Super Duper Update Day continues or maybe I should've called it Super Duper Update Night… Anyways here's my story. Like most of my stories this one takes place after PP but will make minimal mention of it to prevent spoiling it for people who have yet to see the movie (myself included) I just haven't gotten around to it. Between school, gearing up of Karazhan and writing fan fics there isn't much time for TV. Enough rambling, time for the story!

Birthdays Blues Chapter One: Cluelessness Reaches a New Low

Only a few months had passed since Danny saved the world, and now the trio was walking home from school. Tucker was playing with his PDA as usual and Danny and Sam were holding hands. Unfortunately this meant all of Tucker's blackmail for them was useless now. One thing that was strange that Sam seemed happy in the non-Goth happy way.

"What's with the smiley face Sam?" Danny joking asked.

"Oh, I'm just a little excited is all. Tomorrow's the big day." She replied. Danny simply gave her a 'huh' look.

"Our birthday, remember?" Tucker looked up from his PDA.

"I still can't believe you guys have the same birthday." The techno-geek commented.

"Yeah, its pretty convenient. Danny and I only have to have one party between the two of us." Sam replied.

"And I have to spend twice as much on presents because I have to get both of you one." Tucker fake scowled. Danny just shrank away from the conversation, not wanting them to know just how clueless he still was. Yes he ,Danny Fenton, had not only forgotten his girlfriend's birthday, but his own!

"This year's lasted so long. It feels like we've been fourteen for what, three years?" Sam said. Finally they arrived at Tucker's house. Techno-Geek guy bid his friends farewell and Danny and Sam continued on. Sam looked slyly at her boyfriend.

"So, what did you get me for our birthday?" She asked.

"Uh, um, it's a surprise!" Danny stammered. The Goth put her arm around him.

"I'm so glad you remembered. I know its crazy, but for a second I though that you might of actually forgot your own birthday." Sam laughed.

"Hehe yeah, not even I'm that clueless. Hehe" Danny gulped. This was going to be one very interesting birthday.