The two boys stepped into an extremely large room. It had seemed strange to have a door in your own house that required a key card, but now that they were on the other side of that door, they could see why. It was metallic inside, and what wasn't metallic was white.

"Very sci-fi," Sora commented on the laboratory spread out to his right.

"What have they got something like this in their house for?" Roxas asked. Tidus' family were secretly mad scientists?

Sora patted Roxas' head. "They invented Stiff-Oh, remember? They've got to have somewhere to make and test their products. So make," he pointed to the large area that must have taken up half of the back of the house, "and test." There was a small salon tucked into the corner.

Wandering into the Salon, one of the mirrors caught Roxas' attention. There were red letters written all over it. Sora came up behind him, swiping at the letter 'O'. He stuck his finger in his mouth and made a face. "Its written in lipstick."

Roxas raised an eyebrow at him. "How do you know that? You been kissing a lot of girls lately?"

Sora tucked his hands in his pockets. "No, I used to eat it when I was really little. I thought it was candy." He shrugged.

Roxas sighed and turned back to the message. "Get back to work? What's that supposed to mean?"

Sora shrugged. "Where do you work at?"

"In an office? But we already looked around in there."

"Didn't look hard enough, I guess. Come on!" Sora pulled Roxas out of the lab and back across the hall. It was sort of exciting, following clues and all. Once they were back in the office, the two started checking out everything. Roxas opened all of the drawers in the desk. Sora looked a wardrobe in the corner up and down, before popping it open. "Woah! Come look!" He beckoned Roxas over.

Once the door was opened wider, Roxas peered inside. "It's an elevator! Now that is cool."

"After you," Sora said, motioning towards the inside of the wardrobe. Sora climbed in afterwards and hopped onto the elevator. Trust Tidus to have a secret elevator in his house. The two watched the doors close.

Roxas inspected the buttons inside. "So…should we go up or down? There's only three floors."

Sora thought about it for a moment. "Why would Tidus have us come find a secret elevator if he was upstairs? We could have walked up the staircase and found him on our own. So this means-"

"He's downstairs. So we'll push-" Roxas' pointing finger was interrupted by a jerk of the elevator, as it begun to rise. He sighed a little. "Never mind then, not our choice I guess."

The two waited for the elevator to stop, and waited additionally for the doors to open. When they didn't open, Sora leaned over and pushed the open button. Absolutely nothing happened, and though Sora was pretty sure that it wouldn't do any good, he pushed all of the buttons just in case. He turned to Roxas and shrugged. "Stuck."

Roxas sighed and leaned against the wall of the elevator, but the safety bar was uncomfortable. Instead, he opted to sit down on the lightly carpeted floor.

Sora remained standing. "What do you think we're supposed to be doing in here?" he asked, looking around. "You think Tidus can hear us?"

Roxas leaned back against the wall, and there was a cheerful bing from the elevator, as if it were answering Sora's question. "Probably."

"Tidus is downstairs, isn't he?" Sora asked, looking up at the ceiling that was covered in mirrors. The elevator binged again. "But we're two floors up." Bing.

There was silence between the two, in which Sora shuffled his feet a bit and Roxas pulled at a string on the bottom of his pants. "So…" Sora started to say, and there was a bing from the elevator. The whole thing jerked and Sora stumbled, almost falling over. "Okay, I get it! Sitting down now!" he said, sitting down on the floor cautiously.

Roxas chuckled a little at Tidus' ability to control the situation. He really was something, that kid. "I think uh…I think he wants us to…talk." Roxas said slowly, remembering Namine's advice from last night. Well, it was someplace private, and really, neither of them could leave even if they wanted to. It was a pretty perfect setup for a confrontation. The elevator binged its approval.

"Okay, let's talk then. How are you adjusting?" Sora launched the conversation right away. Roxas never thought of Sora as much of a conversationalist, he usually saved those long insightful ones for Axel. Apparently he was ready for it today.

"Okay," Roxas replied. "Pretty good. There's a lot of things that I've already gotten used to, even. Uh, worry. Jealousy. Anger. Irritation. Frustration, frustration a lot actually. Nervousness." Roxas stopped thinking for a second to look over at Sora, who seemed to be frowning. "What?"

"Where are all the happy emotions? If all you've been learning is negative emotions then…" He drew his feet up to his chest. "Guess I'm not doing a very good job."

"No! No, Sora. You're doing a great job. I don't know at all, I mean I have no idea what I'd do without you," he scooted closer to Sora. Roxas reached over and lifted Sora's arm off his leg. "I'd be really, really lost without you." He slid his hand down Sora's arm until he found his fingers and tangled his own in them.

Sora turned his head to the side, avoiding looking at Roxas for fear he'd blush. "It's funny you should say that. I kinda thought that…you know. I'm kind of confusing to deal with. Not the best teacher."

Roxas shook his head, then paused. He reached over and took Sora's chin in his hand lightly, turning his avoidant face towards him. "Well, actually. You are kind of confusing, but…you're honest. And those happy emotions? Fun and contentment, being comfortable, and being warm, laughing. You make me feel those. Those most of anyone."

Sora smiled winningly at him, relieved. "I do? I'm so glad." He placed his hand over Roxas' that was resting on his cheek.

Roxas swallowed a little. "About earlier, at the theater. I'm really sorry I just…you probably don't mean to but I think that you might be teaching me what love feels like, too. Maybe…"

Sora sighed a little, turning his eyes away. "The brother kind, right?" Life was so unfair.

Roxas could see his disappointment, but he smiled a little, ducking his head to bring Sora's gaze back to him. "Maybe not the brother kind, Sora."

Sora gaped a little, slightly flustered at the sudden information, but at the same time thrilled to no end. "S-so. If uh, if it's the not brother kind, then it would be okay if I…" Sora took a deep breath, to prevent himself from stuttering so badly. "If I can't help liking you."

Roxas opened his mouth to say something, but there was a bing from the elevator and a tiny jerk. The doors hummed a little and slid open heavily. Soft music filled the elevator, emitted from the room that it opened into.

Sora, completely compelled and fascinated, got to his feet and pulled Roxas along with him, and the two cautiously stepped out of the elevator. The room was quite dim, the overhead lights were almost out. It looked like a large and fancy version of a teenager's bedroom. "Is this Tidus' room?" Sora asked softly.

Roxas let go of his hand to look around a bit. He moved over to the door to find it locked. Roxas tried the other door that appeared to lead to a bathroom, and found it locked as well. The shades were drawn on all the windows, even the sliding glass door to the balcony. The soft piano music was coming from the surround sound speakers mounted in various corners of the room. Roxas stopped by Tidus' bed, noting that the room was spotlessly clean, and the bed was meticulously made, despite the fact that Tidus had given the maids the day off. Roxas sat down gingerly on the bed with a smirk. Everything was sort of coming to light. Buying them both, forcing them to have fun and work together, locking them practically naked in the sauna to up the tension, then stranding them in the elevator until one or both confessed.

"What a conniving sneak," Sora said, and Roxas looked up at his backside framed by the fireplace that was set in the wall. You could see through the glass that it went through to the bathroom. The flames flickered calmly across the walls and lit up the room with a warm and inviting atmosphere. "Suddenly, I don't want to kill him so badly now, though." Sora turned around with a very soft smile on his face. He started over to where Roxas was sitting, who scooted back on the bed, on instinct again, as he approached.

"What are you thinking?" Roxas asked, as Sora's knee hit the bed between his legs. Sora put his hand on Roxas' shoulder.

Roxas was about to repeat his question when he felt Sora's hand travel from his shoulder to his face, tilting it upwards. Roxas briefly wondered if Sora had listened to Tidus' lecture on kissing, too. He also only briefly wondered why it was Sora now that was leaning down towards him, brushing his bangs aside. Then again…Sora had been the one from the beginning that had taught him nearly everything. Maybe, just like everything else that seemed to happen between them, it was natural for Sora to teach him this, too.

Roxas' eyes were fixated on the firelight in Sora's as they moved closer. He tried to force himself to continue to look into them but his own eyelids drooped, almost triggered by Sora's breath tickling his lips. "Breathe," Sora whispered, his nose brushing lightly against Roxas' as he tilted his head. Roxas hadn't even noticed that he was holding his breath, and he opened his mouth slightly to facilitate a few short breaths before Sora cut off his air intake.

There was a brief pause, and all Roxas felt was Sora's lips, warm and slightly damp, pressed ever so lightly against his own. Before he could start to wonder what happened next, Sora's head tilted more and he moved, slowly. Roxas responded, fitting their lips together in a perfect, rythmatic movement. The room around them was gone and the music was mute in his ears, replaced with a sensual overload of the sweet taste of Sora in his mouth.

It was too short for something that they both felt they'd waited so long for when Sora pulled away, letting his forehead fall onto Roxas' shoulder. Roxas could feel him breathing into his neck. His arm went around Sora's waist and he started to stand up, taking Sora with him. Sora wrapped his arms around Roxas' neck, and the two stood there in a tight embrace for a little while, until Roxas noticed the lights coming up.

The elevator binged and they both looked over at it. It seemed to be beckoning them inside. Sora took Roxas' arm and led him into it, pushing the button with a 'B' marked on it.

The elevator opened to a large basement, and the two followed a short hallway that ended in what looked like a studio of sorts. They spotted Tidus behind a large window, and opened the door to the sound booth.

"You made it," he said, rising from his chair.

"What's all this?" Roxas asked, looking around at the equipment and spotting a large, bright green area with a lawn chair set in the middle.

"Stiff-Oh films all of its commercials down here," Tidus explained.

"We ought to kill you," Sora reminded him.

Tidus just grinned. "But you won't. Aw, come on guys, do it again. It was too cute."

Sora turned red and Roxas frowned. "Were you watching?"

Tidus put his arm around both of them. "Yeah, and I'm really horrendously jealous. But as a reward for finally, FINALLY getting your lips on each other, I'm treating you to ice cream."

"Ice cream!" Sora said excitedly, as Tidus ushered them into the elevator.

Roxas rolled his eyes, waiting until Sora rushed out of the elevator as soon as it stopped. He caught Tidus' arm. "Tidus?"

"Hm?" Tidus asked.

"Thanks." There really was no reason for Tidus to do all this.

Tidus pushed Roxas ahead of him. "You're welcome, loverboy. Even though you wasted all I taught you and let Sora do the work." Before Roxas could protest, Tidus went on. "But don't worry, you'll top eventually."

Roxas stared at him as he walked out of the office, shaking his head, not bothering to fight the grin or blush on his face.

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