha commanded. Everyone in the group stopped but Kagome who was carrying Shippou. "Uh, Kagome, Inuyasha said to stop" Shippou pointed out. "Well, I don't take well to simple commands" Kagome spoke loudly so Inuyasha could hear. He sighed dramatically loud and said "Kagome, can you please stop so we can rest?" Inuyasha requested.

"I suppose." She sniffed haughtily. It had been about two years since traveling through the well to the Sengoku Jidai. Kagome had changed a lot over the two years. She got more stubborn, dignified, loud mouthed, oh her hair finally straightened out well and was less unruly and her bangs longer to cover her eyes. She got curvier in every place she needed. Her legs were still slender and long.

Sango changed too. She hit Miroku less than before, maybe because she finally admitted she loved him and him the same. Her hair was longer, her fighting skills better and her body more toned than it was. Miroku, not so much. Still perverted... maybe even worse but he got taller and handsomer. And Shippou was just as cute as can be! He was seven now but still naive as can be and got about an inch taller.

Inuyasha was the usual. Annoying as can be, rude, snotty, and every thing else that was wrong with him that is so long of a list it will take up a chapter.

Kagome knew exactly why they were stopping. She could sense Kikyou's spiritual pressure in the area so of course Inuyasha was going to her. Sighing inaudibly, Kagome turned around and dropped her yellow over stuffed bag. Taking five bottles of water she tossed one to everyone. "Sango, come join me in a bath?" Kagome asked.

"Yes, a bath would be most enjoyable. I spotted a hot spring straight ahead from here. Perhaps I can escort you ladies there" Miroku suggested, with a wiggle pf his eyebrows. Both girls eyes twitched and they delivered hard smacks to Miroku's face. "Hentai" they darkly mumbled in unison. Stalking off to the springs with towels around there necks and soap in hands they marched diligently into the trees.

Sinking into the steaming hot water and sighing in contentment, the girls started their usual gossip. "So, are you gonna try to stop him from going?" Sango asked with uncertainty that she should have. "Why should I, Inuyasha's a big boy and can take care of himself" Kagome put her nose in the air with false courage. On the inside she was breaking. But after two years, she learned to get over it.

'I don't even think I really loved him. Maybe I was more in love with the idea of being in love, as corny and cliché as it sound', Kagome mentally admitted. The bathing went on with no more talking. Sango stood and wrapped a towel around her body. "Kagome, are you coming back to camp?" Sango asked when she noticed Kagome didn't follow.

"I'll be there in a moment. I need a chance to think"

"Okay. Be careful though"

Kagome gave a slight nod and sank down in the water. 'Why is it I always have to have my heart broken over the other. It isn't fair! I stand by him and collect those fucking shards. Yet I am always picked last. I'm his last priority of the day. Yet as soon as a boy shows interest in me, I am more important than life its self to him. He acts like a jealous boyfriend who's having an affair!' Kagome thought angrily.

- - -

Walking through the forest his brother lived in, Sesshomaru picked up on the sent of his miko. She was in distress. And by the scent she was bathing. His original reason for coming here was because he was pissed off that Jaken let Rin get hurt and decided his brother was the perfect dummy to take his anger out on.

But fucking his bitch would really have made Inuyasha's blood boiling. Sesshomaru's night was turning out to be just peachy. Walking to the hot springs he spotted the miko deep in thought and totally pissed off. "It is unwise to bathe unprotected and without a companion. Where is the hanyou?" Sesshomaru made his presence known.

Kagome looked up and gasped. "Sesshomaru! What are you doing here?!" Kagome demanded. She watched Sesshomaru's cold gaze slowly roam over her body. It stopped on her full, exposed breasts. "I sensed your aura flaring and simply came to ease your anger." Sesshomaru idly glanced at Kagome angry, and embarrassed stormy blue eyes.

She was hot when she was mad. "Okay, well it's none of your business so leave" Kagome ordered. Sesshomaru raised an elegant eyebrow at her defiant head turned away from him. Producing a cloud to fly on he skimmed across the water to Kagome and forcefully turned her head.

"Listen now and listen good, for I shall only say this once. This Sesshomaru does not follow orders but gives them. You shall not order me..." He stopped to think for a moment. "Unless it involves the words 'stop', 'faster', 'harder', or more" He added with a ghost of a smile on his face.

Kagome gasped at the realization of what he meant. Sesshomaru grabbed Kagome up onto his cloud and flew off to his secret cave. "Sesshomaru you put me down now" Kagome scowled, banging against his armor. She had wrapped the towel around her so he couldn't ogle her entire body like he had her chest.

Landing in a clearing that was next to the smooth mountains, Sesshomaru made the cloud dissapear. From the outside, the bumpy walls of the mountains looked as normal as can be. Sesshomaru carried Kagome with his one arm to a side of the mountain that, if you looked extremely close, you could see the line that showed the door to the inside.

Pushing it open with his body, Kagome stubbornly looked around the cave. It was beautiful, as much as she didn't want to admit it. There were candles that lit the room dimly. A bed that was more western styled than anything. Raised off the ground with black and brown furs from animals that Kagome couldn't identify on it. The sheets and pillows were made of fine black silk . The floors were still stone with some furs stretched across the floor.

The walls were acid washed and simple with nothing on them. "Like what you see? You could spend the night in here, if you abide to my wishes" Sesshomaru suggested. "You asshole, how dare you stand there and say that!" Kagome reprimanded him. He got up and removed his armor before soundlessly walking over to Kagome. Putting his arm around her waist, he drew lazy circles on her hip. His lips were barely touching her neck but Kagome shuddered as her arousal spiked.

Sesshomaru caught the change in her scent and it aroused him further as well. "No, what would Inuyasha do to me?" Kagome's voice came out breathy and labored. "What about him? He has the older miko for his own pleasure. But tonight you shall have yours" Sesshomaru whispered in her ear before licking the inner shell of it.

Kagome moaned and turned her head away from him, giving him more access to her pure creamy skin of he neck. Latching onto her skin, Sesshomaru sucked mercilessly and Kagome was so responsive to him. She moaned and he could smell her dripping core only making him more aroused.

Kagome suddenly stopped being so responsive and turned around in Sesshomaru's arm. "Stop, as pay back, I want to do something for you first. This shall be in payment for tonight." Kagome started. Sesshomaru gave her a questioning look. Kagome slowly took what remained of Sesshomaru's left arm delicately in both her hands. Focusing all her powers to healing his arm, Kagome pictured Sesshomaru with his arm.

Her hands glowed white and slowly, Sesshomaru's arm began to appear in pieces. When Kagome opened her eyes, she gasped. Touching his claws delicately, Kagome's eyes widened in disbelief. "Why would you do such a thing?" Sesshomaru whispered. "I... I wanted you to touch me with both hands" Kagome mumbled. "It was also partly my fault you lost your arm in the first place. I wanted you to suffer for hurting Inuyasha. It seems it is my turn to hurt him now" Kagome added with a nervous smile.

Sesshomaru almost understood her reasoning. At the same time he was angered him that she would influence the stupid hanyou in such a way.

He nodded anyway before snatching Kagome's towel away. She gasped and attempted to cover herself with her arms but Sesshomaru stopped her by shooting out his arms and grabbing hers. Leading her to the bed, Sesshomaru lied her down and hovered over her. Kagome shuddered as his lips lowered onto hers.

His new left hand gently kneaded the soft flesh that were Kagome's breast as his right hand danced smoothly over her thigh. Kagome bucked her hips and responded to the kiss. Her tongue tugged at his. Kagome finally decided to get bold and slowly trailed her hand down to Sesshomaru's length. She caressed it slowly with her fingertips. When Sesshomaru growled out his lust, Kagome figured she was doing something right and gave Sesshomaru's penis a slight squeeze before rubbing her thumb over the head.

Sesshomaru bit his lip and moaned, Kagome's lips long abandoned. His hips pushed forward towards Kagome's hand. (He's still above her). Kagome gave a sly smile before moving her hand up and down Sesshomaru's length. Just as he was about to release, Kagome stopped. Sesshomaru opened his lust filled eyes to look at her. "Bitch" he murmured in her ear as he slowly slid down her body, never losing their eye eye contact. When he came to her dripping passage, he inserted his tongue into Kagome's core.

Kagome gasped and moaned before bucking her hips. Sesshomaru confirmed that Kagome tasted as sweet as she smelled while his tongue darted around her tight passage. Her hips came up off the bed when Sesshomaru lazily dragged his tongue over her clit. When her back was off the bed and her hand was pushing Sesshomaru's head closer to her core, he figured she had enough torture.

Bringing his tongue back into his mouth, Sesshomaru blew air into Kagome's core just for teasing. He kissed her thighs, flicking his tongue across the skin occasionally as he kissed up to her breast. Kagome moaned and slid her hand down to Sesshomaru's tight firm ass. She pinched it a little before moving her hand to his length once more.

Pumping slowly while Sesshomaru devoured her breasts. "Sesshomaru, I need you" Kagome said in a breathy moan. Sesshomaru smirked against her breasts before bringing his head up to kiss Kagome passionately. "Sesshy-chan" she moaned against his lips. Now, Sesshomaru had been called a lot of things in his long life time; bastard, ass, asshole, Ice Prince, and more. 'Sesshy-chan' was new to him.

His eyes widened in shock before narrowing them down at her. He wasn't angry at her though. In fact, the way she said it was sexy. Sesshomaru positioned himself at Kagome's entrance and held her hips. Sesshomaru knew very well that Kagome was a virgin, which made her very tight. And Sesshomaru was very big, so this would be an interesting night.

Rubbing the head of his member on Kagome's passage, she moaned while bucking her hips. Sesshomaru pushed forward to Kagome's hilt. Her eyes were closed in pain and quickly wrapped her legs around Sesshomaru's waist tightly to stop his movement. He waited patiently for her legs to loosen around him and her eyes to open.

He moved a little as a silent question to see if she was ready. When Kagome's hips came and she moaned, he continued.

His thrusts were lazy and soft so Kagome could get use to the foreign feeling. "Faster" She moaned. Sesshomaru did as he was commanded, thrusting faster yet still soft and filling Kagome to her cervix. Sesshomaru smirked at her while she gazed at him with lust filled eyes. "Harder" She ordered with a toss of her head. Sesshomaru complied and thrust into Kagome with demonic strength. Keeping it fast and hard, Sesshomaru pinched Kagome's nipple.

She came all over him. Sesshomaru had yet to cum and pumped with demonic speed until he released his hot seed into Kagome's awaiting womb.

Pulling out of her, he jammed his still enlarged penis into Kagome's mouth. "Clean it" he commanded in a hushed voice. Kagome began to suck mercilessly on his dick.

The places she couldn't reach were saved for later for when she removed her hot mouth from Sesshomaru's penis to wrap her tongue around the base. Sesshomaru came in her mouth with a sigh. Kagome thought his cum tasted bitter and salty as she continued to suck him of. Deeming his penis clean enough to stop, Kagome rolled from underneath him . Sesshomaru grabbed her by her waist and placed Kagome on her hands and knees.

Wrapping his arms around her waist to to keep her in place, he jammed his penis into her. Kagome tried to meet Sesshomaru for his powerful fast thrusts. She couldn't keep up and settled for letting him have his way with her. Sesshomaru pounded into her like a true dog would. His inner beast was demanding that he mark her as soon as she came. Kagome came all over Sesshomaru's shaft and he quickly sank his teeth down into the joint where her neck and shoulder joined on the left side of her.

Kagome screamed his name out of pure pleasure that was only increased by the pain he caused. Sesshomaru came with a grunt in Kagome before collapsing on top of her. He rolled off and looked at her sweaty face. "W-What did you just do, Sesshomaru?" Kagome panted. "Made love to you of course. But, you are now my mate as well" Sesshomaru replied in a nonchalant style. Kagome mumbled a quick 'Oh' before passing out.

Sesshomaru smirked at her unconscious form lying on her back. "My bitch" He murmured in her ear before wrapping an arm around her and letting sleep claim him. My what rash choices he made tonight. But they would benefit later.

- - - -

"Sango, where the hell is she?!" Inuyasha demanded, his patience had worn thin hours ago when Sango first went back to get Kagome only to find out she was gone. Inuyasha had stormed into the springs and caught her scent, though it quickly faded with the wind. "I don't know for the last time Inuyasha! She told me she wanted some time to herself before coming back, maybe she went home for some reason! Let's just wait until the morning and if she's not back we can search." Sango yelled for the tenth time that night.

Inuyasha settled down against the tree and crossed his arms. 'why would she leave, will she come back?' Inuyasha thought to himself

- - -

The moon was shining brightly that night. Sesshomaru breathed in the cool crisp air while resting against the mountain in his naked form. He went out side because he thought he would regret seeing Kagome wake up sad because of the foolish choice he made. He thought he would regret the choice he made by marking her as his.

He did not. Kagome and Rin were the only two humans he could actually come close to loving. "What are you thinking about?" that beautiful, melodic, angel's voice entered Sesshomaru's ears from behind him. His reply was truthful. "You" was all it was. Kagome came to settle near him, wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her head on his shoulder.

" Why did you mark me? You don't love me. I thought you hated me" Kagome whispered to him. "You do not know what I feel. But you should that it was unintentional, though my beast enjoyed it and is happy to have you as a mate. It thanks you sincerely. No I do not love you, but I'm sure it can grow now that we are bonded for life" Sesshomaru explained.

"Oh" Was Kagome's intelligent reply. The sun was coming up, a orange glow ruining the beautiful night. "I have to get back. They will miss me. My son will miss me" Kagome nuzzled into Sesshomaru's neck before standing up. Sesshomaru followed her back into the room and put on his haori. He knew very well that Kagome had nothing to wear and he gave her the top of his ensemble. He had plenty more where they came from and Sesshomaru refused to give her any of his treasured silk kimono's that would just get ruined.

"Here" He handed the silk shirt to her. The newly mated couple set on there way to Kagome's group.

- - - -

Kissing her gently on the lips, Sesshomaru whispered to her; "This is not goodbye for long. Tomorrow night, wait for me by the hot springs tomorrow night and we may spend time together" Before vanishing from in front of Kagome.



Ha you thought I was gonna end it and you were gonna have to wait. But I'm not heartless and six pages of writing is certainly not enough for me so on with the story! Au revoir mon amis (for now)evil grin

She sighed and walked to where the camp was 'Please Kami, let everyone be asleep!' Kagome silently pleaded. Tip toeing into the camp since it was only about six in the morning, Kagome slowly made it to her big yellow bag and changed. She stuffed Sesshomaru's haori into the bag and snuck into sleeping bag with Shippou for about an hour more of sleep.

- - - - - - -

Inuyasha yelled "Wake up!" and everyone jolted from their resting place. He walked hastily over to Kagome who was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes by now "Where the hell were you last night?" Inuyasha demended.

"I was... um.. out, with ah... friends" Kagome nervously stuttered. It wasn't a lie. Sesshomaru was her friend. He had a beast within him so that made to people there for the plural of friend: friends. "Why the hell didn't you tell anyone?" Inuyasha murmured in a dangerous voice. Kagome's anger flared immediately. "Ya know, you aren't my father. He's dead! I don't have to tell everything!" Kagome yelled, her face turning extremely red.

"well, how the hell am I supposed to protect you if I don't know where the hell you are?!" Inuyasha shouted right back. "You sound like a jealous boyfriend now!"

"I am your boyfriend!" By now everyone was up and watching the two like a soap opera.

Kagome laughed. This was not a regular laugh, this was full blown maniacal crazy woman laugh.

"What the fuck are you laughing at?!"

"You! remember, you chose Kikyou. You have no right to claim me as your own." Kagome's face went stern the minute she said 'you' She had been rolling on the ground with Shippou who thought it was funny that Inuyasha thought he was Kagome's boyfriend. Inuyasha stalked over to Kagome and sniffed her. She backed away before he could decipher the smell. "Get the fuck over here" Inuyasha demanded. Kagome picked up her bow and arrow and pulled the arrow back as far as she could. Kagome knew it was a little extreme to keep Inuyasha away but it would work for now. 'Wait, what the hell am I doing? I can just sit him' Kagome realized in her head.

Inuyasha slowly walked towards her. "Sit boy!" Kagome yelled. "What the fuck was that for?" Inuyasha thrashed from the ground. "Invading my personal bubble. You see, in my time, we all have this thing called a personal bubble. If I don't want you in it, I kick you out like I just did, amazing no?" Kagome clapped happily. "Besides, who I date is none of your business, now keep your nose to yourself" Her mood turned from happy to dangerous in a split second. Talk about bipolar. --

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