The Namikaze Daredevil

A/N – I've never seen a Naruto story of one that he was blind. A mute one I remember reading once but never blind. Well the story starts when he is four, then we jump straight to the genin graduation. Similar abilities with Marvel's Daredevil, kind of add a few of my own abilities. A lot of Sakura bashing. I hate that bitch.

Chapter 1: Lost

Naruto ran and ran, fast as he little body would take him. The drunken villagers followed him. He wasn't allowed in the orphanage so he tried to stay in the shadows. However, a drunken villager had stumble upon him and cried out 'The Demon-brat is attacking me!' Now Naruto was running for his life.

Noticing an alley way Naruto took it hoping to disappear in front of the villagers. Only they followed, and the alley way appeared to be a dead end with toxin waste.

"This is it for you demon. This took me a lot of money to get, but I was saving it for you." A drunken village replied pulling out three exploding tags. He threw them onto the waste and soon they gave a massive explosion.

The last thing Naruto saw, was a great white light, then he knew no more.

Konoha Hospital

Many doctors and nurses were rushing about, healing the villagers who got caught in the explosion. The head of the hospital told the Hokage the villagers who were caught in the radiation blast would be perfectly fine. When the Hokage asked about Naruto, the nurse who was the only one to try and do anything, said she was able to heal all of his injuries, but she was unable to prevent the damage to his eyes. He would be blind for the rest of his life.

The Sandaime Hokage wanted to know what happen. Apparently the villagers claim the boy attack them then ran off laughing. They ran after him to teach him a lesson. When they corner him in an ally the 'demon' smirk and started to glow red before the massive explosion.

Unfortunately for the villagers, the Sandaime Hokage didn't believe one word of their story. He sent them to Ibiki where, after a few short hours of torture, admitted the boy didn't do anything except run from them. Another village threw the exploding tags into the toxin waste that caused the explosion.

The Sandaime Hokage walk into Naruto's room, where a cloth was wrapped around his eyes. It pain the old man to see a young boy will never see daylight again.

Eight years later

Naruto was fast asleep in Iruka's classroom. When it came to other students Iruka would yell at them. But he was writing things on the board so it was ok for Naruto. However, Naruto could never keep a good grade or even pass the weapon practical well. He did however; pass the jutsu test will flying colors when the test came around. That is the only why he stayed in the academy.

"Ok, who can explain the problem on the board? Uchiha Sasuke?"

"Ask Naruto." Sasuke replied.

Ever since Naruto first revealed he was blind, Sasuke always pick on him and ask the instructors to have Naruto read from the books, or do problems on the board. Naruto never found this funny or amusing and pick fights with Sasuke. While many of the students would say it wasn't right for Sasuke to be picking on Naruto, Sasuke's fan club would say differently. Saying it was Naruto's idiotic self for unable to read.

"Sasuke, you know I can't do that. Naruto is blind, therefore, he can't read. You read it."

Sasuke pouted before reading away. Naruto would have laugh, but he remain silent as he listen instead.

Iruka look at Naruto and he was suddenly drawn back when Naruto first came into his class.


A young blond boy walked in with a black cloth wrap around eyes. He walked in wearing standard black clothing. In his hand was a wooden stick that hit the teachers' desk.

Iruka felt his eyebrow twitch when the boy hit his desk and didn't even say sorry.

"Don't be so mad Iruka. This is your new student, Uzumaki Naruto. I think he will become a splendid shinobi indeed." The Sandaime Hokage replied with a smile.

"Ho…Hokage-sama." Iruka gasped out loud as the Sandaime Hokage walk in behind Naruto.

"Hokage-sama. May I speak with you in private?"

"Of course."

Naruto walk up the stairs to the back of the class. Sasuke however, stuck his foot out causing Naruto to fall face first into the stairs. When he sat up he was bleeding above the eye.

While Naruto was trying to find his stick Sasuke pick it up and through it out the window. Nearly everyone was laughing. The only people who wasn't, was Shino and Hinata. They both realize that Naruto was blind.

Sasuke gave several kicks to Naruto. When Iruka and the Hokage came back in, they saw Sasuke punch Naruto in the mouth.

Iruka started yelling at Sasuke and told him that Naruto was blind so, he shouldn't be picking on Naruto. Hinata finally taking pity, lead Naruto to her seat where she had him seat down next to her.

Flashback ends

Iruka got lost in his own little world that the entire class was looking at him.

"Sorry, well done Sasuke. Now for tomorrow's genin exam, it will be on the clone jutsu. Everyone do their best." Iruka replied as he dismisses the class.

Naruto as usual was the last to leave. Iruka was worried about the boy. He hated to admit it, but a blind boy living on his own was terrible. He was curious to know how he even managed to survive. The only thing he knew for sure was ANBU always brought the boy food. Everything else was a mystery.

Naruto POV

Naruto jump from roof to roof observing his surroundings. No one was watching him or looking at him. That was good for him, he no longer had to play 'poor blind boy' in front of everyone.

Naruto landed on his apartment window and enter it. Tomorrow was the genin exam and he was wondering how well he should do.

Naruto merely touch a necklace on top of his dresser before giving a sigh. He wondered what it would be like to see again. However, he knew it was impossible. The power of sight left him long ago and now, he gain another sight.

Naruto went to bed still lost in thought.

"Ok, Naruto, you're up."

Naruto who watch each of classmates perform the jutsu judge them individually. The greatest threat had to come from Sasuke. Despite his dislike of the Uchiha survivor, he clearly was going to be a threat.

Naruto walk in and made the correct seals. In the end, one clone stood standing just like him.

"YOU FAIL!" Iruka yelled.

"Iruka, give Naruto a break. He created a clone. His control was not bad. Surely we can pass him."

"Mizuki, I'm afraid not. The minimum requirement is three clones. I cannot pass him."

"Iruka, Naruto is blind. He did his very best. Truly you can let him pass."

"I'm sorry; Naruto can try again next year."

Naruto walk away. However he paused at the door as he listens to Mizuki's heart-beat. He was up to something, that much was certain. Naruto shrug it off and walk out the room. What shock Iruka was that Naruto didn't feel his way towards the door he just walk out. He wonder, was Naruto as blind as many believed him to be.

Naruto was sitting on his favorite swing looking a little disappointed. He could hear all the children laughing and being praised by their parents. Naruto suddenly felt a presence near him.


"Come with me Naruto."

Naruto got up and followed Mizuki. Mizuki lead him to a balcony where he could see the sunset.

"Iruka wasn't trying to be mean or hard on you Naruto. He is only trying to make you strong."

"Doesn't seem that way." Naruto muttered.

"Iruka was just like you. An orphan living on his own. While he understands that, he doesn't try to pick on you because of your handicap."

"Sure doesn't seem like it."

"Well, what if I told you there was another way to pass the Genin exam. Its isn't told much, but I'll let you in on it."

Five minutes later Naruto left Mizuki curious to know what he was up to. To be safe, Naruto was going to go along with Mizuki's suggestion. But at the same time he would be on his guard.
"Iruka, wake up Iruka."

"Mizuki, what are you doing here at this hour?"

"It's Naruto. Naruto's stolen the Sacred Scroll of Sealing."

"You mean the Forbidden Scroll of Sealing?!"

"Hokage-sama is calling the ninja together. Let's go."

"Hokage-sama, that scroll contains hundred of jutsu and secrets of our village. If one of our enemies gets a hold of that scroll, it would be the end of the village." A senior Jounin shouted.

The Hokage didn't want to believe it. It didn't seem possible that Naruto could have stolen anything from the Hokage's vault.

"Wait a minute everyone. Think about who we are talking about here. This is Naruto, who might I remind everyone here, is blind. He couldn't have broken into the Hokage's Vault without help. Naruto is helpless without someone standing beside him. Besides, he couldn't have known the location of the Hokage's Vault. Someone is either tricking or using Naruto."

"I would have to agree with Iruka. However, find Naruto, and bring him here at once. We must learn who told him about the Scroll of Sealing." The Sandaime order as he waved his arm. Only smoke showed where the shinobi's once stood.

'Trust Iruka to ruin everything. However, they'll never find Naruto. Once I kill the demon fox, the Scroll of Sealing will be mine.' Mizuki thought with a twist smile.


Naruto was lying on his back panting. This type of training nearly tired him out. However, he was glad he did it. He learned something highly useful.


"What are you doing here Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked.

Iruka look shock, but guess it was his voice that gave him away.

"Naruto, what are you doing with the scroll of sealing? Who told you about it?" Iruka demanded.

"Mizuki. Told me everything, although I think he is up to something…."

Naruto couldn't finish as shirukens appeared and nearly hit both Iruka and Naruto. Naruto acting fast, shoved Iruka out the way.

"Nice reflexes." Mizuki complented.

"Figure you would do something like this." Naruto replied standing up. Mizuki at once felt uneasy, even though Naruto was looking at him blind, he felt Naruto could see him.

"Oh really, how did you know demon?"

"You don't know how my powers work…no of course you don't. Think of it this way Mizuki-sensei, I'm a human lie detector. I can hear your heart beat. Not only that, even though I'm blind." Naruto disappeared before reappearing in front of Mizuki. "I can still see you." Mizuki jump back before he realizes that Naruto gave him a powerful kick to the jaw.

Iruka watch in amazement as Naruto quickly over powered Mizuki.

"How the fuck did you do that?! You're blind."

"If you've been blind for as long as I have you'll learn there are other means to survive. That is why, you cannot defeat me."

Mizuki withdrew the big Shiruken on his back and launches it at Naruto. Naruto didn't even flinch.

"You just don't get it do you?" Naruto replied as he smacks the Shiruken away with his fist. Iruka and Mizuki couldn't help but look shock.

"I have excellent chakra control. All I did, was sent enough chakra towards my fist to knock away the shiruken. Apparently you are too dumb to understand this though."

'Is this…is this really Naruto? I knew Naruto could have always done better, but I didn't expect him to be this good. It's like he can see Mizuki. He can actually see Mizuki. However, how, Naruto is blind and cannot see. The cloth around his eyes is proof enough. What is going on?'

Mizuki was panting, every attack, every time he tried kill the blond he would always counter and give Mizuki even more damage. How was he doing it?

'I'm a human lie detector. I can hear your heart beat.'

'Super hearing. Is that how he is able to defeat me so easily? If he is able to hear my heart beat, then maybe he could hear the truth in my words.' Mizuki thought with an evil smile.

"Naruto, do you want to know the truth."

"Truth? What truth?" Naruto demanded.

"About, why everyone hates you."

Naruto was most curious. He could never understand why people hated him so much.

"No Mizuki, it's forbidden."

"Twelve years ago, the Yondaime Hokage defeated the Kyuubi no Yoko. However, the stories about him killing the great beast weren't true. In fact, the truth is he sealed it…in you! Now you understand don't you Naruto, the reason why people hate you is…you're the Kyuubi no Yoko reincarnation!"

Naruto froze when he heard the words. He didn't know if they were true or not. Mizuki truly believed he was a demon.

Before Iruka or Mizuki could say anything, Naruto disappeared along with the scroll of sealing.

"Damn that brat took the scroll. Oh well, I'll just find him. After I kill you. By the way, Iruka, why are you even defending the demon? I mean, he is nothing more than a bloodlust and a cold-blooded killer. Truly even you understand he is nothing more than a demon."

"You're right Mizuki, a demon is like that. However, that's not how Naruto is. You're forgetting something about the Kyuubi no Yoko. No matter how many times we damage it, it always heals itself right away. If Naruto was the Kyuubi no Yoko, why did Naruto loose his eyesight? Why didn't they just repair themselves? No, Naruto is, a shinobi of the leaf."

Mizuki gave a sigh.

"Apparently you're just a stupid and naïve as always Iruka. Oh well, you know, I wasn't going to kill you until after I kill Naruto. But I've changed my mind." Mizuki pulled out his last large shiruken and started spin it in his hand.

Iruka smiled and thought he was going to die. What he didn't expect was for Naruto to reappear and kick Mizuki back.

"Naruto? When did you?" Iruka asked in shock.

"Even though Mizuki words spoke true to his heart, so did you. I knew there was something else so I did not leave but hid in the branches above the two of you."

Iruka was shock to hear Naruto was hiding just a few feet above them.

'This is not a genin fighting ablility. Not even Chuunin. How good, is Naruto?'

"So the demon finally steps out. However you cannot defeat me. You never even graduated, and I'm a full rank Chuunin."

"Really, then see if you can beat this, Kage Bunshin no jutsu."

'The Shadow Clone technique! When did he learn something like that? I heard it's a jutsu that takes large amount of chakra along with solid clones.'

"Where…where did you learn this jutsu?" Mizuki half demanded half frighten replied.

"From the scroll of sealing."

"What?" Mizuki replied.

Iruka was just as curious and shock.

"I have other methods of reading and writing. Just because I never showed anyone in class doesn't mean I can't read. You're finish, sensei."

Several minutes later, Mizuki laid on the ground twitching as Naruto stood above him.

"You alright Iruka-sensei?"

"Yea, Naruto, how many surprise can you have?"

"More than you realize."

"So you mean, all those times you couldn't have taken the written test…"

"Yea, I could have performed it. But I didn't want to raise any suspicion around me so I couldn't to pretend to be helpless. After all, the element of surprise should always be a ninja's best weapon."

Iruka couldn't help but agree.

"Naruto come here." Iruka replied.

Naruto walk forward unsure what Iruka had for him. However, he knew he wasn't going to be harm.

When Naruto realized that Iruka was tying something around his head, Naruto knew at once what it was.

"Congratulations, you graduated Naruto."

Naruto smiled and hug Iruka.

Iruka smiled and return the hug.

Three days later

Naruto was fast asleep on desk. His cloth was gone from his eyes and was replaced by his forehead protector. Numerous students glared at him but he didn't care. Much to his disappointment, Sasuke sat next to him. However he said nothing. Naruto however, let out a groan when Ino and Sakura burst through the door shouting 'I Win!' in a loud voice. How either of them became shinobi's, he never knew nor wanted to know.

Sakura was the first notice Sasuke in the corner and ran to go and seat next to him. She then notice Naruto was in 'her' seat.


Sakura never got all the words out as Naruto set a back fist into her stomach; launching her to the other side of the room.

Sakura got up holding her stomach and moaning.

"Can't you ever shut up? I mean, just one morning, I would like to enjoy the peace and quiet." Naruto retorted in a cold voice.

Sakura was about to retaliate when Iruka walk in.

"Enough, Sakura take your seat. As for everyone else, congratulations, on graduating. You're all now official genin for the Konoha. Now, I will announce your teams. Remember, you will all be sorted into a three person squad led by a Jounin. Now then, team 1…"

"So, what does everyone think about this years recruits?"

"I'm surprise someone like Naruto was able to hit Sakura so well and so powerful." The red-eye female jounin replied.

"Really Kurenai, it's not that big of a mystery. She was being very loud; no doubt a fan girl as well." A chain smoker replied.

"Asuma, don't judge so quickly. After all, the saying goes 'don't judge a book by its cover.' Right?" A Cyclops replied.

"Kakashi, enough. Let's watch. I'm curious to know how your team will react." The Sandaime replied. Everyone turn towards the crystal ball.

"Team 7, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, (Sakura yelled loudly while Naruto moan.) and Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke said nothing, Naruto bang his head on the table while Sakura cheered and tease Ino.

"Team 8, Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Abarame Shino. (Skipping Team 9 since I have no idea what the names are.) Team 10, Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino, and Akimichi Choji."

Ino nearly pulled out her hair as she heard she would be teaming up with the laziest and fattest kid in the school.

"Wait here for your Jounin instructors."

Two hours later, every Jounin instructor came in and took their teams away. The only team left was team 7. Naruto had his head down. While Sakura was not only looking at her precious Sasuke-kun with stars in her eyes; but getting very annoyed by the tardiness of their Jounin instructor.

"Sasuke-kun, do you know where our Jounin instructor is?"

"His leaning on the door outside the classroom, baka." Naruto replied in a calm down. Sakura jump down and tried to smack him in the head only for her hand to hit a log.

"Baka." Naruto replied calmly.

"You shut up, blind boy. You can't even fight. How you became a shinobi is beneath me. Most likely the instructors felt sorry for you and allowed you to pass." Sakura retaliated.

Kakashi decided at that moment to appear. Naruto was gripping his kunai tightly and was about to kill the stupid girl.

"Meet me on the roof in ten minutes."

Kakashi disappeared in a whirl of smoke, and surprisingly, so did Naruto.

Sasuke a bit surprise, quickly left before Sakura knew her 'true love' was gone.

Ten minutes later team 7 sat down for their first team meeting.

"Ok, first let's all try and get to know each other. How about you go first." Kakashi nodded towards Naruto.

"Sensei, do you like picking on Naruto-no-baka too?" Sakura asked. However, her question seemed to be more of hope than concern.

Kakashi was about to answer when Naruto sent a back fist into Sakura's nose breaking it and causing it to bleed badly.

"No I don't. Picking on someone just because they cannot see like the rest of us is something I do not like or forgive." Kakashi replied giving a dark look at Sakura who was scared shitless at the glare of her sensei.

"Why don't you go first sensei?" Naruto asked.

"Me, well I'm Hatake Kakashi. My likes and dislikes…never really thought about them. I have many hobbies, as for dreams for the future…never really thought about it." Kakashi replied in a bored tone.

"Uzumaki Naruto. I don't like anything, and hate loud girls. Mostly because they give me the urge to kill them." Naruto replied in a cold manner. Sakura shouted and called an idiot resulting a kunai baring itself deep into her shoulder.

"Sakura, be nice to Naruto. I wouldn't want you to end up in a river." Kakashi replied hoping to stop Naruto from actually murdering the pink hair.

"Ok, pinky you next."

"I'm Haruno Sakura, I like (giggles) my dream is (giggles) my hobbies are (giggles) and I hate Ino-pig and Naruto-no-baka."

Naruto punch her, this time she flew to the rail and hit her head; knocking her unconscious. Blood slowly oozed out from her injury.

Kakashi however, was deeply concern about the blind blond shinobi. He didn't seem to have a single piece of regret for his actions against the pink hair. Not only that, he was far stronger and faster then his records claim he was. It even frighten Kakashi seeing how in one blow he easily defeated the pink hair shinobi.

"Ok, Mr. broody."

"Uchiha Sasuke. I really don't like anything, and hate almost everything. I really don't have any hobbies. And, I wouldn't call it a dream but an ambition to kill a certain man and to restore my clan."

Naruto and Kakashi didn't seem affected by the gloomily shinobi's answer.

"Ok, meet me tomorrow at training ground 9 for some training. But first, I got to get your teammate to the hospital." Kakahsi replied disappearing along with Sakura.

The two said nothing and disappeared from where they were sitting.

Hokage office

Kakashi appeared in front of the Sandaime. Surprisingly, Asuma and Kurenai were also present.

"Kakahsi, what are you doing here. My god, is that Sakura?"


"What happen to her?"


"Naruto. You're saying Naruto killed her?"

"She isn't dead, but I fear Naruto might kill her one day. She clearly insults, attacks and does everything possible to make him feel bad about himself. If she did this everyday and got away with it, Naruto is close to snapping and will kill her. Today in front of me, when ever she insult or attack Naruto in anyway she could think of, he retaliated by punching and stabbing her with a kunai. When she told us she hated Naruto just because he was blind and a weakling, Naruto gave her a single punch and she flew towards the rail breaking her skull."

"Naruto shouldn't be that strong! I mean, the strength is not that of a genin's!" Kurenai shouted in shock.

"Hokage-sama. Perhaps its best if I fail the three of them. Naruto hates both the Uchiha and Haruno. I could see it clearly, he wants to kill them." Kakakshi replied as he begs the Sandaime to dismiss team 7.

The Sandaime smoke his pipe before replying.

"Kakashi, watch over Naruto. His hatred for Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke is common. They have never shown him any respect or kindness. Sasuke and Sakura pick on him just because he is blind. Ever since they first met him. However, something tells me Naruto is hiding something. Iruka told me, Naruto said, and I quote 'Surprise is a ninja's greatest element of surprise. I purposely let people view me in a way so I could easily over power them and take them out without even realizing what it them. Being blind as help me with this advantage.'" The Sandaime replied with a smile.

"He can see?" Kakashi gasp.

"No, he is completely blind. The doctors and medic ninja's all told me it was impossible to repair and restore his eyesight. However, he must have discovered another means to see. It's the only way to explain how he is able to survive without the ability to see."

The three jounin's said nothing but glance at the Sandaime, curious to know Naruto's secret.

A/N - Well, i wanted to do the stupid bell test in this chapter, but it was going to be too long. I hope everyone likes this chapter though. Even though Naruto is blind to Konoha, he has another method to see.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu – Shadow Clone Technique

Naruto-no-baka – Naruto you idiot