The Namikaze Daredevil

A/N Naruto weak and unable to defend himself is at a mysterious person who has appeared before him. The only question is, is the person a friend or foe?

Also, many of you seem to have forgot, I promise to reveal almost everything in these three chapters. I'm also going to clear something else. Many of you misread the sentence about Naruto's power. I said his chakra will not reach a prime and he will continue to improve far beyond human standards. I did not say his abilities were the same. There is a difference. Naruto will stop at one point with his speed and limits, but his chakra will not. I just want to make that clear. Naruto does have 'god-like' chakra but he is not a god or views himself as one. But in the story, no one knows that and is thinking like the rest of you did. Also, remember what the goddess Amaterasu told Naruto, if he wanted to forefill his 'Master' plan. That means I'm leaving something else out and it won't be revealed in this chapter. I don't know when, but it will be revealed after the death of Orochimaru. (yes,Orochimaru does die in here, but not saying how).

Get ready part 3/3 of the Chuunin Exams.

Chapter 7: Naruto's Secret

"Geez, I didn't expect you to be so strong. Not even the Fourth was as strong as you when he was your age. Then again, the Fourth was train and guided by Jiraya of the legendary Sannin." The figure spoke. Naruto immediately knew it was a woman. Someone around Kakashi's age.

"Who are you?" Naruto demanded. He could barely feel any of his body. He tried to move his arm but it would not budge.

"My name is not improtant. However, perhaps you would like to try and sit up."

Naruto said nothing but glared.

"I see, your power is beyond your comrades of your age but at the same time, your body is in bad shape.'

Naruto look a bit angry before realizing something.

"A medical ninja."

"Smart boy. Yes, I'm a medical ninja. Or was."

"You slip past the ANBU and Jounin's. That must mean your a former ninja here. Seeing how you must have knowledge on their defense."

"Smart boy. I see what you mean by being a genius. You figure things out quickly..." The figure jump back as Shikan pierce through the roof and took a bite at the figure.

"Stay away from him." The wolf leader growled.

"Really, I mean no harm." The figure replied calmly. She had jump back the moment she saw Shikan attack.

"I don't believe you. If you are indeed a former ninja of this village then I will not allow you to approach him."

"Relax Shikan-san. Besides I haven't seen Naruto in nearly thirteen years. Of course he doesn't remember me seeing how he was just a baby."

"You know me?"

"Yep. Delievered you into this word I did, your mother said I was one of the greatest medical ninja's she ever knew. She was my sensei for a bit too. Your father 

however was my sensei. Train with him since I was ten. A shinobi who was called the genius of shinobi's. You are no doubt going to be better then him."

"I wish, who are you?" Naruto demanded.

"I guess I really haven't introduce myself have I? The name is, Rin."

Naruto glared at her but another shouted "Sempai!"

An ANBU member jump forward and hug Rin.

"You're back. You've come back."

"And you are..."

"Sempai, its me. Yugao Uzuki." The ANBU replied taking off her mask.

"Yugao-chan. You've grown. An ANBU Captain now are you. I knew one day you'll become a fine." Rin replied smiling.

"You've come back." Kurenai walk up with Asuma behind her.

"You're still the most beautfulest woman in Konoha Rin." Asuma replied causing Kurenai to wack him.

"Can I leave?" Naruto asked as he didn't like the attention that was around him.

"No. You're body is a complete mess. Now, remain still and let me heal you." Rin bark.

"No thanks, I will be fine in five minutes. I don't normally go all out because I'll end up in this condition."

"I can see that. Damnit, your insides are nearly destroyed. You body has taken a huge amount of damage. Don't you go the hospital anymore?" Rin asked.

"I haven't been to the hospital since I was four. That was when I lost my eyesight. Though when I went before that time a nurse fed me something that caused my stomach to eat itself and I ended up pucking for hours."


"You've never been help in the hospital?"

"No. I think of a hosptial as a prison chamber for me." Naruto quickly replied. He was feeling better. His blood had stop flowing from the woman's medical jutsu's.

At that moment the ceiling collapse and everyone jump away including Rin who just manage to escape.

Shikon fangs miss everyone but he stood there growling at everyone.

"Don't you dare approach him woman. I know your kind. You will seek to kill him the moment you get your chance. I will not allow this to happen." He bark in a deep voice. His voice commanded in a harsh tone made everyone think twice about approaching Naruto.

"I have no intentions in harming him. I have not seen Naruto since he was a baby. Also, I've notice that the villagers have not respected Yondaime-sensei wish and I'm not so narrowed minded. I will heal him. He cannot stay in his condition, if he continues his ninja career like this he will die."

"Yondaime-sensei? What are you talking about?"

"Awe, of course you don't know. Like Hatake Kakashi, I too was train by the Fourth Hokage as apart of his genin team."

"You're a student of the Fourth?"

"Yep. He always praised me for my medical jutsu's on pair with Tsunade-sama's. I can fix your body and make it a hundred percent. Besides, I just came back from a little recon mission I was on."

"Recon mission?"

"Well, I was following those two guys your were fighting. I was deeply impress you can go one on one with them. You're better..."

"It was luck." Naruto replied calmly making Rin stop taking and looking at him.

"Shikon, let her heal me." Naruto replied calmly.

Shikon jump back but stood there keeping a close eye on Naruto.

Rin approach and started to heal him.

"What do you mean it was luck?"

"My mother was once consider a prodigy of the Uzumaki's. This meant their wouln't be another prodigy in the Uzumaki's for nearly another half a century. Some would even call me a prodigy. Because I still train like crazy to prefect my jutsu's. They underestimate me. Itachi knew me as a poor blind boy. As I let him and everyone else believe to be. However, Hoshigaki Kisame knew me from my families legacy in the mist. Something I did not expect. If I did not have my final jutsu ready, I would have been defeated or captured."

"About that jutsu, can you explain it to me. I've seen your father's Hirashin no Jutsu, but yours is far better."

"I read about my father's hirashin no jutsu and wanted a jutsu that can teleport me anywhere. However, I had very little information. All I know is, he did something with the Shunshin no jutsu. Realizing I could not learn it as much as I wanted to. I develop this on my own. I combine Ninjutsu Shunshin no jutsu, Genjutsu's Gisou no Jutsu and Taijutsu's Hachimon. Along with some sealing abilities. It's true name is Rehokousha."

'This is, ingenious! Not even the Fourth could accomplise such a feat.'

"You seem to know about Akatsuki. What can you tell me?"

"It started five months before Kyuubi's attack on Konoha. Your father seem unlike himself. He was very worried and terrified. Never, in my life have I seen him like that. I question him alot, however he would not tell me. Even your mother seem worried about him. He knew something, then the night of the Kyuubi's attack I was on partol. I found something that I could not report. I found an elite ANBU squad, dead. However, they were killed not by the Kyuubi, by someone who was there. Someone had killed them. Before I could announce my discovered I felt terrible chakra and I look up to see the Kyuubi no Yoko attacking. Knowing that I stood no chance I ran toward your fathers personal office. I took his private journal and look at it. He seemed aware of Akatsuki and was worried about the mastermind behind the orgization. He felt Akatsuki was behind the cause of the Third Ninja War. Later that night, I learn he sacrifice himself and sealed the Nine-Tails into his own son. Two days later, I left Konoha in search for Akatsuki. However, they were well hidden and I found little information. I did learn Uchiha Itachi along with Sasori the red scorpion of the sands was apart of Akatsuki. But what I felt uneasy was the person who was there that night. Many people would say it was an act of judgement from the gods, but I believe it differently. I believe the Kyuubi no Yoko was summon."

"Who would be able to summon the nine-tails? That creature has been alive before the birth of men." Naruto asked calmly.

"I know, it seems impossible. However, there was one who could summon the nine-tails. He was very proud of being able to summon the nine-tails so much that he grew angry when the Shodaime Hokage showed he too can control tail beast. One of Konoha's founding fathers, Uchiha Madara."

Naruto got up and moved around a bit.

"You healed me quite well. Uchiha Madara uh, in case you don't know, Uchiha Madara was defeated by the Shodaime Hokage at the Valley of the End."

"That's true. However, Madara's power of the tailbeast was the opposite of the Shodaime Hokage. If Madara was indeed behind the attack on Konoha 12 years ago, then Akatsuki is a greater threat then we realize."

"Thank you, you have no idea how much that information will help." Naruto replied.

"What do you..."

Before Rin could finish her sentence, Naruto attack Rin punching her in the gut.

"Did you really think, that I would stay here in Konoha?" Naruto asked calmly.

"What do you mean?"

"Since I was six, I've been planning my escape. How lucky it could be today. Keiko!" Naruto shouted. Immedialy a young girl Naruto's age appeared before him; abonding the seat. She stood next to him holding a twin katana's.

"Do it."

"Kai!" She screamed.

The VIP box exploeded with white dust.

"We'll use the invasion to cover our tracks. By the time its done; if Konoha's falls or not we'll be long gone. Kumiko." Naruto shouted.

Another girl, this time a long brunate also at Naruto's age from Suna stood by his side.

"Hey, Kumiko?! What are you doing?!" Baki yelled.

"Did you honest think I was truly devoted to Suna? Naruto has been planning this for years. When Suna allied themselves Sound to invade Konoha, I immediately told him. He came up with a plan to safely have the three of us escape. What you should be worried about now, is fighting Konoha ninja's since our alliances are now storming the gates." Kumiko replied coldly.

'This is not good. Akimoto Kumiko is our best Genjutsu users. She is the only one who Gaara can't kill. She is also a excellent medical shinobi. We just lost a huge advatage in this invasion. Why whould she...Did she, did she really train with the Uzumaki to become stronger?If so, how long?' Baki growled at the terrible thought.

"Kumiko cover our tracks, I'm not going to use my Reihokousha."

True to their words, fighting could be heard and massive explosions in the distance also felt.

"Bye, bye." Kumiko replied forming seals. Naruto, Keiko and Kumiko all disappeared. Orochimaru was angry that the invasion begun earlier then he plan. That brat out smarted him. No matter, he would kill the Sandaime Hokage now while he still had his chance. The summon's all disappeared leaving a huge gust of smoke around the arena.

Rin eyes open in shock, realizing the true reasons behind Naruto's summonings. He was planning this way before the Chuunin Exams even started. The summonings were indeed a distraction. Mostly to cover their escapes in the cloud were no one could see.

4 Hours Later

The Sandaime Hokage, was died. He regretted not telling the council Naruto's hiertage. He also regretted not fighting more for the Fourth's son. He should have been much stronger. But he died knowing he was part of the reason why Naruto left Konoha.

Many people were killed. Suna and Sound was force to fall back as Konoha regroup and push them out of the city. Soon however, the word spread like wild-fire. The demon brat was the son of the Fourth Hokage but he escape after he revealed nearly everything about himself. However, he knew of the invasion and used it to escape along with a Mist and Suna ninja. What made ninja's worried was this unknown jutsu of his, a jutsu that allowed time itself to stop so he can move anywhere he pleases. Which meant he could be anywhere now. Many have even wondered how long has he been out of Konoha and planning to escape.

The council couldn't make the decision, they were to blame for Naruto's deflection. But one thing was for certain, they needed a Godaime Hokage, and fast. Suna was also in trouble after Kumiko left them a note claiming Orochimaru killed the Yondaime Kazekage. Sure enough, they found his body along with his guards.

Five Days Later

Earth Country

Naruto along with two of his comrades wore black cloaks as they walk into a rusty inn.

"Outsiders are not welcome here." The bartender grunted rudly.

"We are merely seeking information." Naruto replied calmly. He kept his face in the shadows but he didn't saw nothing else.

"Oh, what do you think this is...a freelance hotel." The bartender growled. He nodded towards a couple of Iwa Chuunin's.

They stood up grinning like crazy.

"I would stop." Naruto replied calmly. The Chuunin's stop. "Before I decide to kill you."

"Kid, you don't scare us. We are the Fame Brothers of Iwa, you cannot harm us." One of them bark.

"Then tell me where...Konjou?" Naruto responded quickly.

"Why do you care? The Godaime Tsuchikage imprison him. But it doesn't matter for you anyway."

"Really, I must admit I'm impress the Godaime Tsuchikage imprison someone like Konjou. Where is he?"

"Hold on gaki? Why do you care about Konjou? Do you even know how dangerous he is? Not even the Yondaime Tsuchikage, the strongest Tsuchikage in histroy. Why would a brat like you want with him? Do you have a death wish?" The chuunin asked.

"No, merely wish to see him again." Naruto replied.

"You teme...who do you think you are...?!" The other chuunin shouted only to fall to the ground. Everyone back away when they notice a long brunate girl stand over him with her sword dripping in blood.

"Keiko, why did you kill him?"

"Simple, he was just trash." She replied calmly putting her katana on her shoulder.

"Wait, you three are...!" The other chuunin replied backing away.

Kumiko place a hand on the chuunin's hand and walk past him. She only took three steps before she stop. The chuunin tried to attack her but his body would not move. His eyes showed feared and anger. Naruto merely look at him with those pale white eyes just mocking him.

"You too, you know we need the information." Naruto replied calmly. The bartender along with everyone else back away seeing some crazy people easily took out the chuunins.

"Tell us where Konjou is." Kumiko asked in a sweet deadly voice.

"What are you going to do to me?" He asked nervously.

"You mean you haven't notice yet. I just turn you into a human bomb. You got three minutes, five tops left to live." She replied calmly.

"Kumiko-chan, you're going to far. Even if he does give us something, we know he'll straight up lie and that's when Keiko-chan will behead him." N aruto replied calmly.

The chuunin eyes open wide in fear. He didn't like the sound of that.

"All I know is...he was capture by ANBU with a new paralyzing tag and they drag him towards Yuki Prison. I swear."

"Let's go. Naruto replied placaing a tag on the door.

Kumiko and Keiko both walk out without a care in the world.

"Wait, what about releasing me?" The Chuunin shouted in fear.

"I never said I would. Katsu!" Kumiko replied forming a one hand seal.

The whole inn explode. Showering with wood and other strange items. A small mushroom could be seen as the three shinobi's walk onwards.

Yuki Prison

A Iwa guard flew and crash into the wall. The prisoners rush to see three more guards rush forward only to be flying the way they came.

"What is going on?" One guard cried.

"It's the resistence, they're here to set us free!" One prisoner shouted. Sadly, this was not the case as three children walk into the room and walk past them without looking at them.

The pulled a door open from the floor and rip it open.

"Hey, isn't that..."

"Konjou's special prison. Are these people truly insane enough to free Konjou?" Another prisoner shouted.


"This is going on forever." Kumiko cried out. She was following Naruto down the stairs that seemed to be a mile.

"Can't you complain about something else?" Keiko snap.

"Like what?"

"How about your hair?"

"How about I blow you up." Kumiko bark.

"Then I'll stick my sword down your throat before you can." Keiko shouted.

"Enough, we are close. Konjou is near by. However, we must move quickly. Iwa ANBU are near by. It won't take them long to realize what's going on." Naruto replied in a calm voice.

"Hai." Both girls replied.

Naruto smiled, it always amused him how they listen to him no matter how much they would argue. True, this was their first time meeting, but Naruto thought of them almost as if siblings then anything else. He smiled.

No one said anything more but walk down the stairs. The enter the ground floor to see two ANBU teams standing guard.

"Who are you?" One of the captains shouted as he step forward.

Naruto said nothing but glared at the bear mask ANBU.

"Can we kill them?" Keiko asked pulling her twin katana's out.

"I guess their is no choice. Just be quick. If we keep Konjou waiting any longer, then we could be in serious trouble." Naruto replied in a calm manner.

"You little shits..." The ANBU captain shouted only to fall down as Naruto was suddenly behind him.

The other ANBU took out their swords but shook seeing their captain suddenly get defeated so fast.

"He moves so fast! I haven't seen such speed since..." A ANBU with a cat mask stuttered.

"Since my father, the Yondaime Hokage, Yellow Flash of Konoha, Namikaze Minato." Naruto replied calmly.

"You're that man's son?"

"Yes. I am." Naruto spoke calmly.

"Why you little..."

Two ANBU jump forward only to fall downwards as Keiko walk towards the group wearing a dangerous grin on her face. Kumiko created some seals and disappeared from view.

Five Minutes later

Keiko slam her sword into a ANBU's head killing the man as he was trembling from the amount of limbs she cut off.

"I was wondering when you would stop toying with them. Hurry up Keiko, I'm opening it." Naruto called out as he open the large iron doors that had a sign written in blood. (Forbidden)

The door creep open and there was a young boy with silver hair tied in chains and chakra bindings, hanging in the middle of the room.

"Kanjou." Naruto replied calmly.

"The room is trap, Naruto-kun."

Kanjou's voice was harsh and hoarse.

"I didn't expect this prison to change you so much. It's only been a year since I've seen you Kanjou. Don't forget, I can see the traps. Let's get you out of here." Naruto replied unsteathing his sword. Naruto disappeared and reappeared with Kanjou leaning on his shoulder. The whole room collapse behind them.

"I wish I could see like you." Keiko replied with false jealously in her voice.

"Same here." Naruto mock back with a smile.

"So we are all here?" Kumiko asked.

"Yes, the final member to our team. Team Youkai."

With a nod, they disappeared as a squad of ANBU appeared before the area. Unable to believe their eyes.

Two months later

"Naruto-kun, Sasuke has deflected from Konoha and join Orochimaru." Keiko replied. She wore a heavy black cloak that hid everything about her.

"Did Konoha send a rescue mission?" Naruto asked calmly.

"Yes, but they failed because Orochimaru sent them another man. A man of the Kaguya clan."

"This was a little later then I orginally thought. No matter, we too shall disappear for another three years. That's how long we have."

"Also..." Kumiko started.

"Jiriaya-sama is looking for you." Kanjou finish.

"Let him find me. I need him. He can help us more then you think." Naruto replied calmly.

"That's true, he is a Sannin. How do you plan to do that?"

Naruto only smiled. Something that made them question him.

Next day

Jiraiya walk into a inn asking for some news.

"Oh, the legendary Jiraiya-sama. Someone told me to leave you this." The inn keeper replied calmly.

He held up a letter. Jiraiya took it and unfolded it.

'Out of the town. Top of the Hill. One hour.'

There was no signature but he knew who sent it. This place was, after all the first inn he told Naruto about.

Hill Top: Hour Later

Four cloak figures wearing hoods and mask that completely hid their identidenty stood before Jiraiya.

"Hello Ero-Sennin."

"That's Jiraiya you ungrateful brat." Jiraiya yelled a the shortest one their.

"Guess that's true Ero-Sennin." It's not safe for us to show our faces in Fire Country, so we are dress like this. Read this and destroy the letter, meet us there."

The four figures disappeared in a puff of smoke.

'Kage Bunshin? Smart, he used the shadow clone to speak and disguies his comrades.' Jiraiya was deeply impress. He look at the letter and open it. 'Fire Countries old Temple? Oh well, he should have a reason for being there.'

Next day: Old Fire Temple

Jiraiya stop at the entrance of the old temple. He was about to enter when a young girl with long brunette hair appeared before him.

"Hello Jiriaya-sama. Naruto-kun's been waiting for you. Please follow me." The young girl replied calmly.

"And you are...?"

"I'm Akimoto Kumiko, a former Chuunin of the Sunagakure."

'She is one of the kids who left with Naruto. That means, that Keiko is also with here. I heard she is very powerful and strong. Why is Naruto taking and recruiting two young talented shinobi's.'

Jiraiya walk in to see Naruto sitting down on a chair with two other people.

"It's been a while Ero-Sennin." Naruto replied.

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes. He didn't know how to respond to the young blond boy.

"What are you up to Naruto?" Jiraiya asked after a few moments of silence.

"I've had this little idea since I first heard of Akatsuki. That was when I was seven years old. Since then, I've been around the shinobi world seeking for people to help me with my plan. These three, Akimoto Kumiko, Hyokai Keiko of the Mist and Kanjou of Iwa, I've found and ask them to join me for my plan. They all agreed. When Kumiko explain to me Suna and Sound forming an alliance, I immediately decided to use the Chuunin Exams to escape. Along with Kumiko and Keiko. Kanjou was somewhere in Iwa, I had a feeling he went underground but honestly didn't expect him to be in prison."

"I have enough reason to kill you Naruto." Jiraiya replied.

"I know, but hear me out. I'll tell you my plan." Naruto replied.

Jiraiya stood there like a fish with no water. His mouth hanging open. He couldn't believe the brillance of the plan.

"You understand don't you ero-sennin, we went rogue because we have to move more around and get information from the underground about Akatsuki and now Orochimaru. Ero-Sennin, train us." Naruto asked with respect in his voice.

"Look brat, taking on a full platoon and challenge people is smart but you need to be fully aware of the dangers." Jiraiya replied.

"We are aware, that's why we are doing this. This has to be done. Akatsuki is dangerous. If they have Uchiha Itachi and Hoshigaki Kisame, who knows who elses has join them. Orochimaru was bad enough as well. Sasori the Red Scorpion is a posion specialist in my village. Even my medical jutsu's aren't good enough to counter his posions." Kumiko replied.

"All of us are good, been train by several jounin's or by watching highly train ANBU, however, we need a proper teacher. We can become stronger and better. Jiraiya you must train us. No one else is better. Right now its not just Orochimaru and Akatsuki, but Uchiha Sasuke too." Keiko replied.

"We fear Uchiha Sasuke might become even stronger then Orochimaru. This thought is scary because of the dark obessions he has with revenge. Sasuke is not going to be a pure child anymore. He will become something that many will fear. A monster. If he changes himself and is willing to go so far, then who knows what he would do to the world." Kanjou nodded in agreement.

"What worries me is the Kyuubi no Yoko's warning." Naruto replied. He folded his hands together and lean on them. " 'Uchiha Sasuke, has potiental I haven't seen in a Uchiha since Uchiha Madara. His chakra and his eyes hold more power and evil then my own. He will become a sinister monster if he continues down his path.' What worries me is also the Goddes Amatersu-sama's warning. She stated I was needed in the world. Calling me 'Child of Destiny.'" Naruto replied calmly. Jiraiya eye's nearly pop out of his sockets.

' the...Child of Destiny? Of course, two children shall be born. One will wield the ultimate weapon. The other shall have a guardian protected yet unprotected by its protector. I take it the Kyuubi no Yoko is Naruto's guardian, not by will but by fear. If Rin's information is right, then the Kyuubi no Yoko was indeed summon at Konoha's gates.'

"Fine, what shall I tell the leaf?" Jiraiya sigh in defeat. He was however fully aware of the Old Wise Toad Sage told him. He would the teachers to both the Child of Destiny and the Destine Child. However, what worried him was the Child of Destinies 

enemy. Someone who's eyes could rival Destine Child's power. If he had to guess, Uchiha Sasuke was that child.

"Tell them you couldn't locate us but you heard I'm moving in a team movement away from hidden village's eyes. At the same time, tell them that they have three years to prepare themselves against Orochimaru and Akatsuki. Also Ero-Sennin, get some powerful scrolls on medical jutsu's, genjutsu and some ninjutsu. The Forbidden Scrolls can only help us so much."

"Damn brat. I understand you also made Tsunade go back to Konoha as Hokage, how did you manage?"

"Simple, a bet."


"Hey, brat, who do you think you are spilling sake on me?" Tsunade yelled at the blond.

"Someone who can beat you senselessly without lifting a finger, you old hag." Naruto bark back.

"Old HAG!" Tsunade roared. Shizune gasp out seeing Tsunade getting pump up for a fight.

"I called you a old hag, hag." Naruto shot back.

"You and me, step outside now." Tsunade bark.

Outside, Naruto's three comrades were talking in low voices. Shizune glared at them. She could tell they were shinobi's but didn't know where they were from. Not from Konoha. That she knew, but they all seem to come from different villages and seemed to get along great.

"Ok gaki, I'm Tsunade, the Slug Princess Sannin. Name your wager."

"Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto. Currently a rogue ninja from Konoha. My bet is simple. First one to score ten hits wins. If I lose, I'll pay off our your debts. Giving you a clean slate with everyone. With an added bonus of a hundred million ryuu for you and your student. If I win, you'll do me a request."

Tsunade open her eyes hearing Minato's and Kushina's last names.

'So this gaki is the Fourth's son. The Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko. A rogue ninja from the Konoha? What happen?'

"Very well gaki, but after the fight, I expect you to tell me why you left Konoha."

Both got into a stance. Tsunade however remain calm and took no real stance. Naruto was the same. He would use his Reihokousha.

"Shizune call it." Tsunade called.

"Begin." The young girl shriek out.

Naruto immediately disappeared and punch Tsunade in the gut.

"That's one for me." Naruto replied calmly. Tsuande drew back her fist but Naruto had disappeared and punch her in the leg, nearly making her fall.

"That's two."

Tsunade glared at the young man before he vanish again.

Tsunde laid down breathing heavily, she hate to admit it, but he was good. However, he was breathing slightly from the amount of movement his jutsu cost him. Reihokousho was still incomplete. But it was effective none the less. He also won the match.

"What's your favor?" Tsunade asked, accepting defeat. She was deeply impress with this young man.

"Keep watch over Konoha for me, as the Godaime Hokage." Naruto replied calmly.

Tsunade eyes open wide when she heard the request. She never wanted to go back. Yet, he was asking her to go back as the Godaime Hokage.

"No, that's impossible. I never want to go back there again." Tsunade answered.

Naruto was still breathing heavily before he answered.

"I don't know what happen to your little brother or your comrade, but they died for a cause because of the dreams that drove them forward. A week ago, Orochimaru attack Konoha. Most likely he killed the Sandaime Hokage. Knowing my teacher, Ero-Sennin, the Toad Sannin, is going to denie the title Hokage. Tsunade-baa-chan, as a granddaughter and the grand-niece of the First and Second Hokage as well as the student of the Sandaime Hokage you are the best person to fit this role. Konoha is going to enter a stage of darkness. They'll need a strong and capable leader to lead them out of their darkness. Isn't that what a medical ninja does? Heal people the best they can. Truly as a medical ninja, can't you heal the village."

Tsunade said nothing but look down at his words.

"Quit running away and blamming your brother and lover for dying. Do you think insulting their memory will make the pain go away? They had a dream they were willing to die for it. You running away and drinking the amont of sake as you do will only continue to insult them and everything they fought for turn to disgrace and shame. Quit running and become Hokage for their sake." (not the drink) Naruto replies calmly.

Shizune was scared. Normally Tsunade-sama would pound and most likely kill anyone who talk about her uncle and her little brother. But she was looking down with a sad expression.

"Don't worry about your debt Tsunade. I've already paid all of it. Ero-Sennin however, is not going to be happy seeing half his money gone." Naruto replied turning around to leave. The two girls rush forward and place his arms under him. The boy who stood the tallest walk behind them.

"Uzumaki Naruto!" Tsunade called. Naruto turn around and caught something that Tsunade threw at him.

"One day, return to Konoha." She shouted back.

"I will." Naruto shouted. He look at his hands to see a green jade on a necklace.

'The Shodaime Hokage necklace.'

The four young shinobi's disappeared.

"Tsunade-sama, that's..."

"I never thought someone would be so wise and so brave at such a young age. Ok, off towards Tazuna City!" Tsunade cried pumping her fist in the air.

"TSUNADE-SAMA IS HAPPY!" Shizune gasp. Tonton also join Shizune in sharing a shock expression.

"In a week time Shizune, I will return to Konoha as the Godaime Hokage." She replied smiling.

Flashback ends

Jiraiya was shock but amazed at the story. Naruto however, did have weaknesses unlike the world thought.

"Naruto, I thought..."

"I was a god? Sorry Ero-Sennin, but only my chakra will continue to rise. I must train and continue to improve. If I didn't, then I would be like a civilian with just large chakra. I will reach a prime one day, but my chakra will not. Only my chakra will continue to grow." Naruto replied with a small smile.

'Now I see. We all thought he would continue to grow no matter what. However, he will stop getting strong at a certain age. Only his chakra will continue to grow. Now I see why the world is panicing at this information. They didn't take the time to listen to the words well enough. Smart Naruto.'

"Very well, let's beging your training." Jiraiya replied calmly.

Unknown cave

Figures appeared as blurs in a unknown cave. Each of them had black cloaks with red clouds.

"The last time we gathered like this, was when Orochimaru left us seven years ago."

"He has also gotten his hands on the Sharingan. Itachi, is it your little brother?" Zetsu growled.

Itachi made no comment but merely glared.

"Don't worry, yeah. We will eventually kill Orochimaru. Hmm."

"Wait, I got other news to report. Uzumaki Naruto has deflected from Konoha." The strange man with the Rinnegan.

"Everyone turn to look at the leader as he said those words. The strange female with a flower in her hair glared coldly.

"He has also gather some underlings who could be dangerous to us. Kisame, you should know one of theme. Hyokai Keiko."

"Oh, that beauty. She is very talented and powerful. No doubt she will be a threat." Kisame replied.

"How powerful?" A man with silver eyes asked.

"Her abilities are very simular to the Godaime Hokage and the Nindaime Hokage. In fact, her healing abilities are even greaters the the Godaime. There isn't a wound or posion she can't heal or cure. As long as she has water. Killing her will not be easy."


"She was thrown into the Holy Water Lake as a baby. Because of this, she has gain full control over the water element. Since water mostly represents healing, she only needs water to heal wounds."

"Another one is Akimoto Kumiko from Suna. Sasori, what do you know of her?"

"Nothing, I haven't been in suna for seventeen years." The puppet answered.

"She is mostly a genjutsu specialist. However, she is dangerous with genjutsu." Zetsu replied.

"What do you mean?" Pein asked.

"Her genjutsu's are...real."

"Illusions that are real? That's scary." The other side of Zetsu replied. Many nodded in agreemente. Itachi raised an eyebrow. This was like his Tsukiyomi.

"Another of Koujou of Iwa."

"That brat, hmm."

"What is he?"

"Mostly a shape shifter. Someone one who can turn into any animal. Hmm. That's all I know. Yeah." Deidara replied.

"None the less, we will have the nine tails. Along with everything else. We have three years, remember. Complete your missons." Pein orders calmly.

A/N - Naruto and his team have finally got their last member. However what plan is strong enough to convince Jiraiya to help them in their mission. Uchiha Sasuke as also deflected from Konoha and now lies with Orochimaru. Even Akatsuki seems to be unmoved by Naruto's team. Kumiko's genjutsu, Keiko's healing abilities and Sanjou's shape shifting skills along with Naruto's all seeing eye. What is the fate however, of the Sandaime Hokage?

Hirishin no Jutsu – Flying Thunder God Technique

Shunshin no Jutsu – Body Flicker Technique

Gisou no Jutsu – Camouflage Technqie

Reihokousha – Ghost Walker

Youkai – Phantom