Rose began to breathe hard as the time of the first task approached. Sitting at the lonely side of the Gryffindor table, she ignored the excited chatter that surrounded her. In less than an hour, she would be facing off against a dragon, and possibly against death.

"Ms. Potter," A stern voice spoke from behind her.

She didn't hear it and continued to wander lost in her own thoughts. Rose was to busy focusing on the task at hand. This morning, she had woken up screaming in pain from a nightmare she had about Voldemort. The shriveled infant that was Voldemort was happy that the tournament was to begin. She briefly recalled him telling the man she now knew as Barty Crouch Jr. to make sure that Rose picked an 'easy' dragon for the task, and promised pain should he fail. Rose scoffed mentally; easy dragon. It took no less than twelve fully trained and qualified dragon wranglers to subdue the 'weakest' dragon, a common welsh green. Still, Rose was inwardly relieved that she wouldn't be facing off against that horrible ridgeback.

"Rose Potter," The same speaker said again.

Again, Rose ignored them. She had more important things to do before the task, like figure out how she was going to get the egg. She knew she was going to summon the broom, mount it then try to…what exactly? Harry told her that since the dragon was female, and guarding a clutch of eggs, it wouldn't exactly leave the next willingly. So what was she to do?

"Rose Lily Potter, are you listening?"

Yet again, Rose wasn't paying attention, but she was fast becoming annoyed with the annoying buzz in her ear. She had just refocused on her task when she felt something land on her shoulder.


In a flash, Rose had rolled out of her seat and reflexively cast a powerful white shield in front of her. She held her wand in a dueling stance she had observed Harry use in his fight against Voldemort.

Rose blinked in shock when she noticed that everyone in the great hall was staring at her. The fact that she was wearing dueling robes and was positioned in a dueling stance that left no openings, made Rose look like a witch that should not be trifled with.

Hurriedly putting her wand back in its holster, she turned to her head of house who was standing a few feet away from her and staring at her with wide, fearful eyes. She had recoiled as if burned when Rose reacted. Rose sighed in exasperation; just another person to stare then. Everyone stared at her when she had entered the great hall dressed in her battle robes, which had been a gift from Harry. He told her that they would protect her against the worst of the dragon's fire and claws, but to try and avoid them anyway.

"Is their something you need Professor?" Rose said emotionlessly, after regaining her composure.

McGonagall coughed and regained hers. "Err… yes," She said feeling slightly awkward talking to her student. After what happened yesterday, she thought long and hard about what Rose had said to her and she couldn't help but feel ashamed at herself and her fellow co-workers for not taking care of one of their students. "Potter, the champions need to come down onto the grounds now. You have to get ready for your first task."

Rose's features looked determined, mirroring her resolve. She straightened her robes as best as she could and followed McGonagall out of the castle.

While Rose left with the transfiguration teacher toward the grounds, she didn't notice a silently shocked headmaster who stared at her with disbelief. She didn't know that the dueling stance she used a few moments ago was am advanced stance that only expert duelers used. She was also unaware that two of the teachers at the staff table had recognized it and both made vows to ask her where she learned it.

Dumbledore and Flitwick…


Walking with the Deputy Headmistress down to the Hogwarts grounds was uncomfortable. After their yelling match yesterday, both student and teacher didn't feel like talking to each other much. The silence was very thick as the two approached the tent that was erected for the champions.

"Good luck Ms. Potter," McGonagall said quietly as she went the other way. She stopped and turned back toward her student. "And, I apologize for my outburst yesterday. Good luck." And with that, McGonagall left before Rose could get a word in edgewise.

Right as Rose was about to step inside the tent and McGonagall was a good safe distance away, she heard someone call her from a distance. "Potter!" A familiar growling voice shouted.

Rose flinched. She recognized that voice anywhere; Alastor Moody a.k.a. Crouch Junior. She had been avoiding him ever since Harry had told her he was a death eater in disguise. "Hello Professor," Rose said fighting the urge to pull out her wand.

"You know what you are going against here, Potter?" Moody asked, sounding and looking very agitated, like he wanted to tell her something important.

Rose nodded.

Not even asking how she knew, he just continued, saying, "And you know what to do?"

Rose grinned, showing too many teeth. "I do and I don't need any help Professor." She all but growled.

Moody nodded, "Just looking out for you kid, I owe your parents that much."

At the moment he said that, Rose almost pulled out her wand and cursed the death eater. How dare he even say that!

"Thank you Professor," Rose said faking a warm smile; again showing too many teeth. Making sure the Professor was a safe distance away from her and that he would not attack her from behind, she went inside the tent.

Rose sat with her back to the wall of the tent, facing the entrance. She tried her best not to flinch under the gazes of the other three champions, none of which believed that she did not put her name in the goblet. It wasn't long before Ludo Bagman, the head of the Department of Games and Sports entered the tent, nearly bouncing in his excitement. Rose didn't even look up as he explained to the champions about the task. She had heard it all from Harry and watched a replay of Harry's memory of the event. She had to admit; Harry was a damn good flyer.

"Ms. Potter?"

Rose looked up into the kindly, round face of Bagman. He was holding a writhing canvas sack open toward her. "It's your turn." He said.

She glanced around the tent and at the other competitors. Cedric looked pale but determined at his, a small Sweedish Short-snout with a number one around its neck. Fleur had turned an unhealthy shade of green that Rose was happy to note clashed horribly with her silvery hair. She had the Common Welsh Green with a three on its neck. Krum looked the most composed as he glared at the Chinese Fireball hissing and spitting in his hand. He got to go first.

Rose looked sullenly back at the bag, realizing that she got to face the worst of the lot. "Lucky me…" she muttered. "I get the Horntail."

"Pardon?" Bagman asked. Rose waved him off and reached in the bag, only to wince as the horrible little toy bit her. She grabbed it around its neck and pulled it out as it growled and roared squeakily. The dragon glowered at her and she glowered back. She hated it.

"Rose," A voice from off to her side said softly. Tearing her gaze away from the dragon model, Rose turned her attention to her former crush, Cedric Diggory.

"Yes?" Rose asked harshly. "Shouldn't you be off to meet your Dragon? The whistle has already sounded you know."

Cedric looked uncomfortable. "I wanted to tell you I'm sorry for how my house has been acting toward you. And, I didn't mean to say all those mean things to you."

Rose green eyes narrowed dangerously. Using a bit of the legillimency that she was still learning to use, Rose discovered that the reason why Cedric was apologizing was because he wanted to get in her pants by apologizing first, treat her kindly, and hopefully get her to become his girlfriend. It was no secret at Hogwarts that she had grown into a beautiful young woman.

"I know you don't mean it Diggory, I know you are only apologizing so you can shag me. So get the hell out of my face." She said darkly, her eyes glowing slightly.

Cedric blinked and then his eyes narrowed angrily toward the red head. Before he could even take a step forward, there was a blur of movement and he found The Girl Who Lived's wand aimed between his legs.

"Take one step forward and I'll make sure you'll never be able to use that again." Her voice was dangerously cold.

In the background, Victor Krum winced at the red head's words and made a mental note to himself to avoid angering her. Actually, it was best he stayed away from the red head completely. Was it him or was the tent suddenly cold all of a sudden?

Fleur, who was standing a few meters away, couldn't help but glare at Cedric behind his back. She hated guys like Cedric. At first, she had thought Cedric was a nice and kind guy, but she was seeing his true colors lately, she saw how the Hufflepuffs and Cedric was treating the little red head and she detested guys like him.

"Excuse me," A huffing Wizard said entering the tent, "Cedric Diggory, they are…" The Wizard trailed off when he noticed The Girl Who Lived had a wand pointing at Cedric Diggory and at the most precious part of the male body. He visibly winced when he noticed the wand was shooting sparks out threateningly.

"Coming…" Cedric said with a cracking voice. He took a step back and began walking out of the tent, while looking at the red head in obvious fear.

The wizard, who was sent to get Cedric, was also staring at the pretty young woman in fear as he followed Cedric Diggory out. Rose went back to glaring angrily at her dragon model.

Before Rose knew it, the first task was on its way. There was a scream and a thud, followed by Bagman's loud voice calling for the healers. Rose glanced away from her model only to see a badly injured Cedric being hauled past the tent on a stretcher, moaning in pain. Rose didn't like the guy, but she winced in sympathy.

Fleur Delacour, who was standing at the corner of the tent, trembled in fear when they all heard Cedric sobbing in pain in the background. She turned an even deeper shade of green and by the look on her face Rose could tell that Fleur was beginning to have second thoughts about participating in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Victor Krum, the usually silent and broody Quidditch player, was finally affected by the sound of Bagman yelling for healers to hurry up and rescue Cedric. Rose took notice that Krum looked paler then usual and he was no longer brooding.

Harry, who was watching the first task in the stands, offered to show her the match with by watching it through his eyes, but she had politely declined. It was bad enough to hear Cedric being tortured, but to see it… she didn't fancy seeing that.

When Cedric's sounds of pain finally died down, as well as the screams and gasps from the audience, they all heard Bagman speak again. "As you all may see, Mr. Cedric Diggory was unable to retrieve his egg. Though he tried bravely to retrieve it, he was unable to and yes… the judges are posting his marks now!"

Silence followed his comment.

"Not bad… not bad," Bagman could be heard speaking again. "Oh, we just received word from the healers that young Cedric Diggory will be fine. Though he is in critical condition, he will most likely live through the injuries he suffered and will have enough time to re-cooperate so he can finish the rest of the tournament.

Fleur shivered and Krum swallowed audibly. Rose simply hoped she didn't die.

"One down, three to go!" Bagman yelled as the whistle blew again. "Ms. Delacour, if you please!"

This time, morbid curiosity won out and she accepted Harry's offer of seeing Fleur facing off against her dragon. Fleur didn't lose her nerves and managed to stand her ground. She did some kind of complicated wand work that Rose had never seen before and had managed to shoot the spell directly into the dragon's eyes.

For a moment the Dragon did nothing, but then it began to droop and finally it fell asleep. Cheering slightly, Fleur went to get her egg but the moment she managed to grab it, the dragon broke out of its trance and clipped her on the shoulder with its claws before she could get away to safety.

"What the hell? I thought Fleur managed to trance the dragon into a deep sleep?" Rose stuttered out in shock.

Harry mentally shook his head at her. "You forget Rose; dragons have a high resistance to magic. Though most spells won't work on a dragon, some powerful spells may actually work. However the duration of the effectiveness of the spell is quite short."

Rose nodded in understanding.

"Then again, she may have affected it because it's the weakest."

Sighing, Rose snapped back sarcastically. "How lucky for me, I got the Hungarian Horntail. Meaning, he has the strongest magical resistance."

Harry shrugged. He had taught her plenty of spells that would most likely harm a dragon, but they would have most likely exhaust her if she even tried them. "True, but just so you know, the Hungarian Horntail isn't the strongest and most high resisted magic resistant creature. It's a basilisk." Harry explained.

"Basilisk?" Rose responded back curiously, now watching Fleur receiver her scores for completing her task. She managed to score a forty. Maxime had given her a ten, Crouch an eight, Dumbledore a nine, Bagman, a six, and Karkaroff a seven. The crowd immediately burst into applause at her score.

"We were lucky we had the Sword of Gryffindor to kill the thing in our second years," Harry explained. "I doubt even Dumbledore would have been able to kill it with spells."

Rose gulped, knowing just how lucky she had been. The only difference between her and Harry's memories of the event in the chamber was the gender of the hero.

"And here comes Mr. Krum!" Bagman could be heard shouting, as the whistle sounded again. When Krum had left, both Harry and Rose went silent as they watched Krum handle his dragon.

Rose couldn't help but wince and feel sorry for the Chinese Fireball when Krum zapped a spell right into the dragon's eye. The Fireball went into a rage, stamping some of her eggs and shooting fire at nothing in particular. The Dragon was going on a rampage! With the dragon distracted, Krum immediately went off to get the golden egg. It wasn't long before Krum managed to get away and they watched as he was scored.

Since most of the dragon's eggs were broken, Krum didn't get a full ten from any of the judges, but he managed to pull a respectable score anyway.

Rose found it odd that Karkaroff was being fair in the judging when it came to his own school and Fleur received a seven from him. She remembered seeing in Harry's memories that Karkaroff was a real dirt bag. Victor Krum was given a forty, breaking even with Fleur. Though he may have been uninjured in his task, he had destroyed some valuable and expensive dragon eggs. Maxime had given him an eight, Crouch an eight, Dumbledore a nine, Bagman a seven, and Karkaroff an eight.

"Harry, did you have something to do with Karkaroff playing fair?" Rose asked suspiciously, when something inside her told her that Harry definitely had something to do with it.

Rose could almost feel Harry acting blameless. "Are you implying that I did something to one of the judges?" He asked with mock outrage.

"Yes," Rose said trying to glare at him through her mental mind link.

Harry shrugged. "Well, that's for me to know and you to find out then," Harry responded cheekily, as the whistle was heard signaling to Rose that it was her turn next.


"Good luck, Rose,"

"And now for our final contestant and last champion; Ms. Rose Potter!" Bagman boomed over the stands.

Rose immediately erected her occlumency shields, protecting her mind against all the sound around her and focusing on the one thing that mattered; getting past her dragon. Stepping out of the tent and past the grove of trees, Rose was met with a huge crowd in the stands on one side of the field and the other, the full sized counterpart of her model. The Hungarian Horntail was glaring at her with huge dark evil yellow eyes, just like the small toy. But this one was real and much larger, and the teeth would do much more than cut her finger.

At that moment, Rose suddenly lost her concentration and she was left staring at the dragon in fear and shock. The dragon spread her massive leathery wings and screeched a challenge to the small human.

The audience murmur fearful for Rose, but she couldn't get her feet to move. Visions of her death kept replaying in her mind over and over. Suddenly the dragon reared its head back and blasted a gout of searing flame directly at her. She stood and stared fixatedly at the fire, unable to move.

"Rose!" Harry shouted in her mind.

Snapping herself out of her thoughts at Harry's voice, she managed to dive behind a rock as the fire just barely missed her. "ACCIO FIREBOLT!" Rose shouted as she tried to keep away from the dragons flame. From the memories she saw in Harry's pensieve, she knew had twenty seconds for the Firebolt to reach her and in that time, she would have to save herself from receiving a great deal of pain.


Rose was caught out in the open with nothing to hide behind. With no other option, she swished her wand in a circle and used one of the spells Harry had taught her; a more powerful protego shield that Harry had created himself. "Protego Invectus!" Rose shouted, and immediately a glowing gold shield appeared in front of her, and the fire splashed off of the powerful charm. For a moment, everyone thought Rose was dead because the stream of fire had engulfed her and everything surrounding her for several meters.

She surprised all of them when the fire died down and standing before the dragon was an angry and unscratched Rose Potter with her wand raised before her, though she was a bit winded from casting such a powerful shield spell.

"Lumos Solem!" Rose shouted, and her wand released a powerful blinding white light, making the dragon and many others to look away. It was one of the most powerful light spells that she had ever cast and she knew it was probably one of the strongest that many in the audience had ever seen as well. Taking a moment to recover while the dragon was shaking the spots from its vision, she took note that the Firebolt Zero was approaching her at blinding speed out of the corner of her eye.

Taking advantage of the distraction from her blinding spell, she ran toward the broom and with a slight jump, she was on her broom and flying at break-neck speed. Inwardly, she was a bit relieved to be on a broom, she was a bit tired from running, using a shield charm and casting the most powerful light charm she could manage. She gained some distance up and away from the dragon to catch her breath and think about her next move.

Someone pointed up at her and the crowd went wild. Dumbledore and several of the more knowledgeable wizards which were present were looking on in shock that a fourth year managed to repel a dragon's breath attack with such an advanced, and unknown shielding spell. They were slightly surprised to see that a four year had the magic reserve capable of casting such a spell as well.

"Alright, diversionary tactics… let's go!" Rose said in her mind link with Harry.

Making sure that she had the dragon's attention, she began to circle the beast, trying to lure her from the eggs. She waited until the most opportune moment before diving down toward the next. The dragon opened its mouth and blasted a stream of fire at her as she neared. Reflexively she pulled out of the dive just in time. If she had pulled out any later, she would have been burnt to crisp.

"Merlin's beard, she can fly!" yelled Bagman as the crowd shrieked and gasped. "What kind of broom is that anyway? Its way faster then a standard Firebolt! Speaking of flying, are you watching this, Mr. Krum?"

Rose paid no attention to Bagman's commentary. She was busy trying to anger the dragon and get it chasing after her. After a few minutes of dodging a couple set of flames and doing lots of tricks in mid-air, which many would consider professional flying, Rose finally had enough. Stopping in mid-air, she pulled out her wand and held it aloft. She traced a ring above her and the air could be seen condensing and freezing. Once the circle was complete, she whipped her wand forward and aimed it at the dragon's head.

"Glacies Framaeo!" She screamed in her mind, using an ice spell that Harry had forbidden her to cast. She didn't even care about the consequences of facing Harry's wrath, she was to busy trying to get past her dragon at the moment.

The ice above her reformed into a ten foot-long spear and rocketed toward the reptilian beast that was straining against its chain to reach Rose. The dragon tried to evade the ice but it still managed to tear through a wing membrane and slammed into its side, shattering into hundreds of shards; some of which managed to pierce its hide. The dragon fell heavily back to the ground roaring in pain but otherwise unharmed.

Rose was a bit disappointed and was momentarily winded from the drain of the spell. She remembered then why Harry had forbidden her from casting that particular spell. Once cast, the spell would drain what magic it needed from the caster, regardless of how much magic the caster had; meaning that she could have been killed by it. Realizing that she was luckily to still be conscious, Rose thanked the powers that be and looked down at the dragon. She almost felt sorry for the thing, but that was quickly quashed in favor of more fear.

The dragon was very mad now.

Unlike Krum's dragon which trampled and smashed its eggs in a rage, the Horntail was more protective of its clutch and much smarter than the Fireball. It began to flap its wings furiously, ignoring the wounds in its wing and side and hovered at the end of its chain. The frozen shards of ice that had managed to pierce its hide began to melt and evaporate at the dragons body temperature soared with its temper. Rose gulped when she heard the chain begin to groan with the strain and realized that she had to make her move.

Once again, Dumbledore and several other knowledgeable wizards and witches present continued to watch in shock that a mere fourth year was powerful enough to cast a spell capable of injuring a full grown dragon. There weren't many mature wizards and witches capable of the feat they just witnessed. The people in the stands began to gasp and point when the realized that the dragon still intended to make a meal of the girl who lived.

Rose, however, kept her eyes on the prize, so to speak. As soon as she had the opportunity, she dived toward the nest, intent on scooping up the golden egg and swooping to safety. She poured everything she had into the broom and as she neared the ground with the dragon hot on her tail, she could distinctively hear people shrieking and screaming in fear. The speed that she was diving was much faster then what Krum performed on his Firebolt at the Quidditch World Cup.

With an amazing display of flying skills, she managed to shift her weight and control the speed of her broom. Rose pulled herself out of the dive and snatched the egg at the same time, then immediately shot back up into the sky and away from the enraged dragon. She breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly noticed the crowd.

Everyone was screaming, cheering, and going crazy at how she had obtained her golden egg.

She could distinctly hear Bagman shouting through his sonorous spell, "That has got to be the fastest and most daring Wronski Feint I have ever seen! And I thought Victor Krum was the only person who could make the Wronski Feint look so death defying!"

Rose put some more distance between herself and the shrieking, fire breathing dragon and finally managed to relax. Touching down on the ground, she noticed how sweaty and how tight were gripping the broom.

"I can't believe it! Will you all look at that?" Bagman was yelling like a madman. "Our youngest champion is the quickest to get her egg and she is uninjured! Well, this is going to definitely shorten the odds on Ms. Potter and there is no doubt that she will be leading in the Tri-Wizard Tournament!"

Rose could only produce a weak smile as she faced her professors who were approaching her. While her Head of House looked deftly pale and stricken. Hagrid looked like he seen a ghost!

"Yeh did it! An'agains' the Hortail an' all, yeh flyin' was incredible Rose!"

Moody was looking incredibly pleased at the situation of her winning without a scratch on herself. His magical eye was dancing in its socket. "Great job Potter, nice and easy does the trick," he growled out happily.

Rose just nodded to the professors who were beaming at her. She had absentmindedly banished the broomstick that Harry lent her away. It wouldn't do her any good if people started to ask her what kind of broom she had, nor would she be able to explain that it wouldn't be invented for another five years. She didn't notice the fact that she had done it wandlessly and wordlessly, but her professors did.

"That was and excellent show of flying, Ms. Potter. If you would like, you may go to the first aid tent. Madam Pomphrey has some strengthening and calming draughts if you need them." McGonagall offered.

The green eye girl shook her head in response. She was to busy in wanting to run up to Harry and about everything! "Sorry Professor, please excuse me," Rose said turning away from her teachers and walking toward the audience. She could distinctively make out Harry leaving the crowd in the stands and approaching her. Unable to control herself, she ran past a few Ministry wizards who were ordered to make sure none of the audience would interfere with the first task. When she reached Harry, Rose flung her arms around his neck and hugged him for all she was worth. "I did it! Did you see me? I got the egg and defeated the dragon!" She shrieked out loud excitedly.

Harry couldn't help but smile at the happiness that the red head was exuding as he wrapped his arms around the bubbly girl.

Neither of them noticed that the crowd was watching the two of them holding each other with abandon.

Dumbledore, who was sitting with the other judges, felt a bit impatient as he watched the scene from the judges booth. He desperately wanted to get up and go meet this young man, but as a judge, he was forced to sit there and wait.

"Calm down Rose, I think they are going to call out your score." Harry said.

Rose wasn't listening to a word he was saying. She was just so happy that she had completed the first task that she kissed Harry hard and right on the lips, much to the annoyance of the girls who had their eyes on Harry when he was in the stands. When she finally broke the kiss, she blushed prettily and looked quite flustered.

Harry simply smirked. "Did you enjoy that my little flower?" Harry teased.

Rose blushed harder and hid her face in his jacket. "Come on," She mumbled. "Let's go see what my score is." She said grabbing hold of his hand and pulling him with her.

Harry however, did not hear her. It was mainly because the crowd was still screaming and cheering Rose Potter's victory over the dragon. Though, the noise level did lower a bit because people were staring at Rose kissing a handsome messy haired teenager with mixed expressions.

As for the judges, seeing that Rose was giving them her attention, they immediately began to score her.

The Headmistress of Beauxbatons shot out a ribbon which showed a nine. The crowd burst into applause with this. Next, Barty Crouch released a ten in the air, making the crowd go wild. "Hmm…" Harry mumbled, seeing how fair things were. While Rose was getting scored fairly, Harry hadn't been so lucky in his dimension.

Dumbledore released a ten in the air like Crouch, causing the whole crowd to go wilder then before. "I bet you thirty galleons that Bagman is going to give me a ten," Rose said excitedly.

Harry rolled his eyes. "I'm not taking a fixed bet," He replied back while Bagman had released a ten as well, causing everyone to go crazy. The last judge, Karkaroff, didn't even hesitate. He shot out a ten as well. The total score for Rose Potter: 49/50. It was like a bomb went off; everyone was standing and screaming their heads off.

"I know you did something to Karkaroff Harry," Rose said turning her gaze to Harry, who just blushed in reply.

"Like I said; me to know, you to find out," Harry teased, as he began walking away.

Rose immediately caught up to him. "Where are you going?" She said, feeling a little put out that he was leaving so quickly. She had hoped he would want to spend some time with her.

"I need to get out of her before Dumbledore gets a hold of me," Harry whispered as he nudged her to look over her shoulder.

Looking over her shoulder, Rose noticed that Dumbledore was walking straight toward them. "Then you'd better go Harry. I don't want Dumbledore to get any more suspicious. He has the tendency to know something with or without legillimency."

Harry nodded. Without a single sound, Harry apparated away, not even realizing he had just apparated on Hogwart's grounds, where the legendary apparation wards were in place.

Dumbledore had immediately stopped walking when he saw 'Rose' boyfriend disappear. He was simply gobsmacked. What he just saw was simply the impossible. Not even Voldemort or himself could even attempt such a feat! Changing his mind, the old man turned away and began heading back to the castle deep in thought.

Rose, who was confused at why the Headmaster had turned around, was about to head back to the castle also, but was stopped when a familiar red head came up to her.

"That was brilliant Rose! You're first place!" Charlie Weasley said approaching her. He didn't know anything about his little brother and baby sister getting into a fight with Rose.

"Thanks, Charlie," Rose said smiling slightly.

"Wow, you've grown!" Charlie said just realizing that the red head had indeed grown. "Man, if I was any younger…" Charlie trailed off as he looked at Rose up and down.

Rose blushed slightly under his scrutiny.

"Oh don't worry. I know you have a boyfriend. Saw you kissing him a while ago. I don't want to get pounded for messing with you. No doubt my mum would kill me too if she found out that I was trying to hit on you." Charlie said lightly, putting her at ease. "Listen, I've got to go and send Mum and owl, I swore I'd tell her what happened… but yeah, that was unbelievable, Rose. If you can, can you try and tell me what kind of shielding charm you used a while ago on the Hungarian Horntail? I've never heard or seen a spell such as that and it would be pretty useful with the people I work with. I heard from Ron that you have talent in quidditch, but I didn't think you were that good. Sorry, I got to go now. Bagman wants a word with you and the champions. Make sure you stay around okay?" Charlie said starting to leave, but then he paused halfway.

"By the way, where are Ron and Ginny?" He said in a confused voice. "I figured they would be the first to congratulate you." A glower settled over Rose's face, and Charley realized that something was wrong. Seeing that she didn't want to say anything, he began running away, but not without waving her goodbye.

As she began walking to the first aid tent, where the other champions were located, Rose began to get slightly depressed. Even though she should be happy that she had managed to pass the first task, she really did miss her friends. She remembered hearing from Harry that after his first task, he was reunited with his friends, but by the looks of things here, it didn't look like she would be friends with them again anytime soon.

"Hello Ms. Potter! That was excellent flying you demonstrated back there!" Bagman interrupted her thoughts with a cheery wave.

Rose flinched slightly at the scene before her. She really did need to stop day dreaming, it could be the death of her. "Hello," Rose said quietly when she saw Fleur, Cedric, and Krum.

Cedric was looking worse for wear. If she didn't hate him so much, she would have actually felt sorry for him. He was wrapped up in a bunch of white bandages and both his legs and arms were in casts. Cedric seemed to be in a world of pain and he didn't look like he wanted to be here.

Fleur on the other hand, had a bandage on her shoulder which had been clipped and was still healing.

Krum was slouching at the corner side of the tent and looked to be brooding again. Every one of the champions was holding a golden egg. It seemed that they gave Cedric his as a consolation prize of sorts.

"Well done, all of you!" said Ludo Bagman. "Now just a few quick words and then you can go back to the castle. You've got a nice long break before the second task, which will take place half past nine on the morning of February the twenty-fourth, but we're giving you something to think about in the meantime! If you look down at those golden eggs you're all holding, you will see that they open… see the hinges there? No, don't open them now. It's unpleasant," Bagman said stopping Cedric from opening his egg. "Now, you all need to solve the clue inside of the egg, because it will tell you what the second task is, and then you can prepare for it! Are their any questions? No? Good, off you go, then!"

While Madam Pomphrey had to help Cedric outside, both Fleur and Krum left on their own.

Rose wasted no time in leaveing as well, but before she could take a step outside, Bagman stopped her. "Rose, may I speak to you please?"

The red head sighed. She knew what the former Quidditch Player wanted to talk to her about. Thanks to Harry, she knew that Bagman had a gambling problem and that he was betting on her to win the Tri-Wizard Tournament. "I'm sorry Mr. Bagman, but I'm in a hurry," Rose said as she turned around to leave, but was stopped when Bagman put a hand on her shoulder.

"If you want to find an easy way to figure out what your egg says, I suggest you bring your egg with you to the bathroom and open it in water." Seeing Rose's confused look, he quickly explained. "I'm not sure you know, but the other schools are cheating. It's only fair that you should know as well."

"What about Cedric?" Rose questioned the man with eyes of disbelief. "Did you tell him this?"

"I already have," Bagman said lying smoothly. "I told him earlier when he entered the tent first."

"I see," Rose said, knowing full well that Bagman was lying.

"Good luck with the second task Ms. Potter. You are already in the lead and you wouldn't want to disappoint anyone if you suddenly lost it."

Rose tried to say something to the retired quidditch player, but he quickly left the tent, not even turning around when she called for him.

She sighed. "I guess I better get back to the castle."