Okay, so this story is about the teen-drama lives of the Boomerang Gaang, Ozai's Angels and Zuko. But it's modern-day and NO bending powers! It's all Alternative Universe.

Avatar the Last Airbender (long name) is owned by its creaters and Nickelodeon and a bunch of other copyright companies and stuff. I hate Spongebob.

Zuko, Haru, and Jet are eating lunch at the Ba Sing Se Middle School.

"So what do you have for lunch today?" Zuko asked in a bored tone.

"The usual: A peanut butter/jelly sandwich with Kool Aid," Haru sighed.

All of a sudden, Jet slammed Haru right in the ribs, making him spazz out his drink and bump into Zuko.

"Jeez, what is it, Jet?" Haru grumbled.

"Look what we have here. A new girl. A hot one. And she's sitting all alone over there," Jet whispered as he pointed to her. "This is our chance—"

"Don't you mean your chance?" Zuko glared.

"Oh sorry." Jet said quickly, not even paying attention to his friends. "You guys need to come with me because I'll look weird by myself and I might need backup."

Jet randomly grabbed the two boys by the collar, scooped them until they were standing, and shoved them in the girl's direction. They walked towards her and Jet started the talk. "Hey! You look kinda new here and lonely so I—we—thought you'd like some company." The three boys sat down beside her. "My name's Jet. These are my Freedom Fighters: Haru and Zuko. Smellerbee was also part of the group but she has a lunch detention today…"

"Wow. You guys have a club thingy? That is…weird…" she said as she eyed the boys closely and scooted away a bit.

Jet scoots over to Haru and Zuko. "Guys, I need backup. She's thinkin' we're weird!"

Zuko crossed his arms on his chest. "She thinks we're weird? I haven't even said anything to her yet!" Zuko fumed under his breath so that she couldn't hear.

"Well, what do I say?" Jet gritted his teeth.

"Say, 'don't think I'm trying to get you to like me because I'm already gay and love Haru,'" Zuko teased sarcastically.

Haru looks up innocently from eating a piece of chicken Jet gave him. "…What?"

Suddenly, the new girl laughs and speaks from her side of the table. "Hey, that was pretty funny. What's your name?" she asked as she pointed at Zuko.

"Man, why do I always start the conversation and you always end up with the girls?" Jet mumbled.

"Uh—I'm Zuko."

"Cool. My name's Katara. Me and my brother, Sokka, just moved here a week ago. I have a neighbor named Aang and he's my first friend here, but he likes to hang out with the sixth graders. My brother's at the high school already so you guys are my first real friends... I guess."

"Now were you giving your personal information to me or Zuko?" Jet asked desperately, giving her the puppy-eyes.

"All three of you guys. Though, mostly Zuko," she giggled.

Zuko had a blank stare, Jet looked like he was about to cry and Haru was sippin' his lemonade.

"So how old are you?" Jet asked.

"I'm 13. But I'm turning 14 next month. I'm in seventh grade though. My dad wants me to take it again just because I got a C in math once. I hate math."

Jet cut in, "Ya know, I'm 15 years old already. And in eighth grade. Can you believe it?"

"Yeah. Did you get held back?" Katara teased.

"Well, I get in and outta trouble most o' the time," Jet said casually as he leaned back, trying to be aloof.

"How about you guys?" Katara asked as she looked at Haru and Zuko.

"15 and eighth grade too," said Zuko reluctantly.

"Same." Haru answered.

The cacophony from the bell made the four of them jump from their seats. Oh how time can pass.

"Well, I'll seeya guys later!" Katara called out and waved as she walked to her next class.

"Nice goin', Zuzu," Jet snaps.

"What? Wait, and how did you know that nickname?" Zuko asked as they walked to study hall.

"You steal a chick that I was about to score and then you don't even do anything? What kind of guy are you? ...And your sister told me about the nickname."

"I'm the kind of guy that doesn't want to get into girls and stuff until high school."

"Aw, come on. That's a bunch of crap. I got my first date in 5th grade. But you just like to listen to your mommy, huh? Mamma's Boy!"

"Hey! Shut up about my mom! And just because you started dating early, it doesn't mean that I have to."

"Fine. Whatever. Don't be surprised if you see me and Katara holding hands tomorrow."

"Pfft. Fat chance. You saw her at lunch today. She doesn't like you. She'd rather go out with me. Maybe even Haru."

"Haru didn't even say anything at lunch. Wait. Are you trying to bet against me?"

"What? I never said---"

"Okay. I bet your Nintendo DS for my PSP. If she kisses me, I get the DS. If she kisses you, you get my PSP."

"But I love my DS—"

"Yes, yes, everyone knows about your sexual thoughts about your DS."

"I didn't mean love like that. Jeez, freakin' idiot."

"We'll see who's the idiot after Katara kisses me. I can taste those sweet lips of hers already."

"Man that is nasty. I can't imagine a girl's saliva in my mouth. What if they just ate something sick?"

"You act as if girls are a totally new species. They're just like us except they have boobs, vaginas, and they're more sensitive than us. That's all."

After school

Zuko, Azula, and Jet walk down the sidewalk on their way home as they spot Katara; Sokka, and Aang sauntering casually next to her.

"Jeez, that chick is a boy magnet," Jet said as he stared at the two boys.

"Do you even remember her name?" Zuko sighed, slapping his forehead with his palm.

Azula ignored the two and eyed Katara observantly. "So that's his sister. And the little kid with them is...annoying-looking."

But before Zuko could even comment on Azula, Jet was already across the street introducing himself. Zuko and Azula sighed and ran to the group, Zuko afraid of losing that bet.

"...Yeah. Oh by the way, this is Zuko and his sister, Azula," gestured Jet.

"So this is the Zuko I've been hearing so much about…" Aang said suspiciously as he glared at Zuko.

Sokka stared at him too. "Well, he looks pretty decent, Katara. I was hoping you'd go after someone less…emo."

"Emo!? Who told you I was emo?" Zuko had a miniature panic attack.

"You know how Sokka and I started going out today and we have the same classes as each other?" Azula spoke in her sickly sweet voice. "Well, call it a hunch."

"But aren't you older than Azula, Zuko?" Katara asked.


Azula intervened. "I'm 14, sophomore. Straight A's. I play gymnastics, karate; I meditate daily and take yoga classes. My brother gets C's and plays video games," Azula smirked triumphantly with her chin up.

"Wow! I thought I was the only video game freak around here!" Katara exclaimed suddenly. "What games do you have?"

"Well, I have a Nintendo DS…I play Diamond and Pearl---"

"You know, I play video games, too. I have a PSP...It's manly," interrupted Jet.

Katara ignored him. "Maybe we can chat after school on our DS's."

Zuko smiled. "Cool! Okay."

"…Yeah, I'll see ya at dinner, Katara," Sokka said as he and Azula walked off together.

"Me and Aangy are going to my house to watch The Ring 2," Toph smiled evilly.

"But I hate scary movies! And I want to stay here with Katara." But Aang gets dragged away by the strong little girl.

"So maybe I can come over sometime?" Katara asked.

"You can come to my house!" Jet cut in.

"Sure, of course you can come," Zuko answered as if Jet never said a thing. "Maybe I could see your house?"


Katara and Zuko laughed together. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay!" Zuko waved. He felt different. He couldn't really put his finger on it, but he just felt happy to have a new friend around now.

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