Chapter 1

Bella's POV

"Watch your step, young lady, we don't want for all those papparazzis to feast on your clumsiness," my mother said.

"Yes, mom" I mumbled under my breath.

"And smile, for God's sake. I know girls that'd die to be in your place. At least pretend that you're happy," she said.

I sighed and looked down. Being the Princess of Denmark isn't easy, the photographers were always chasing us, and my mother's biggest worry is that I make a fool of myself in front of them.

My mother kept saying the same stuff as always, but I quickly tuned it out, until she mentioned something that called my attention.

"Remember that tonight we announce the engagement"

I sighed again, and quickly focused on kept a straight face.

Ugh, marriage. I despise that word, And Jacob makes it even worse. My hand was promised to him even before I had use of reason. I only wish to find somebody that can love me for what i am, and not for my position.

"Jacob is going to be here, so you have to remain by his side at all times." She repeated again, making sure i heard.

My mother's voice sounded from far away, while I was wrapped in my thoughts. My dad passed away when I was 3 years old, and I was the only heir to the throne, by law I had to marry male royalty so I could inherit the throne, i still thought that being Royal was not like Disney Movies. It was hard actually. I'm on my junior year of college, of course i get private classes at out castle. I'm not allowed to go out without body guards, and well presented (skirts and heels). Somehow i managed to stay upright most of the time, but i had broken my ankles twice and sprained my leg too. I wasn't allowed to have normal friends, my only friend was Angela, Countess of somewhere. I really didn't care about titles, but my mom made me learn them all.

We finally got the Versailles Castle, built by Louis XIV and have more than 2000 rooms. I learned about this through my high school education. "Good" I thought to myself, at least I will get a chance to escape a minute from the ball and from Jacob.

We made our way out off the limo and we were greeted by thousands of camera flashes coming from everywhere.

"Are the rumors true, that you are dating Prince Jacob from Spain?"

"Princess, when are you going to get married? Are you going to use this palace as your wedding place?"

Voices shouting from everywhere, and I just made my best to keep focused on not shouting at them.

We finally got in the big room. All the world royalty was here tonight, I made my way to get to the corner, and greeted Queen Elizabeth, Princess Jessica and his twin sister Lauren, who were always fighting against me deciding who was better, but the press always favored me. I dont know why, they are prettier than me, at least Jessica's got blue eyes, but my eyes were dark brown, and my hair had to be styled every morning, otherwise it would hung in a straight line. In other words i was just plain.

Count Michael from Scotland came to greet me, and I just gave him an apologetic smile and said that I was feeling sick so he would leave me alone.

The music started to play, the typical vals, and semi tango, mixed with some other instruments. I sat on a chair and closed my eyes and focused on the music, it's the only thing that makes me feel peaceful and whole, that makes me foret about who I am, the only thing that I am truly myself. It wasn't too long before I felt a hard hand on my shoulder and I opened my eyes and saw Jacob smiling at me. It was clearly that he wanted to marry me just to get his hands on my family's money.

"Hello Princess" he said with a tone that made me think twice about talking to him. I decided that it was rude, and I wasn't in the mood to fight with my mom tonight.

"Hi Jacob" I said under my breath.

"Oh dear, why so tense? We are going to celebrate our engagement tonight, shouldn't that take a weigh from your shoulders?"

"It should, but it isn't" I replied coldly.

"Excuse me, I'm feeling sick, I need to go to the restroom" I said and stood up, and didn't wait for his reply. I felt his gaze on my back as I left the room.

This was the break I needed. I walked into the gardens, 15000 acres of pure nature, and thought about the walk I could take around here. I breathed the cool air, even though it was spring, the wintry air was still felt around, i shivered a little and hugged myself and rubbed my bare arms. I breathed deeply and walked away, listening only to the glick, glick, glick that my heels made in the paved pathway. I wasn't very far off when I sat down on a bench, thank God my dress was dark blue, otherwise my mom would be very mad if I got the dress dirty, at least the blue could hide the stain.

I stared at the field that lied in front of me and saw the faint glimmer of the daisies in the moon.

I closed my eyes and thought about my father, I didn't remember him much, but I knew I he loved me very much. I stayed this way until i heard noise coming from the mansion.

I opened my eyes and checked my watch.

"Shoot, 10.30! Damn, mother's going to be so mad!" and I started to run in direction to the mansion. Running was a very bad choice in my high heels, it wasn't long until I tripped.

"Damn!" I said, as I glided through the air waiting for the floor to come near me, but it wasn't long until I felt a pair of hands holding me from my waist. I slowly opened my eyes and stared at the angel that was holding me.