A/N A Quick Turok fan fic. I do not own Turok or anything associated.


The beast lies before me, dripping foul smelling saliva,

it's clawed toes scrape the ground, foul smelling thing

The beast continues to lurch towards me, attracted to my aura

I draw forth my knife, another one comes, circling me like a ring.

Two now I face, demon lizards of purest bloodlust

Eyes piercing like a ray of darkness.

A roar of hunger, survival a must

the two lunge, but both do only miss

The speed of a hunter, faster than beast,

I drive my blade into the flesh of one

the other looks, longing for the feast

that just so happen to gut the other lizard, until life there was none.

The other roars, anger in it's call,

I take from the dead one, my blood stained knife

The other runs at me, ready to maul

But it's head meets my blade, ending it's life.

Thinking it's over, I turn but to see

The tyrant, the king, drawn by the blood

Would normally scare and cause others to flee

But not I, as courage fills me like a flood.

A shotgun, too small

A pistol too weak

A fusion cannon would nail him to the wall

but make this hunter seem mighty meek.

The weapon I've chosen, the one I have made

Formed from the pieces of 8

Fires a blue beam of power, as thin and precise as a blade

and puts this Tyrant king extinct in this date.

So left with nothing but the bodies of the dead

And weary from the slaughter of lizards all sizes

I must lay down my head

And begin when the moon sets and sun arises.

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