Chapter 20

Bella's POV

I couldn't help but feel terrible depressed alter everything that happened in the past few days. It's been two months since Edward happened in my life. The pictures of him and Rosalie left me shattered. I knew they had something going on. They all had tricked me into this escapade, just to mess up my name and my life. His calls stopped after two weeks, I listened to all his messages, which I didn't understand.

"Bella, what happened? We need to talk"

"Why didn't you come?"

"I… talk… we need to talk"

He was actually expecting me to show up, and talk to him? After all I've seen, and heard about him? I don't control my life anymore, my mother and Jacob do. They tell me what to do, what to say. I'm just the shadow of who I ever was.

My fairytale is shattered, there's no prince charming for me. Love is just a game, a lose or lose kind of game. Kills you slowly and painfully.