Huey drew in a slightly shaky breath as Caesar leaned closer to him. Those beautiful eyes scanned his face for a second before he gently pushed his lips against the revolutionary's. The kiss was kind, chaste. Huey pressed back just as softly, not sure if he should be more forceful or just let Caesar lead since he'd done this before. As soon as that thought went through his head, Huey's entire body tensed up. Caesar drew back, biting his lower lip a little.

"We don't have to, you know," he rushed to say, pulling all the way back. He gave Huey a concerned, worried look, idly pushing back some of his dreads. When his friend shook his head, he bit his lip again. He opened his mouth to say something, paused, and looked the other way. For a moment, Caesar just stared at the other wall before shifting his pretty eyes back to his lover. "I shouldn't have suggested it. I'm sorry."

"No. . . .that's not it. . ." Huey answered, his voice softer than he'd meant for it to be. When he saw the look his best friend gave him, he knew he'd have to elaborate. He started to say it, but stopped. He had never intended to bring it up. He hadn't even said anything when Caesar first told him he'd had sex with some guy he hardly knew because he wanted to know what it felt like. And now he was going to be dragging it up. He knew it could piss him off. He knew it could start a fight that might ruin their relationship. But he also knew that Caesar would eventually guess. He sighed a little and motioned with one hand to his friend. "You're. . .not a virgin."

Caesar's eyes widened as the words left Huey's mouth. He stared at him for what felt like an eternity before dropping his gaze to his lap. The tension between the two was so thick it was growing harder and harder to breathe. Huey looked at the box in his hands. He fiddled with the slightly crushed bow, trying to think of something to say. He wanted to tell Caesar that it didn't bother him even though it did. He wanted to tell him that he still wanted to have sex with him, which was true, even though the very idea of someone else touching Caesar's body made him want to vomit.

"He didn't mean anything."

Huey's head snapped up. He stared at Caesar, not sure what he should say. He knew that he wasn't lying. Caesar never lied to him. He'd believed him when he'd told him he'd had sex just to know what it felt like. His best friend, his only real friend, would never lie about something like that. And looking at that kind face with those large, sweet eyes, he knew what he was saying was true. But even though he knew Caesar was telling the truth, he still couldn't wrap his mind all the wall around him having sex with someone else. Part of him wanted to ask him about it. But when Huey dropped his stare back to the present in his hands, he knew he shouldn't bring it up. It had happened before they were together. What Caesar did before this relationship was none of Huey's business.

When Caesar opened his mouth to explain more, Huey leaned over and pressed his lips against his. It caught him off guard and he nearly forgot to kiss back. But then they were kissing, sweetly and lovingly. The air mattress shifted as Caesar moved closer. He moved his hands over Huey's arms, pulling them closer together. The revolutionary gripped the box tightly as he opened his mouth a little. His lover eased his tongue in effortlessly. He moved his tongue over and under Huey's in a playful, seductive sort of way. It made Huey's head swim to taste him, to feel him. Every time they kissed, he wished it would never stop.

Suddenly Huey nearly fell over as the air mattress moved a considerable amount. He opened his eyes to see what was going on and saw Caesar moving closer to him. He ran his fingers over Huey's chest and to his back. Then he smiled through the kiss, pushing him back a little more. He eased him to the bed, starting to climb on top of him. Huey's face started to burn red as he felt his lover moving on top of him. He felt Caesar's fingertips touching his cheeks as he pushed his tongue in deeper, harder, rougher. He held the box in one hand and moved the other one to his friend's leg.

Caesar's body tensed up for a brief second as Huey touched his thigh. Then he relaxed and seemed to welcome the touch. Huey noticed that he kissed harder whenever he gripped his thigh. Each squeeze seemed to excite Caesar more. The grip on his face tightened just a little. He pulled out of the kiss for the briefest of moments before he kissed full on again. He drank Huey down in the most pleasurable of ways.

A second later, however, his friend pulled out the kiss. He licked Huey's lips a little bit before moving to his throat. He sucked on the skin as he slid his hands over his lover's chest. Huey's grip on his leg increased, which only seemed to excite the Brooklyn boy more. Huey let out a small gasp as he bit his neck. He expected it to hurt, but it didn't. It felt better than good. It made his head dance. He moved his body under his lover's, gasping out something, he wasn't sure what. Caesar sucked on the bite mark rather roughly, but even that felt good. He didn't want it to stop.

"What the hell?!" Huey shouted out, jerking under Caesar as he felt something grab his shaft. Caesar jerked back as Huey pushed him up. His wide eyes blinked as he held up his hands in a sort of surrender. Huey's narrowed, wicked eyes scanned his lovely face before he released him. He didn't blush, but he still felt the embarrassment filling his entire body. He pushed a hand over his face as Caesar started to laugh. "I'm sorry. . ."

"No. . .No, it's fine. . . .Don't worry, Big Guy. . ." he assured him between laughs, waving off the very thought of something being wrong. The revolutionary raised his eyes up to his face and relaxed just slightly when he saw that smile he was so used to seeing. He touched the side of his neck, feeling the wetness from Caesar's mouth. He could feel slight indents from his teeth, but he didn't mention it. He turned back towards his lover when he felt a kiss on his cheek. "Jus' relax, Huey. I won't hurt you."

"I know. . . I jus---" he started, but stopped when Caesar put a finger to his lips. He 'shhed' him, giggling just a little bit. Usually, Huey would push him away and continue saying whatever it was he'd been saying. After all, he was never one to keep his mouth shut. But this was different. He rolled his eyes a little so Caesar knew not to make a habit of 'shhing' him, but nodded.

"Now, take off your clothes and lay down. I'll do the rest," his boyfriend instructed, moving off Huey. The revolutionary went up a little from the movement of the air mattress. Caesar gave him a look, ushering him to get undressed before taking off his own shirt. Huey narrowed his eyes, but Caesar paid him no mind as he started to undo the button of his pants.

"'Do the rest'? What exactly do you mean by that?" he questioned instead, moving the box from Riley around in his hands. Caesar narrowed his eyes a little at his best friend before getting off the air mattress. He pushed back his dreads before dropping his pants to the floor. Huey's face burned red when he saw his lover's boxers. It was probably the millionth time he'd seen Caesar get undressed, but this was different. This was sex.

"Do you have to question everything?" the Brooklyn boy asked, arching an eyebrow as he turned to face his boyfriend. The serious look that met him was answer enough and Huey knew he didn't need to say 'yes'. Caesar rolled those pretty eyes, moving closer to his lover. He reached over and plucked the box from his hands. He shook it in his face, the bottle of lube making a soft sound inside. "Jus' do it."

All of Huey's instincts screamed for him to say 'no' or 'make me', but he didn't. He just narrowed his eyes a little more, not sure what Caesar had planned. He knew it could only be a few things, but he still didn't want to go into this blinded. He liked to know what was going on and he knew his lover knew that. Which, in all honesty, was most likely why he wasn't saying a word. But, knowing he wouldn't budge, Huey unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it to the floor. He moved a little bit, unbuttoning his pants and sliding them off. He kicked them off his feet and glanced up at Caesar. He motioned for him to continue, a wide grin on his face.

Nerves consumed Huey as he wriggled around on the air mattress to get his boxers off. He didn't stand, though he wasn't sure why. Something inside him wouldn't let him. As he pulled them off and dropped them on top of his pants, he guessed it was probably his brain's way of telling him that his legs weren't working. He was too nervous to stand there naked in front of his true love. When he raised his eyes back up, he could see the rather intense blush on Caesar's beautiful face. He bit his lower lip and glanced away. When he looked back, his lover was slipping out of his own boxers.

For a moment, they just studied each other's bodies. Each of them had dreamed of this day for so long, they needed a moment to just take it all in. Or at least, Huey knew he did. He wasn't sure what to say because 'beautiful' or 'gorgeous' didn't seem to quite cover it. When he moved his hand towards Caesar's lovely body, trying to express his love for it, Caesar stepped back to the air mattress. He leaned down to eye level and pushed his lips against Huey's. Feeling the utter passion in that one chaste kiss, Huey knew he didn't need to say a word. As usual, Caesar knew.

The revolutionary felt hands pushing him backwards. The bed shifted as the he laid down, his boyfriend half climbing on the bed with him, one knee pressed into the mattress. Sparks went through Huey's entire body as he felt their shafts brush up against each other's. He felt Caesar's shaft move as he did, pushing closer and closer still to him. He opened his mouth, easing Huey's open with his tongue. He kissed him deeply, hungrily. His hands gripped his shoulders, pulling him up a little as he drank him in. Huey moved his hands over Caesar's sides to his hips. He swallowed a little as traced that soft skin. He gave his thighs a little squeeze, which made Caesar move and press their hard shafts against each other again. It sent a tremor down the revolutionary's spine and he gasped through the kiss.

Caesar pulled out of the kiss first again. He kissed his way to the bite mark he put there earlier. He sucked and chewed on the flesh for a brief second. When Huey gripped his body tighter and muttered something, he moved to his collar bone. He bit and nipped and sucked, his hands trailing down Huey's sides. He shuddered at the very touch, rolling his head on the air mattress. He tried to swallow and found it impossible as Caesar continued to move lower. His lips found one of his lover's nipples and he began to suck on it playfully.

Huey moved, causing the entire bed to shift. Caesar let out a sound or a laugh, he wasn't sure. But he felt the hot breath on his nipple and it sent fireworks through his body. He pushed one hand against the Brooklyn boy's shoulder to try and push him off. He wasn't used to this overwhelming emotion. He loved the feel, but the heat inside him was driving him crazy. He tried to tell Caesar, but as usual, he just laughed and moved to his other nipple. He blew on it before laughing.

"Just relax, Big Guy. Enjoy it," Caesar instructed, giving his hips a light squeeze. Huey nodded a little bit, pushing one hand over his face. Caesar gave his nipple a kiss in return before moving further down on his body. He licked and kissed and bit his way lower and lower. When he traced his tongue over Huey's lower stomach, he realized just where he was going. He shuddered with pleasure at the very thought of Caesar going down on him.

His boyfriend inched a little closer to his shaft. He kissed his inner thighs, so close to his boys that it made Huey shudder. He wanted to push him closer, but he couldn't bring himself to move. Instead, he just fell to taking slow and steady breaths that didn't help at all. He glanced down as Caesar moved again. He blew Huey a kiss before resting a hand on his shaft. He gasped out, moving his head back. He tried to grab at the sheets, but there weren't any on the mattress yet. He moved and gasped out more as Caesar started to move his hand up and down his shaft.

". . .uhhh. . . .I won't kiss you. . . .if. . . uhhh. . .you do," was the only thing Huey could think of to say. He knew it probably wasn't what Caesar expected, but it got him to laugh anyways. He wasn't sure if he made some joke or something because the next thing he knew, he felt Caesar's mouth on the tip of his cock. A sound slipped out of him as he felt him taking nearly his entire shaft in his mouth. He traced his tongue over it the way he did when he was kissing Huey. He brew on it as he drew back. He kissed the tip, causing Huey to shudder and gasp.

The revolutionary arched his back a little as the motion got faster and a little rougher. He felt Caesar stroking his boys in time with his sucking and licking. He gave them the smallest of tugs, nearly sending his lover over the edge. Huey could feel the orgasm building the longer his lover's went down on him. He tried to hold it back. He didn't want to cum now. He wriggled around, trying to say something to Caesar. He wasn't sure what he managed to say, but after another kiss to the tip of his cock, he moved back. Huey dropped back on the air mattress completely, trying to catch his breath. He could still feel Caesar's tongue licking and caressing his shaft, which only made him shudder with delight.

"This might hurt."

Before Huey could ask what he was talking about, he felt something press into his entrance. He jolted up on the bed, nearly kicking Caesar in the face as he did. His lover blinked a little, the shock of almost being kicked still sinking in. He looked at Huey with wide eyes before looking down at his hand. Huey stared at him, eyes wide in the most violent of ways. Caesar had opened the bottle of lube and had coated his index finger with it.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Huey shouted at him, moving a little further away on the bed. It shifted unexpectedly and he nearly lost his balance. Caesar tilted his head to the side a little, giving his boyfriend one of the most confused looks he ever had. He narrowed his eyes in a puzzled way, motioning to Huey.

"I'm getting you ready. What are you doing?" he answered, motioning to the revolutionary. Huey started to demand to know what he was getting him ready for when it hit him. He looked from the lube to Caesar's hand and back again. He shook his head, mimicking the motion with his hands.

"No way am I on bottom!" he protested in such a final sort of tone that it got Caesar to arch one eyebrow. They stared at one another, Caesar in a disbelieving way and Huey in an angry way. Then the Brooklyn boy started to laugh. He shook his head, his dreads going wild. He picked up the bottle of lube and squeezed a little more on his finger. He spread it around and wiped any excess on his thigh.

"Yeah, right. Lay down and just relax. As soon as I get three fingers in, we can get to the fun part," Caesar answered, completely ignoring the look Huey was giving him. He grabbed the Freeman's leg and tried to pull him closer to the edge of the bed so he wouldn't have to get off the floor, where he was sitting. Huey grabbed his wrist tightly and pulled it off him. "What are you doing, Huey?"

"I said I'm not on the bottom," he snapped back, glaring death at his best friend. He got that usual laugh in response, but when he sharpened his eyes down to points, the laughter slowed. Caesar tilted his head to one side, letting his hands drop to his lap as if to say 'are you kidding me'.

For a moment, they just stared at each other. Then Caesar got to his feet, grabbing the bottle of lube as he did. He climbed on the bed and gave Huey a rough shove backwards. The bed moved as he hit it, but Caesar didn't fall over. He ran a hand over Huey's shaft until he was completely hard again. The revolutionary shuddered and panted for him to stop. Once again, the orgasm started to build up. Then Caesar leaned over him, grinning a rather sinister grin.

"You're a virgin. I'm not. I know what I'm doing. Jus' relax and deal with it," he ordered in a voice almost unlike himself. Almost being the key word and Huey was familiar enough with the less than sweet side of Caesar that usually only showed up when they were fighting about soccer or how Caesar's cousin got thrown in jail for drugs. He knew that fighting with him would be just that. A fight. One that would probably end with one of them getting frustrated and leaving the room.

Huey gritted his teeth and muttered something as he laid back down on the bed. He received a kiss on the cheek for his submission. Caesar gave his shaft another couple strokes to make sure he was excited again. Each pump made Huey burn from the inside out in sheer ecstasy. He made a few sounds despite his best efforts not to. He felt his lover's fingers dip towards his butt, pausing only to stroke his boys.

Huey squeezed his eyes shut and moved a little as he felt the tip of Caesar's finger push into him. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out. His lover leaned over him, moving so that he was sitting between Huey's legs. He moved his finger inside him, rubbing and stroking. He pushed his finger in a little more and flexed it a little. The sensation was strange at first, unlike anything Huey had ever felt. But steadily he got used to it. By the time his boyfriend had gotten his second finger in, it actually started to feel good. He looked over at his lover and saw the blush on his face as he moved his fingers a little further into him. He moved, pushing one of Huey's legs up a little with his free hand. The movement made the rubbing of his fingers feel different. It sent a shudder through Huey's body and he moaned out a little. Again, he tried to grab at the bed, but found nothing to hold onto.

"Okay. I'm gonna put the third in," Caesar told him, glancing up to make sure he wasn't in any pain. He smiled a little when he saw the way he was blushing and panting heavily. Then he rubbed a little lube on his ring finger and pushed it in with the other two. Huey clenched his butt a little over the three fingers, then forced himself to relax. He rolled his head around on the bed as he felt him moving his fingers in and out, flexing them a little as he did. After another moment of pushing in and out, he withdrew all of his fingers. "Okay, Big Guy. We're ready to go."

The Freeman tried to say something in response, but was too far gone in pleasure to form words. Instead, he just nodded his head and took a few deep breaths. He heard his lover squeezing out some more of the lube and then heard the bottle drop to the floor. He swallowed a little bit as Caesar pushed his legs where he wanted him. Then Huey could feel the tip of his shaft at his entrance. It pushed against it gently and Huey tensed up. But he forced himself to relax before Caesar said something.

The first push sent a wave a pain through his entire body. He let out a scream, his back arching a considerable amount as he jerked around. Caesar held his hips tightly, pushing in a light deeper. He had to fight for every inch and Huey thrashed with each one. He moaned out, squeezing his eyes shut as his lover slowly and gently started pulling out.

"Give it a little bit, Huey. It'll feel better in a little bit," he assured him as he started to push back in. The revolutionary let out a sound close to a whine as he moved underneath his lover. He felt several kisses on his chest as the pushing got steadier and steadier. He gasped for breath, fighting the urge to shove Caesar off him or from punching him in his pretty face.

A few more thrusts and the motion started to feel better. It hurt, but in a better way. And the more Caesar pushed into him, the better it started to feel. He moaned out for the first time and felt Caesar's lips smile on his chest. The thrusts got a little faster, smoother now that he was relaxed. He arched his back to increase the feeling, the sheer ecstasy starting to fill him from head to toe. He grabbed at Caesar's back to hold him close, wanting him to know how good it felt. He let out a moan and a small shout as he came close to hitting his sweet spot. He felt teeth at his nipple and it sent a pulse of fire through his body.

Huey tried to say something, to tell him to go faster, harder. But he only moaned out and rolled his head back on the air mattress. He tugged at one of Caesar's dreads, trying to tell him to go faster. Whether or not he got the message was beyond Huey, because he didn't respond but the thrusts started to increase. The passion was building inside Huey with each of the pumps. Two more struck near his sweet spot before one struck it directly. He let out a roar of a scream, his body convulsing without his permission. His legs tightened around Caesar's waist. He felt a kiss over the bite mark on his neck. He felt his hot breath, felt his hands at his hips. But more than that, he felt the pumps. They hit his sweet spot more and more now that he knew where it was.

His body jolted with each thrust. He gasped as he moved, trying to hold onto Caesar for support. He closed his eyes, moving his head a little. A couple more hit directly on his sweet spot and nearly sent him into a screaming orgasm. He wriggled around under his lover, not wanting to come yet. But by the faint feeling caused by being too overwhelmed was starting to take over. He knew he couldn't hold on much longer. It was too much. Three more thrusts and he let out a shout. Caesar moved on top of him, his own breathing short and fast. He panted a few times, each one matching a hard thrust.

"I wanna. . . uhhh. . .come. . .inside you," he breathed out, scanning Huey's face before looking down. He kissed his lover's neck as the thrusts got faster and faster. Huey's head spun as he tried to process what his lover was trying to tell him. He closed his eyes for a brief second, trying to figure out what he meant. It hit him the same time a thrust struck his sweet spot and the orgasm struck a second later, giving him no time to tell Caesar not to come inside him.

Huey was overcome by the ecstasy a moment or two before Caesar was. As his body convulsed under his lover's, his eyes rolling nearly all the way back in his head, he felt the hot liquid of his lover inside him. They finished off their orgasms together, the pleasure consuming them together. Huey then collapsed on the bed with Caesar on top of him. They were both gasping for air. Huey fanned himself a little bit before letting his hand drop on the bed. He was too exhausted right now. He couldn't even bring himself to do that. Instead, he just laid there with his boyfriend on top of him in the same state.

Several minutes or hours or seconds later, Caesar moved a little. He gave his lover a hug, though a rather weak one. He kissed his chest and moved enough so that he was out of his boyfriend. Huey glanced down at that smiling face and cracked a small one of his own. He moved one of his hands and rested it on Caesar's back, gently rubbing it to comfort him.

"Next time, I'm on top," he muttered out halfheartedly though he meant every word. His smile grew when he heard the beautiful sound of Caesar's laugh. He shook his head a little, but didn't fight with him. He knew there wasn't any reason. They both knew that Huey liked to be in control of the situation too much to be on bottom.

"Whatever you say, Lover Boy. Whatever you say," Caesar finally replied after his laughter died down. He gave Huey's chest a small pat, shaking his head a little bit more. Huey stroked his back gently, which he knew made Caesar smile.

Huey smiled to himself, happy to know that his true love was finally his. Regardless of how long he'd had to wait and how much he'd had to have his little brother push him to get to this point.

Michael Caesar was his and his alone.

The End. I hope you enjoyed it. Especially you, Word Salad. Happy way, way, way, WAY belated birthday. Geez, it was hard portraying Huey as the uke. . . I hope I kept him in character though. . .

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