Hi everyone! This is my third Oliver Twist fiction! I really hope that you all enjoy reading this. I got a sudden imagination splurge and I just had to write this before I totally lost everything! At the moment I'm at school and I'm in a double free period (on my own expect for a group of yr 8s and that I don't know!) and I should really be doing my homework but hey, kids need breaks from school!!!

Charley Bates is going to be my star character in this again (at the start anyway)! Charley's my favourite so I'm using him again:) I do hope you enjoy this story!! Oh yeah, based on the 2005 Polanski version (it's my favourite)!!!

Disclaimer: I have said it once and I will say it again for the hundredth and one time! I OWN NOTING EXPECT THIS PLOT (and any of my own characters I am throw into the crazy mix)!!!!

Light with their fingers and quick on their feet…the number one pickpocket rule, or so Fagin had told them.

Quick and sharp, like a striking snake, never hesitate. Follow the Artful Dodger, he'd led you on. But who would lead Charley Bates on now?

They were all gone. He had barely got away, one policeman's fingertips had just brushed his coat but he had got away and as for the others...Charley did not know…

So he ran, as fast and far as he could…hoping that his past would disappear behind him…but Charley learns quickly, the further you run does not make old ghosts go away…they just come back to haunt you...

Hmmm, very short I know, but it's a start!! Please, please review for me!!!