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I was annoyed at myself more then anything. Why, oh why was I still upset over Jacob? Hadnt I just resolved that internal conflict with myself? I tried to change the subject.

"So, what are we doing today?" I asked pleasantly.

Alice laughed. "Well, I think that we should get some control if you know what I mean."

My stomach twisted. "Control?"

"Yes, so Emmett doesnt kill someone," Alice explained, laughing again. I relaxed, I had thought she meant the other control. Emmett scowled.

"Let's look at the situations first," Jasper suggested.

"Good idea," Alice chirped, and she flitted over to Jasper's side.

"I was the victim both times," Emmett offered obvious information. Jasper shook his head.

"Not the results. The causes. What was going on in the time right before you tripped Emmett? What seems to 'set off' these responses?" Jasper started firing off a bunch of questions designed to get us all thinking. I thought hard, and put together a mental list.

In the first one, I had beaten Emmett in an arm wrestling match. I had been feeling confident, and victorious.

The second one, I had just told Emmett why he had to fix the wall. He had sort of lost the argument, and he walked away...

So I came to a number of similarities. Emmett walked away from his defeats, I had felt victorious though not so much in the second one. And both times, Alice and Edward had had eager expressions, both amused at the same time.

None of it made any sense.

"Maybe it was her emotions," Jasper looked at me. I went and crawled onto the couch next to Edward, leaning into him. Emmett had forgiven me already, and he was staring blankly at the ceilling, lost in thought.

Edward frowned. "That doesn't make any sense," he echoed my thoughts.

"It doesn't have to."

"It has to make some sense. Everything makes sense somehow."

"My whole life doesnt make sense," I complained. Edward smiled apologetically.

Edward jumped up suddenly, and had it not been for my reflexes, I would have slumped onto the couch with his sudden dissapearance.

"Why dont we go visit Tanya and her coven?" Edward suggested. "Maybe they can help."

Alice looked thoughtful for a moment. "That might actually be a good idea." Edward stared at her, and a smile slowly spread itself across his face. Within a few seconds, he pressed his lips together, restraining a grin that was probably too big for his face. I didnt like that expression, I had seen it enough today.

"Well, let's go then," Edward said, and he took my hand, pulling me off the couch. We walked to the door, followed by Alice, Jasper, and Emmett.

Emmett slammed the door shut, blinking in the light that reflected brightly off of the snowy ice of Alaska. I squinted, but my eyes adjusted quickly.

"Are you nervous?" Edward looked down at me, his arm around my waist, guiding me.

"No," I said. Edward looked at Jasper for a second opinion. Jaspers face have nothing away, but I was sure Edward didnt need it to. Edward looked back down at me, and his lips twitched.

"You have no reason to be nervous," He assured me.

"Yes, I do," I told him patiently. "I've never met them. And the last time they were involved in any situation that involved me, that was when we asked for there help in battling the newborns. And speaking of that, if someone like Laurent was around them, how do I know some of Tanya's family wont resemble his personality?"

"You'll be fine. You never seem to have any problems meeting new people, new species, new--" Alice jabbed an elbow into Edwards ribs, and he stopped, smiling slightly.

Right before we started running, I heard Edward say, "Just make sure you dont get off on the wrong foot." and Emmett howled with laughter.

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