Mike Rowe could not satisfactorily explain the circumstances leading up to his arrest for public brawling, but his new series of Dirty Prison Jobs won a coveted Emmy nomination.

While Simon Cowell receives a sizable collection of threatening letters today, it in no way matches the astonishing number prior to the assassination attempt at Radio City Music Hall.

Twelve years after the fact, Benjamin Bailey's insurance paid off handsomely on the Cash Cab after a lengthy legal battle that comprised not less than twenty greatly damaged vehicles. The contention over the high jacked vehicle centered on the fact that the crashed cab had mysteriously burst into flame shortly after coming to its final rest, thus destroying any evidence or surveillance tapes within. The bullet holes riddling the lead van's camera had effectively removed any secondary evidence. Meanwhile his franchise has quadrupled in value and a spin off called Crash Cab, driven by his mysterious new nephew, has swept the small country of Equador.

Radio City Music Hall, being the national heritage that it is, was in no way damaged during the typing of this spoof other than a largish blood stain near the stage on the left center isle. No visible damage remained to the security system, although the software had to be completely reloaded on new motherboards.

No visible trace or footage remained of the CIA double secret black ops agent Jason Bourne, except the two frames that caught the edge of his head at the beginning of the surveillance tape from Radio City Music Hall uploaded to You TUBE and CNN, proving Troy and Rea correct in their conclusion that camera crews are in effect 'invisible to the public.'