In normal situations, a wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of a couple in loves' lives. A wedding as described in the dictionary is a ceremony that celebrates the beginning of a marriage or civil union. It is usually causes the joining of two families, the joining to of two souls, and the next chapter in a couple lives. At weddings there is a beautiful ceremony with people dressed in their finest of outfits. With the exchanging of vows and rings, along with readings, songs, lighting of a unity candle and prayers, the minister pronounces a couple husband and wife, in which leads to the couple's first kiss as a married couple.

After photos are taken, a private moment for the couple to have a brief breaks to themselves before the reception and the receiving line to great everyone. The new Mr. and Mrs. So and So, comes out has their first dance. This also leads to dinner, toasts and more dancing. There is the cutting of the cake, and the tossing of the bouquet and garter to see who the next ones to be married is. In which this generally leads to the happy couple leaving the reception to begin the rest of their lives together…

However in this case…. It was double the fun.

Twenty five years later…

A now fifty five year old Randy Orton and a fifty eight year old John Cena were sitting at a table in the back of the wedding writing checks to pay for the rest of the wedding. Randy sighed in relief as he signed the last check and he heard John sigh too as he finished the last check. "Thank God that is done," said John as he handed his checks to Randy, "I am done paying for weddings."

Randy laughed as he said, "Yeah, but at least we took care of four kids at the same time." Today was a special day for both the Cena and Orton families. Both John and Randy twin children got married today… to each other. Nicholas James and Angelina Hope were married, and Randy Jr. and Isabella Lily joined their lives together. No one was really surprised at this since they were all born around the same times on the same day, however there were times when other people came into their lives, but like their parents, fate had decided them meant to be.

"Yeah, I never thought that we would have a double wedding for the twins, but hey it helped all the same," said John, "Now I just have John Jr., Chris and Jenny." After the twins were born, John and Vanessa had three more children, John Cena Jr., Christopher Edward and Jennifer Marie. John and Chris was currently at FCW training to make their WWE debuts, while Jenny was in her last year of college and planning to go to medical school, she figured with her other siblings in wrestling, she would be the one who would do some good as a OBGYN.

"And I have Michael and Alanna," said Randy, a couple years after Theresa and Randy were married they had another set of twins boy and girl, Ethan Richard and Alanna Marie. They were both in college, Michael was becoming a teacher, and Alanna was following in her mother's footsteps of becoming a photographer. Angelina and Randy both went into wrestling, and like the guys predicting the night they were born, Shane and Stephanie decided that to form the Cena-Orton faction that currently was at the top of the WWE. Currently Nicholas was the World Heavyweight Champion and Angelina was the Women's Champion on Raw, and RJ was the WWE Champion and Isabella was the Divas Champion on Smackdown. "Oh man, I can not believe that our kids are all grown up now."

"Yeah it's crazy," said John, "do you miss the old days?"

Randy smiled as he said, "Yeah, sometimes, I miss the days when we were at the top of the heap and fighting as champions, now you and I are relaxing as commentators on Raw and Vanessa is the general manger of Smackdown. You and I hold title records that our kids can only dream of, and now currently you are going to become a grandfather in five months."

"Oh man… me a grandfather, I never thought I would see the day," said John as he smiled wistfully, well life is good for us… now speaking of grandparents… I need to go see a future grandmother aka Vanessa cause she owes me a dance." With that John got up and went to look for his wife.

Randy leaned back into his seat as he looked around the wedding scene, there were many members of the Cena, Orton, Eaton and Davis families, and many wrestlers of Randy and John's days and the newer generation of wrestlers. Randy took a sip of champagne as he admired how much things had changed since he made his WWE debut a lifetime ago.

When Randy was younger, he never really saw himself as a family man, he thought of only wrestling. Now here he was sitting as a WWE Legend, a happily married man, and a father of four, and he was sitting at the wedding of his two firstborn children. He could not believe how much his life had change, how many wonderful memories he had, and more are sure to come.

Suddenly Randy's thoughts were disrupted as he heard, "Hey Uncle Randy." When he looked up, he smiled as he saw his niece/goddaughter, 27 year old Sofia Bautista smiling down at him. Sofia had married Bautista's son Dave Jr., a couple years ago and was currently expecting her first child, John and Vanessa's first grandchild, but unlike her parents, Sofia decided to wait until the baby was born to find out it was a girl or a boy.

"Hey Sofi bear," said Randy as he stood up and kissed her cheek, "please sit down. How are you feeling?"

"Wow Uncle Randy," said Sofia as she sat down, "You haven't called me Sofi bear since I was six years old, it sounds so nice. I am feeling good, the morning sickness is gone, but lord knows I miss being in the ring."

"I am sure, I remember when your mom was pregnant with you, she did not want to leave the ring, so she managed your dad for a while, heck you were almost born in the arena."

"Yes I know, mom and dad told me, but unlike mom, I decided to take it easy and stay home. Plus Davey is more paranoid that ever, I swear dad was never this bad when mom was pregnant with any of my siblings." Sofia glanced around at the wedding as she said, "Beautiful wedding."

"Yes indeed."

"Seems like only yesterday I said "Me marwy you Uncie Wandy," to you when Sam abandoned you at the altar." Sofia gave him a knowing look as she smiled remembering the memory.

Randy looked at her with surprise as he said, "You remember that?"

"I may have been two years old, but I remember that day very well, it was a day that changed everyone's lives. If you had married Sam that day, I am sure that none of this would have happened. You probably would have never met Aunt Theresa, and right now Isa and Nick would probably be married to other people, and who knows what names Angelina and RJ would have now as well who they would be with today. Not to mention that Ethan and Alanna would not have existed."

Randy thought for a moment and smiled as he said, "Yeah you are right, at lot of this would be different if I did marry Samantha, but I am glad that I did not marry her, I am sure that I would not have been as happy as I am today."

"And besides… I was a pretty flower girl."

Randy laughed as he said, "Yes, you were Sofi Bear."

"Well, I am going to go see my husband, I will talk to you later Uncle Randy," Sofia stood up and kissed his cheek before she went on her way. "But don't get too comfortable, its almost time for the fathers/daughters dance."

Randy smiled as he watched Sofia make her way to her husband and wrapped her arms around him as Dave placed his hands on her stomach and they shared a knowing look. He was amazed with how the next generation of wrestling was going to be when John, Vanessa and he were long gone. Randy nodded his head as he knew that the WWE was in good hands and the McMahons could continue their legacy.

Randy then began to look around the wedding…

Randy's glance first stopped at the newlyweds, Nicholas and Angelina Cena and Randall and Isabella Orton were surrounded by their friends all dancing and laughing. Randy could not help but smile as he admired his children and new in-laws as he could clearly see the love in their eyes. He saw that he knew that they had found their loves of their lifetimes, and soon the next generations of Cena and Orton will soon enter the wrestling world.

His next glance stopped at Dave Bautista and his wife Melissa, they had their own battle to get where they were today… and he could see how much they love and happy they made each other.

Finally he saw John and Vanessa standing with Theresa, it was amazing how they each got to where they were today. John and Vanessa had their demons of the past to expel before they were together, from the death of Stacy and Michael, to the return of Vanessa's ex, to Vanessa getting kidnapped. However, once everything was said and done, John and Vanessa joined their lives together and had six amazing children… Randy laughed lightly since he knew Vanessa wanted to stop after the twins were born, but John wanted a big family.

Then there was Theresa… dear sweet Theresa, they had their own battle to get to where they were today. Randy smiled as he sat there reflecting on the last twenty five years of his life. Every moment he had shared since Theresa came into his life, the moment they met, the birth of the first set of twins, their wedding, the birth of the second set of twins, right up to this very moment. Everything he promised Theresa that day…

"Daddy?" interrupted his thoughts and when he looked up, he saw Angelina Hope Orton-Cena standing in front of him, "you ok?" To Randy, Angelina looked so much like her mother on their wedding day, well since she was wearing the same wedding dress that Theresa wore when they were married.

"Hey my sweet Angel," said Randy as he took his daughter's hand, "daddy's fine. Just was thinking how beautiful his baby girl looked today, and now is a beautiful married woman."

"Oh daddy," said Angelina as she rolled her eyes, "you know I will always be your baby girl, plus look on the bright side, today you gained a son and daughter in law, not many people can say that."

"No, not many people can," said Randy as he smiled and stood up, "I love you so much." He hugged his daughter and kissed her on the forehead.

"I love you too daddy, but now its time for the fathers and daughters dance, Uncle John and Isabella are waiting."

"OK, lets go." With that he lead his daughter to the dance floor and with that continued to dance the night away.

Later that night…

The champagne had been drunk…

The food had been eaten…

The dance floor had been worn out…

The camera had stopping flashing…

The music stopped playing…

The newlyweds had gone off to begin their lives together…

All the guests threw the last piece of rice and went home….

Now, there was peace and quiet…

Randy and Theresa were sitting in their rocking chairs after the wedding and watched the sun go down. The were enjoying the peace and quiet of the lake, the chipping of the crickets, the ripples from the lake. Theresa sighed in relief as she said, "Thank God this day is over. I never thought the kids would go on their honeymoon. Lord knows when you and I were married we could not wait to leave the reception."

Randy smirked as he said, "Yeah well, they had all their friends, and the families to say hello to, not to mention it was a double wedding. Look on the bright side, at least we have a few more years before Ethan or Alanna get married… God willing."

Theresa laughed as she said, "Yeah I am sure that John and Vanessa are glad that they got most of their kids married and now get a break before they become grandparents."

"Yeah, do you realize that potentially we might get to grandchildren in nine months?"

"Randy… shut up and enjoy the peace and quiet, even if its for five minutes."

"Yes dear." Theresa laughed lightly and shook her heasd

A few moments went by before Theresa spoke again, "Do you remember what you said to me when I was giving birth to Angelina and RJ? Do you remember what you said about what you saw when you looked into my eyes."

"Yeah… what about it?"

"So far everything came true."

Randy looked at her for a moment and smiled as he said, "Yeah, and its only going to get better from here."

"I am going to go to bed… care to join me?"

"I will be up in a minute."

"OK… I will be waiting." Theresa stood up and stretched before she made her way to the door, but before she entered she said, "Randy?"


"I love you."

"I love you too Resa." With that, Theresa went into the house while Randy sat there.

Randy stood up and stretched as he then watched the last lights of the sun disappear into the night, he smiled lightly as he knew that life had changed so much for him 26 years ago, and truly he was glad that it did, since it all it took…

Was letting go.

The End