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In this day and age wars in the streets were fought differently; instead they were battles of skill between crews of numerous sizes. Rarely were guns used and the only death was that of their pride. The fights were mainly done in two ways: breaking and tagging.


In the land of Fuuka there were two major gangs—one of the East and the other of the West, each with a separate dance crew and graffiti crew. The gangs also had three leaders: a leader of breaking, a leader of tagging, and a leader who specialized in both break dancing and vandalism.


She was tired; she had been running for a while now. The girl looked around the dark alleys for a place to hide out until the morning; everyone knew the streets were unsafe at night.

'There!' grey eyes glanced at an abandoned building barely within her gangs territory. She turned into an alley and slipped in a puddle of some liquid. "Ah!"

"Oh please be water." She said to the substance she was sitting in.

The footsteps of the people chasing her grew nearer as the young woman picked herself up and ran down the alley.

A pain shot through her body and the girl instinctively reached for her calf. There was a warm liquid running down it. She held her hand up in the moonlight, 'oh no, I'm bleeding!'

The blonde limped the rest of the way down the dark path to a chain-link fence, at which she began to climb.

"Haah, haah," the girl panted. "Almost… there…."

A clatter sounded through the small pathway as the can of spray paint she was holding hit the ground. "No!" the teenager exclaimed from her spot on the metal fence. "That was a gift… from…." Darkness clouded her sight and she fell four feet onto the ground.

As her vision faded, she grabbed the can that sat next to her and held it to her chest, "haah, you were from… haah… Nina-chan."

The woman smiled and closed her eyes just as the footsteps reached her.


"Boss!" A brown-haired female called out as she burst through a metal door.

Three women turned towards girl who just entered the room.

"Umm…" the girl faltered under the gaze of the three leaders.

"Hai, Akane-chan?" an angelic voice called out, it came from the eldest of the three leaders, a sweet pink-haired woman. She was the expert at both fields, the grandmaster Fumi.

"Erstin of the tagging division is missing!"

Fumi widened her eyes and sat up from the bed she was resting on. The two other leaders, a seventeen-year-old redhead, and another redhead who claimed to be seventeen when in reality she was twenty-four, looked towards the pink-haired woman for orders.

"I want each of your best," she paused to cough into her fist, "on a search for Erstin-chan."

The two redheads nodded and quickly left the room to gather their forces.

"Akane-chan." The blue-eyed woman looked at the brunette seriously, "where is Nina-chan?"

The kneeling female felt her throat tighten; she had promised the azure-haired girl that she would not tell anyone where she was going, but she couldn't just lie to the first head. Akane sighed; she would apologize to her friend when the girl got back, "She went to the East to find Erstin."

"Mm," the girl's boss closed her eyes in thought. "Akane-chan, I want you to call her."

"Ah, but she's very hard to find!" the brunette protested. "Plus she only works for herself, only alone!"

"Yes, I know what it means to work alone," the leader would've laughed at the younger woman's statement if the situation wasn't as serious, "but tell that maverick that her cousin went to search for her girlfriend in the Obsidian district."

Akane bowed her head apologetically, "Hai Fumi-sama, but what do I tell her if she doesn't believe me?"

"Tell her," the older woman closed her ocean-blue orbs and sighed. "Tell her that I, Himeno Fumi, leader of the West Otome, am asking for the favor that she owes me."

Akane looked surprised, the lone wolf actually owed someone a favor… and it was to the ever strong leader of the Otome. Though it was not only the fact that the lone, dual-specialist was indebted to someone that surprised her, it was the fact that her leader—the woman who never asked another for anything in all the years she ruled the gang—was requesting the aid of a woman who had long since deserted their crew.

The coral-haired woman leaned back onto her bed with a slightly amused expression on her beautiful face and raised a thin eyebrow at the younger woman's open-mouthed stare.

"Akane-chan, I certainly don't mind you staring… but do you think that you could continue it after we find Nina-chan?"

"Sumimasen Fumi-sama!" the girl bowed embarrassingly before leaving to search for that woman.

Fumi coughed deeply into her hands as soon as the thick door closed. After a few minutes of her coughing fit, the leader tried to pull the thick mink blanket with cherry blossom designs closer to her chilling body, the simple pink kimono she wore was not providing an ample amount of warmth.

"Haa," the woman sighed. She had been sick a little over six months now and she tried to keep her weakness from her gang's knowledge—though the other two leaders were aware of it and helped make excuses for the woman who passed many night raids.

"It's almost time." The fushia-haired woman closed her eyes to get a much needed rest.

And the hourglass of life dropped a few more grains of sand.


Akane grabbed her baggy blue jeans as she ran. She prayed to whatever Gods were watching her that the tracking expert was somehow left behind from the search. 'But that would be too convenient… not to mention ironic.'

But the Gods did grant her wish and the tagger was sitting in her loose black outfit—very inconspicuously—in a shadow by the entrance of the safe house.

'They probably couldn't find her…' the brunette thought about the green-haired woman in a black, three-piece ninja outfit leaning onto the building, her black mask was around her chin and head was down—as if she was in deep thought.

It was the martial artist's silence in doing things that earned her the nickname "Ninja" but despite her distance the girl was actually very talkative once you got to know her; she was also a very verygood artist—which is probably why she chose to graffiti instead of break dance.

"Akira-kun I need your help." The brunette was happy she was well acquainted with the tagger; she didn't think the other woman would listen to her otherwise.

The ninja looked up with her eyebrows raised, "With what?" she said in her low voice.

"Erstin-chan, she's missing… and Nina-chan went to look for her." The other girl looked interested.

"They went to Obsidian territory." Akane continued, the other girl stood up alert.

"What do you need me to do?" the forest-haired girl asked ready to be of assistance.

The brunette wiped her brow on the sleeve of baby blue, tight-fitting shirt. "Help me find the Lone Wolf, Kuga Natsuki."

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