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Okay, I started this on my day off last week, and I'd been bored all day. So, since I was planning on doing this eventually, I decided why not now?

Also, I felt bad for disappearing for so long. But with school, exams, and a new boyfriend I've been kept pretty busy. I finally got some time today to write, which I've been meaning to for a while. –sigh-

Batman and Robin cure all boredom, lawl. xD

Italics are a flashback, and a lot of these oneshots are going to have them. Get used to it. ;D

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Just For Now
Timeframe: a few months after Go!


"Hey Robin, why're you here?"

Looking up from his spot at the computer, the Boy Wonder glanced at Beast Boy with a raised eyebrow. "I live here, remember?"

Beast Boy shook his head, that honestly interested look still on his face. "No, I mean here, as in Jump City." He paused a second, choosing his words carefully. "Why leave Batman?"

For the short time the Titans had been together, they all knew relatively little of each other. But one thing all of them had known (excluding Starfire) was that Robin was supposed to be with Batman.

Beast Boy had heard of the Dynamic Duo's heroics through snippets of conversations he'd overheard from the rest of the Doom Patrol, Cyborg had seen them on the news before, and Raven knew all about them somehow (despite that even Robin had no idea where she was from). Starfire was the only know who didn't know about the famous pair, and that was perhaps why Robin found it easiest to talk to someone who had no knowledge of his past life and the shadow he had lived in.

But for the rest of the team, they were all unsure about the topic of Gotham City around Robin. Since he had never mentioned it, none of them had brought it up around him. Beast Boy and Cyborg had bounced a few ideas off each other while Robin was out; Batman had kicked him out, Robin had been fired, Gotham City had only needed one vigilante… the list went on, one theory even involving robots and a monkey.

There had been an unspoken rule about not mentioning anything relating to Batman, the tense aura around Robin whenever the subject neared that forbidden topic almost tangible. No one had dared go any farther.

Until Beast Boy's natural curiosity got the better of him, anyways.

Seeing Robin's shoulders tighten minutely, Beast Boy still did not back down. He couldn't get why Robin, who'd had such a... a glamorous career back in Gotham had come to a city that would be inevitably boring to someone from a big city.

"What are you talking about?" Robin snapped, whipping his body around in the chair to direct an angry look at Beast Boy.

Eeping quietly, the changeling backpedaled a few feet. "Well, you know, you had such a good gig back in Gotham City and working with Batman would be so cool and- I just- we didn't…" Beast Boy stammered nervously, suddenly rethinking this whole conversation. "It's just… Why'd you do it?"


Batman turned his head sharply, looking over his shoulder.

"Excuse me?" he asked. The cowl was still on, but Robin could tell he was raising an eyebrow by the tone in his voice.

"You heard me." The gloved hands clenched. "Why'd you do it?"

Turning around fully, the Caped Crusader folded his arms across his chest. "Care to elaborate on exactly what I did?" he asked dryly.

Robin ran his hand through his hair in a frustrated gesture. "Did you have to interrogate that man right in front of his family?"

"What does it matter?"


Beast Boy didn't expect the harshness of Robin's voice when he asked that question, but he managed to stand his ground.

"Well… we're a team now, and I was just thinking we should get to know each other more," Beast Boy explained quickly, trying not to set Robin off.

Robin's glare did not diminish, despite the fact that his voice sounded calm. "Beast Boy, I don't think that something like this is necessary right now."

"But… but…"

Having successfully averted the subject, Robin turned back to the computer. "It doesn't matter that much right now; right now we should be less concerned about pasts and more about pow– "

Beast Boy interrupted him, blurting out:

"Of course it matters! Everything matters!"


"All that matters is that we got the information we needed," Batman returned, voice flat. He turned back to the information he was entering into the case log.

Robin strode up to his mentor's front, pushing the larger arm so that the man was facing him. "So it doesn't matter that he was pushed up against a wall and treated like a common criminal in front of his young son? That you interrupted the rest of his family's dinner just so you could get your precious information?"

The white eyeslits narrowed slightly, trying to discern why had Robin so mad. "I've used that method since week one; what makes now any different from then? A criminal is still a criminal."

"That's just it! You never see the grays in life! He had a family, a home, a life, Bruce… he just seemed so… so…"

"Human?" Batman supplied, arms folding, that look never leaving his face.

Alfred, watching from the top of the steps at the entrance to the Batcave, sighed sadly. From what he could see, Robin's posture has lost its bristling, angry pose. His fire, fed by the rotting anger from all their previous arguments and this fresh spat, seemed to dim for a moment as Batman prepared to delve into another lecture.

It was starting to become routine.

"Don't let your emotions get in the way of your judgment. It will– "

"It'll give them an opening for attack, I know, I've heard it a million times already," Robin said, tone close to being bitter.

Both Alfred and Batman were surprised by this disruption in the cycle, though Alfred was the only one who showed it physically. Usually Robin just backed off a bit, listened to Batman talk for a few minutes, then went upstairs and his anger smoldered the rest of the night, being nothing than a small ember of sourness the next morning.

"So it's now the merciless Dynamic Duo now, huh?" Robin asked cynically, a derisive smile curling up the side of his mouth.

The usually straight, stony line of Batman's mouth was tugged downwards at this surprise change in his ward's behavior. So he asked the only logical question:

"What's gotten into you?"


Beast Boy shifted uneasily, certain he'd gotten in too deep. Robin had barked the question at him, reinforcing the green elf's knowledge that he was in hot water.

Seeming to finally realize he was almost yelling at his new teammate, Robin sat back in the chair and sighed. "I'm sorry, Beast Boy. I just… I came here to start a new life, and I don't want to… I just don't like talking about Gotham."

Sensing the change in his leader's mood, Beast Boy took more time thinking over his questions. "Well… I just came here because I kinda had nowhere else to go…"

At Robin's discreetly curious glance over his shoulder, the boy went on. "It was sort of a mutual thing… almost. I screwed up and Mento was really mad. So I just kinda… up and left." He shrugged and smiled weakly. "I just got tired of all the yelling and feeling like I could never be good enough for him. I guess I was just afraid he was going to throw me out or something, so I got out of there before he could get to it. Kind of cowardly, really."

"No, it's not."

The pointed ears perked up at this. "It's not?"

"No… sometimes… sometimes you just can't take it anymore and just have to… get up and go…" The pauses and absentminded tone in Robin's voice told Beast Boy that he wasn't just pep talking the green teen.

"Is that what happened to you…?" Beast Boy ventured, feeling like an adventurer carefully testing the ground he was about to cross.

Robin shook his head after a moment, replying, "…I'd been thinking a lot about Batman's methods…"


The frown deepened.

"What about my methods?" he asked, and Robin was glad the cowl was on so he wouldn't have to see whatever expression was under there. It had been hard enough to finally voice his growing discomfort with this whole thing.

Still watching from the steps, Alfred felt like he was watching animals preparing for a scrap. Batman seemed like the seasoned veteran, slightly ruffled but otherwise composed, ready to come out on top. Robin was the smaller animal, back arched and ready to strike, aware of the other's almost-certain victory but willing to fight anyways.

"When I was younger, it was try to get them to talk, and if they didn't then they go up against the wall. But now… now you just crash in, grab the nearest one by the throat and tell them to talk. Whatever happened to that one chance?"

"Things change."

"Yeah, well, maybe I've changed," Robin snapped, anger rushing back at the simple response. "I've been thinking about it for a while; not just that, but everything. The life, all the 'excuses', double identities… Bruce," he removed the domino mask and stared at it, mellowing out for a moment. "It's starting to get hard to tell Dick from Robin."

Batman removed the cowl, and Bruce stared down at Dick.

"What do you want me to do about it?" he asked flatly.

Dick bristled. "Well, that's what I get for opening up to Mr. Vigilante-to-the-core," he muttered, turning his back to Bruce sharply and stalking past Alfred, who'd made his way down the steps during the argument and was waiting at the bottom for them.

The older men watched Dick's retreating back.

Alfred turned to Bruce. "I believe I heard him say something about 'getting out of here' as he passed by me, sir," he informed Bruce. "Should I go and have a talk with him…?" He fell silent as Bruce shook his head, still staring up at the spot where Dick had disappeared.

"No. If Dick wants to leave, I'm won't interfere. It's all up to him."


Beast Boy's ears waggled once, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration.

"So… you left Batman, one of the greatest superheroes of all time, to come out on your own, just because you didn't like how he did things?" he asked, not entirely getting it.

"First of all, he's not as great as the press makes him sound. He can't even make waffles by himself." Robin rolled his eyes, although Beast Boy couldn't see it. "And second, it wasn't that. It was a lot of stuff…"

He stood up, Beast Boy moving back to give him room. The shapeshifter could tell this had dragged up memories, and he felt a bit guilty that he hadn't thought about how Robin would feel discussing it.

"Robin, I… I didn't mean to make you– "

The Boy Wonder waved off his concerns. "It's not that. At least you know now, right?" he shrugged, a hint of a smirk on his face.

Beast Boy smiled after a second. But there was one thing that still had to be answered.

"Not to try and push the envelope or anything but… why'd you start disagreeing?"

Beast Boy could see how he, an energetic preteen, and Mento, a serious thinker, didn't get along so great. But after only living together for a few weeks, he could already tell how Robin was Batman's ward; it was just in the posture, the way they talked and their faces were near unreadable, and not to mention that freaky disappearing-into-the-shadows trick Robin had done on occasion…

The new leader stopped, his back to Beast Boy.

"Things change… I've changed."

He got moving again.

"Whoever put on this music?
Better quick sharp remove it
Pour me another
Oh, don't wag your finger at me

Just stop right here
I've know we've followed a bumpy ride
I'm sinking along your side

Get me outta here"
- Just For Now, by Imogen Heap

Author's Note:

Gah, there's something about the ending that just bugs me… I can't put my finger on it, but something feels off… Anyways, for those of you that were thinking, yes, the fight is based off Old Wounds. Notice the little dialogue bit from it? (I get chills every time I watch Robin punch Batman… Thank God for Paul Dini.)

Also, I apologize for the somewhat-cheesy title. There's a Teen Titans GO! comic that actually has Batman in it (once Amanda told me about it, I bought it within in the next hour or so), and the title of it is Regarding Robin. It's kinda cool, and since the concepts of that and this are pretty much the same… yeah. XD

And the chapter titles… I just put my iPod on shuffle and listen to whatever song pops up while I write. Then I just pick out lyrics that fit with the plot of the oneshot and stick them at the end. Just explaining how it's NOT a songfic, but any means… Think of how Stephen King plugged song lyrics about cars at the beginning of each chapter of Christine (the book is really good, but I don't think the movie did her justice, lol).