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End Transmission

The explosion deafened the ears of the squad as they held their ears and hid under a small cliff side. For some unknown, ungodly reason, after the initial shock shook the ground beneath them, the explosion disappeared, vanished. Shepard didn't like HK's plan at first, but options at this point ran out as soon as they appeared. Rather than use the device as a pure nuclear source, the droid, ingeniously figured a way to neutralize the nuclear core, making the bomb simply explode. When Tali dismissed the plan, calling it impossible, the droid responded, "Nothing is Impossible."

"I think we're okay." Tali said checking her surroundings. The cavern underneath collapsed on itself as many of the Geth scattered, defeated by the crew.

"HK," Shepard said solemnly. Williams put her hand on his shoulder. Not even a droid the likes of HK-47 could have survived such a massive explosion. He couldn't save Alenko and he couldn't save the droid. But at least he knew that their sacrifices were for the greater good.

"Let's go." he ordered. As the squad started to head out, Wrex caught sight of a figure, walking slowly in the distance. "I knew that stupid machine was too stubborn to die."

The squad turned around to see the droid walking out of the explosion, completely unharmed and fully operational. Shepard stood in shock to see the machine still able to walk. "HK, I-I thought that"

The droid eyed the Commander with his usual wit. "Statement: Oh Master, please. Surely you did not believe in the overly-romantic concept that I had detonated said device while sacrificing myself for 'the greater good', did you?"

"Uh..." The Commander at this point stuttered at an uncommon rate. "No, no. I just, well how did you survive then?"

"Dismissal: Oh, master." The droid gave a large sigh, as stared down at the poor meatbag. "Your primitive weapons will never penetrate an energy shield of the highest grade."

"Well, anyway let's head back to the Normandy-" Just as they turned around, 5 Geth appeared in the distance. The crew couldn't believe that the Geth would still be fighting after their master of operations had just been destroyed. One by one, the crew of the Normandy withdrew their weapons, and aimed but something strange happened. The Geth attempted to communicate with them.

"Translation: Master, put down your weapons. They do not wish to bring harm." Shepard nodded furiously to the squad, telling them to do the same. The Geth began talking in their warbles of languages as they dropped their weapons. The head Geth made the same gestures as anyone explaining why they would not shoot.

"Statement: This is...somewhat flattering."

"HK?" Shepard asked the same thing that was on everyone's mind.

"Translation: It seems that these synthetics believe me to be a higher power. A deity if you will." Shepard's jaw dropped open at the pure shock at this statement. Apparently, the Geth did not believe HK to simply be a droid but an epitome of the highest power, a messiah, something that everyone worshiped: A god.

Williams shook her head at the sound of this. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Explication: Oh no. In fact, these synthetics are so utterly convicned of my status that they want to rebel against the Geth here and quote 'spread the name of the Crimson Messiah'."

"Crimson Messiah, huh?" Shepard chuckled. "Well, you tell them to do as much as they can while we take this deity home."

When the SSV Normandy docked on Citadel Station, the Crew of the Normandy ran and shoved past the flock of reporters. Luckily, most of the Normandy had made it safely to the elevator, save Wrex whose mercenary past had been posted on several magazine articles and news specials. As the crew entered Udina's office, save HK who was told to wait patiently outside, both the Ambassador and Human Representative looked at them with grim faces.

Udina came first. "What happened? Did you manage to reason with them?"

"Well, if by 'them' you mean about 5 Geth, then yes; I did reason with them." Udina gave a heavy sigh as Commander Shepard explained the entire series of events that passed there: the entry, the Geth patrols, the imprisionment and Legion's plans. Shepard, however, decided to leave out details of a certain Husk. The Kaiden Alenko he knew died on Virmire. As for the Husk that helped them, he was grateful.

"So, what did the Council think about the derelict spaceship?" Shepard looked as both Udina and Captain Anderson gave deep sighs. He knew how bad things were if both the Captain and the Ambassador had agreed on something.

Anderson finally spoke up. "The Council has decided that the droid should be sent back to his own galaxy, and any further exploration of new galaxies is off limits. They're even sending patrols to Mass Relays, making sure no one gets any funny ideas."

Shepard couldn't believe what he was hearing. His crew may not be willing to say anything, but he was. "But that's an entire galaxy you're shutting away. There might be new cultures, civilizations that we don't know about. They might even help us against the Reapers!"

Udina sighed. Poor Shepard. Still so young. "The galaxy is a big place, Shepard. But if we want to make our galaxy work, best to keep it small."

"Besides," The Captain spoke, "we don't know the situation of the other galaxy. For all we know, we might get pulled into another war, and Lord knows we can't have that."

Shepard sighed hearing this news. He thought he did something great. Instead of shooting people, he might have actually changed how society viewed humans and be united as one big Universe. But he was wrong.

"What about the synthetic?" Tali asked, wanting to break the awkward silence. HK, standing outside the door, happened to have excellent hearing and happened to be listening to the conversation.

"The synthetic will go back to its galaxy...and have its memory wiped." Udina said. Shepard immediately jumped at this charge.

"You can't do that to him! That droid has done more to this Station and all its inhabitants than you can possibly know. Wiping its memory-"

"Is the only way we can manage this mess of a galaxy." Only Captain Anderson possessed the ability to silence Shepard. "We can't travel to other galaxies without Mass Relays, but they can. If the droid reveals us to complete strangers, we'll be in a lot of trouble. I know this hurts Shepard, but sometimes two peaceful worlds are better than one big mess."

HK, hearing this, had began thinking in its protocol. Of course his memory would be wiped. It's been wiped countless times and another would be of no consequence. But this situation was...different. Solely because HK learned that he had a choice. If someone had commanded him to assassinate a target, HK could use a sniper from long distance or he could have used a gas mine to suck the oxygen out of their meatbag lungs. All this time, he had a choice and only now did he realize it. He wondered if this memory wipe was necessary.

As the crew of the SSV Normandy approached the repaired ship of the Ebon Hawk, Shepard and his crew had said their farewells. Garrus and Williams had exchanged handshakes, Liara and Wrex had hugged the droid tightly, and Tali said, "Just go." not bothering to look it in the eye. Shepard sighed, giving the droid a pat on the...back part and handing him a packaged envelope. The envelope HK was to open after the Hawk had been transported through a Mass Relay.

"Goodbye, HK. I hope you don't forget us." Shepard winced realizing the cruel irony of his words.

"Reassurance: Do not worry, Master. Anything I forget, the Ebon Hawk will surely remember." Shepard smiled. Even as they parted, HK had a way with words.

The SSV Normandy did its part. They escorted the Ebon Hawk past the heavily guarded one way Mass Relay. When it hit the core, it warped past, back to its own galaxy.

"Joker," Shepard cleared his throat. "Did you obtain a reliable memory wipe software?"

"Yes sir," The pilot responded, tapping his fingers on the keyboard. "Ryan Industries. They're known for reprogramming memory."

Shepard sighed. This trip wasn't something he, or the rest of his crew would forget in a long while.

"Incoming transmission, Commander."

"Warning: Asteroid X57 is being propelled by three Fusion torches to the world of Terra Nova. Estimated Time of Entry: 4 hours."

"Terra Nova? That's an entire planet!" Shepard cried. "Joker, make a course for Terra Nova. We're bringing down the sky, one way or another!"

Shepard stood firm. As long as the world kept turning, he had a job to do.

Self-Commentary: (Sigh) I may as well get this over with. I don't know why I'm resisting. Memory wipes aren't that painful...most of the time. (Shudder)

Reading: Dear HK-47, Would you Kindly wipe out your past memories consisting of the SSV Normandy and any past incidents.

Wiping, Wiping, Wiping: Complete.

Log: Day 247

Status: Lost

Self-Commentary: Strangely, it has been so long since I have killed something, yet I feel as though I can go on. I may have to investigate this in the future.

Doubtful Observation: But I oh, so worry about the engines. Hopefully they will function still.

Self-Assurance: What am I saying? Of course the engines will function. It is simply nonsense.

Statement: Master...my only desire is to find you again, so that I may kill under your name again.