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"I'm going back to Brooklyn."

The words struck Huey like arrows to his heart. Each word caused him more pain, but none so much as the word 'Brooklyn'. They pierced in deep, shaking him to his very core. And as he stared as the smiling, but serious, face of his closest and dearest friend, he felt the arrows being twisted in even deeper.

Caesar raised up his eyebrows, his smile fading away as he stared at Huey. He wasn't sure what to say. What could he say? He'd just said that he was leaving. Leaving him here in Woodcrest so he could go back to his precious Brooklyn, which he still loved and missed more than anything in the entire world even though he'd been gone for about eight years. Huey knew he should have expected this eventually, but it still came as a terrible surprise.

"Huey? You okay, man?" Caesar asked, giving him such a concerned look that it took everything Huey had not to smack him for asking such a stupid question because it should have been obvious he wasn't okay. Caesar reached out and touched Huey's forehead. "Are you mad?"

Huey wanted to scream yes. He wanted to grab Caesar by the arms, shake him violently and scream that he was pissed. He wanted to demand how he could even ask him that after all the time they'd spent with each other.

And more than anything, Huey wanted to scream that he loved him and didn't want him to leave.

But he didn't. He couldn't bring himself to say it. Just like all the other times when Caesar'd done something he didn't like. He hadn't said anything when Caesar had said he was going on a date with Jazmine, if though he knew it would never work. He hadn't said anything when he'd said he was going out with Daniel or Ryan or Derek or Sam or any of those random white boys that would never treat him the way he deserved to be treated. He hadn't even said anything when Caesar had told him he wasn't a virgin anymore, that he'd had sex just to find out what it was like.

Showing emotion had never been Huey's strong suit. He always assumed that if Caesar truly knew him the way he'd hoped he did, then he'd realize that somewhere during their friendship, Huey'd developed a crush on him. But Caesar had never, ever mentioned it. He had missed it completely. And Huey had never corrected him about it. He didn't want to ruin their friendship by telling him he liked him. That wasn't his thing. He was far too serious for something like that.

Especially with someone like Michael Caesar. He was too happy, too optimistic, too lively to be tied down by someone like Huey Freeman. They were great as friends, but Huey couldn't picture his every energetic friend wanting to spend the nights inside curled up under the covers whispering sweet nothings to each other.

No, Michael Caesar wanted parties and he wanted fun and he wanted sex. All things Huey wasn't sure he could give right now. He hated parties and his idea of fun was on a completely different level as Caesar's and he wasn't sure he wanted to have sex without love. And if Caesar didn't love him, he wouldn't be able to make love to him.

Caesar would get bored. He would break Huey's heart. Unintentionally, Huey was sure because Caesar never purposely hurt anyone, but he'd still do it. And Huey was bad enough with good emotions like love and happiness that he wasn't sure how he'd handle a breakup with the one person he could see himself dating.

"Huey? Um. . . .Big Guy? You still there?" came that sweet voice as a hand waved in front of his face. Huey snapped out of his thoughts, looking up at Caesar's pretty face, filled to the brim with worry.

"Yeah. . . So. . . .Brooklyn?" he replied, trying to keep his voice even and calm. It was one of the most difficult things he'd ever had to do, but he managed. Caesar's eyes widened a little, then softened so much it almost looked like he was sad.

"Um. . .yeah. . . .Y'know. . . for college. . ." Caesar answered, shrugging nonchalantly and giving Huey a small smile. He stiffly nodded in response. Caesar gave him a look, though Huey wasn't sure what it meant.

Well, he knew what it looked like. It was the same look Caesar got when he was annoyed by something. But Huey couldn't think of a reason why Caesar would be upset. Maybe he'd expected Huey to be happy for him. But that wouldn't make sense since Huey was never happy about anything and Caesar must've known by now that he was the revolutionary's only friend. No one, for any reason, would be happy to find out their only friend was moving across the country for college.

"I'll be gone for. . .like. . .four years. . ." Caesar said, his voice almost accusing. Huey looked over at him, feeling another arrow tearing through his heart. Caesar raised up his eyebrows, watching Huey with a calm look. But Huey could see through his calm demeanor.

Caesar was upset about something. Very, very upset about something.

But why? He had no reason to be upset. Huey was the one who had a reason to be upset. The love of his life, although he'd never confessed it to him, was getting ready to leave for four years. Not to mention the fact that people grew apart during college and they both knew Caesar'd never have enough money to come back and visit over the summer. This was a permanent four year separation. If anyone had a right to be upset, it was Huey.

"Yeah. . . Four years. . ." Huey muttered out, looking away from that beautiful face. He stared at the grass they were sitting on and leaned back against the tree where they'd spent summer after summer under talking about everything from movies to politics. He couldn't even look at Caesar anymore. It was just too much for him to handle. Seeing that beautiful face after he'd been told something so horrible.

He wasn't even angry at Caesar for deciding to leave. He was usually angry at everything and everyone that fucked up his life in any way. But not this time. He was just saddened. He loved Caesar and he really didn't want him to leave. But he couldn't bring himself to say it, no matter how much he wanted to.

"Yea'. Four years. We won't be able to see each other. We might not even be able to talk to each other often," Caesar spat out, getting to his feet. Huey raised up his head as Caesar headed off down to town in the most angry of fashions. He stopped for a moment, looking back over at Huey with narrowed and angry eyes. "But that's not a problem, is it? What'd you say to Jazmine? If I never see you again, have a nice life?"

"Are you mad at me?" Huey asked, narrowing his eyes as he tried to figure out if Caesar was upset at Huey's lack of emotion or because he was just fed up with being friends with someone who just wasn't fun enough. "Why?"

Caesar looked like he could kill Huey. Huey had never seen such a hateful look come over that beautiful face and it shocked him. He gave Caesar saddened eyes, or at least what he hoped were saddened eyes, and his best friend seemed to catch on. He sighed, shifting his weight from one foot to the other and running a hand through his dreads. He looked stressed now, like there was something on his mind causing him to act so unlike himself.

"Sorry, man. . .I jus'. . .y'know. . .wanted you to get upset or somethin'. . . 'Cause we're so close an' all. . ." he muttered, staring intensely at the grass. He shrugged and walked back over. Huey looked up at him, at that fair face, and nodded in understanding.

"I will miss you, Caesar. You're my best friend. . . .But. . .I know you miss Brooklyn. . .I was trying to be. . .supportive. . ." was the lie Huey told him as he motioned for his best friend to sit back down. He did, pushing his dreads over one ear. He gave Huey the smile he had come to love, which only sent another arrow piercing through his heart.

"Thanks, man."

With that, Caesar leaned over and gave Huey a gentle kiss on the cheek. It sent a chill over Huey's entire body and heat rushing to his face at the exact same time. It wasn't the first time he'd gotten a kiss on the cheek from Caesar, but the reaction had always been the same. He would just never get used to that sweet gesture of friendship. Because to Huey, it meant so much more than friendship.

Huey moved away like he always did because he was so afraid that Caesar would feel his cheeks getting hotter or that he wouldn't be able to control himself and would just kiss Caesar full on. And he didn't want to confess his feelings without knowing Caesar felt the same way. And he knew Caesar didn't feel that way about him. He just wasn't ready to put his heart on the line like that.

He heard Caesar let out a sigh. He glanced over and saw him rolling his kind eyes in an annoyed way. He looked at Huey with an annoyed look that Huey couldn't figure out. Was he annoyed that Huey had moved away? Why? It wasn't like Huey had ever made any indication of being bi-sexual or gay.

"I'm leaving in a couple days, y'know," Caesar said as an afterthought. He gave Huey a big, sweet smile and patted his knee. "You'll help me pack, won't you?"

He wanted to say no. He wanted to tell Caesar not to pack, not to leave. . .But he didn't. Like always, he just nodded. He would stand by Caesar and his decisions. If he could only be a friend, then he wanted to be the best friend possible. And all things considering, he probably hadn't been doing a great job if Caesar was so ready to leave Woodcrest.

Huey sighed heavily. He gave the smallest of smiles to his best friend. Then he got to his feet. Caesar asked where he was going. But Huey couldn't handle this anymore. He didn't want to be told anymore details about when he was leaving or anything like that. He wanted to go home and cry because he was so horrible at emotions that he couldn't even work up the nerve to ask him to stay.

"I'll see you later, Caez. Bye," he mumbled out, waving over his shoulder as he headed off. He glanced over his shoulder as he headed down the hill.

And he could've sworn Caesar looked like he was crying. Except that Caesar didn't cry, especially not about things like this. He didn't care if Huey left. Huey was always just walking away when a situation called for emotions. He must have been used to it by now.

Or maybe he wasn't and that was why he was leaving. Because he wanted a best friend with more emotion than a rock. Huey sighed heavily again, looking back towards the hill.

"What am I going to do now?" he muttered, narrowing his eyes at the ground as he headed back towards his house.