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I sighed, wishing Edward didn't have to hunt leaving me here with… Alice. I mean, I loved Alice to death, but she just didn't seem to understand how much I detested to be her doll.

"Bella!" Emmett's voice rang from downstairs. "Can you come down here for a minute?"

I looked up at Alice, who had just gotten another outfit out for me to try on, only to see her smirking.

"What is Emmett up to, Alice?" She just shrugged, and wordlessly put the outfit back on it's hanger and in the closet. Something was up. Alice never let me go without a fight. Especially when she was in the middle of playing Barbie with me. I started to get worried.

"Here, put this on. It's chilly outside." She handed me a jacket and led me out of the room and down the stairs.

"Alice? What's going on? And why are we going outside?" We stopped at the front door as I continued to hear Emmett's voice booming my name.

"Emmett called you outside. Not me…" And then she danced back up the stairs. I debated on following her, but against my better judgment, I decided to go see what Emmett wanted.

"Emmett?" I opened the door and walked down the front porch stairs. "Emmett? What are you…"

And then I was pegged with a bunch of water balloons. I tripped backwards and fell backwards as Emmett continued to hit me, softly I presume for him, with water balloons. I held my arms over my face, hoping he would get the point and stop.

"EMMETT!" I heard a thud and then Emmett was on the ground next to me, being pinned by Edward. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" Edward's voice roared and my ears rung.

"Emmett Cullen! What is going on here?" Esme's voice was almost louder than Edward's.

And then the whole family emerged. Alice was trying to muffle a laugh by hiding her face in Jasper's chest and Carlisle and Esme looked more upset than I've ever seen them. Edward looked absolutely furious and Rosalie looked rather bored.

I hadn't realized I had been crying, for my tears blended in with all the water that had splashed in my face. I was going to have bruises in the morning…

Edward helped me up, and turned me to face Emmett. "What do you say, Emmett?" Emmett looked sheepish.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I didn't mean to hit you that hard and I thought it would be funny…" He had his hands behind his back and was rocking back and forth like a little kid. I had never seen him so vulnerable. I almost laughed…


My breathing was labored and my whole body ached. Water balloon pieces scattered the grass and my hair clung to my face. I must have looked like some maniac, trying to keep my cool.

"It's alright, Emmett. Just…please don't do it again. Please?" Emmett looked happy that he had gotten off the hook so easily. But then Carlisle stepped in.

"Emmett, why don't you come with me. I want to have a talk with you."

Edward waited until everyone dispersed before he turned to me. He pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to remain calm. "I leave you for one hour to go hunting and this is what happens. I'm so sorry, Bella. I'll have you know, I will have a chat with Alice later. That is, if Carlisle and Esme don't beat me to it."

And then I put two and two together.

Alice! She knew! That's why she wanted me to cover up my white T-shirt with an oversized sweatshirt.

"Are you okay, Bella?" I couldn't help but glare at him, my bad mood taking over.

"I'm in pain, and I'm wet…and I'm still hysterical. So overall, no, I'm not okay." I started sobbing again, my face turning red. I am absolutely pathetic!

"Bella…" Edward wiped away my tears and lifted my chin up so I could look him in the eyes. He brushed his lips softly against mine, causing my heart to go in overdrive. "What would you say if I said we can get him back?" A mischievous grin flashed across Edward's face, as my sobbing suddenly ceased.

"What?" I sniffed loudly, embarrassing myself once again. Edward chuckled as a blush crept across my face.

"Let's just say…Emmett's going to be in a very sticky situation soon."

The next day…

"EDWARD!!!" Emmett ran down the stairs, a trail of clothes following him. Alice and I immediately burst into laughter. Rosalie jumped up in surprise.

"What did you do to my clothes, Emmett?!?" Connected to Emmett's pants was a long trail of Rosalie's nicest gowns, stuck together by sticky, fabric glue. "Do you know how much each one of those dresses cost? Now they're ruined!"

"Rose, baby. It wasn't me…Edward…" Emmett stammered. If vampires could sweat, he would be drenched.

"Edward?! Don't blame him! I know about you're weird obsession with glue and I've ignored it for the past ten years, but you have just taken things way out of control! I have told you over and over to be careful with that glue but you never listen! I am so fed up with you right now…ugh!" She stormed out of the living room and poked Emmett's chest with her index finger, hard. "You can sleep on the couch tonight!" She stormed upstairs, cursing under her breath.

"But I don't even sleep! Rose…" Emmett whipped his head around, his eyes black. I shrunk back against Edward, who remained unfazed, in fright.

"This…means...war!" And with that, he hurried up the stairs after Rosalie.

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