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"Anytime, Zuzu..." Azula smirked as she stepped back into the dark shadows of their house. "Anytime..."

Zuko grumbled under his breath as he held Katara close. "My name's not Zuzu..."

Katara giggled in his arms as they began to walk towards her house. "Nice sister."

Zuko shrugged casually. "She is when she needs to be...I just hope that was one of her nice moments."

Back at Zuko's house...

Azula strode into the kitchen to find her dad eating a lone meal of the finest steak in the market. Ozai looked up at his perfect daughter and smiled. "What is it, my dear?"

"It's Zuko. He's awfully smitten for that girl. And I know how much you hate him..." Azula spoke in a apathetic tone.

"He has a girlfriend? Who would fall for a runt like Zuko! This girl is probably as weak-minded as him...Get rid of her." Ozai commanded in a loud voice.

Azula sighed and replied in a bored tone as she walked away to her room. "Okay, fine."

Meanwhile, Katara and Zuko walked together through the quiet night under the heavens. Zuko held Katara close, wrapping her in his jacket as they cuddled. When they reached Katara's small home, they stopped and faced each other lovingly on the porch.

Katara gazed into his amber eyes, waiting and wondering what his next move was.

Zuko leaned forward, closing his eyes and kissing her lightly on the lips. Katara returned the kiss, embracing him into her warmth. After a few moments of complete Zutaraness, they finally pulled apart and said their goodnights lovingly.

And as Zuko walked back home, he didn't think of the bet, but of that totally awesome Zutara moment that just happened.

Azula plopped onto her bed and took out her phone, speed-dialing Mai and Ty Lee's number and linking the two calls.

Mai was the first to answer. "What do you want?" she spoke apathetically.

Then Ty Lee entered in a bouncy tone. "Hello? Oh hey Mai! Azula are you there too??"

"Yes, I'm here. And I require a certain favor from you two," Azula stated in a serious tone.

"Sure!" Just by hearing Ty Lee's tone, you could easily tell that she was having a sugar rush or something.

On the other hand, Mai sighed and spoke in an uncaring tone. "Why am I doing this?"

Azula rolled her eyes and answered her. "Because my brother's got a girlfriend."

"What?!" The surprise and emotion in Mai's voice might've caused the apocalypse.

"Really?" Ty Lee gasped and giggled at Mai's reaction.

"Yes," Azula continued. "And since my father doesn't consent of this, we have to take his little girl out."

"What are we going to do?" Mai questioned in a serious tone.

"Find his girlfriend and tell her that you know me so she'll know you're legit. Then tell her that Zuko's cheating on her for another girl," Azula commanded. "It's simple and cliched. But always works."

Ty Lee grinned at her plan. "Sounds great!"

Mai spoke on the contrary. "But isn't she going to believe Zuko more than us if we just walk up randomly and tell her?"

"Oh don't worry, I'll tell Sokka. She trusts her brother way more than anyone." Azula smirked.

"Okay, so should we do it tomorrow, like after school?" Ty Lee asked as she began to twirl a strand of her hair.

"Yes. And do not forget. Because you know what I am capable of..." Azula threatened in a cold voice.

Mai spoke in a monotoned voice. "I won't disobey you as long as you don't tell Zuko I like him."

"Right. So I'll see you girls tomorrow." And with that, Azula hung up.

The Next Day...

As soon as Zuko arrived at school and saw Jet, the bet immediately sprung back into his mind. He ran up to him, dodging everyone in the halls.

"Hey Jet...Guess who kissed Katara?"

"What??" Jet eyed him suspiciously. "Not you."

"Yeah me! After I walked her home last night."

Jet's eyebrows arched downward. "You have no proof though."

"Just talk to Katara when you see her today. And I'll be taking that PSP tomorrow," Zuko beamed happily as he walked off to his next class.

Jet just stared at him angrily and slammed his locker door shut.

After school was over, Mai and Ty Lee stood waiting outside the middle school. As soon as they saw Katara, they casually walked up to her.

"Hey, we're Azula's friends."

Katara looked at them with curous eyes. "Azula? ...Oh Zuko's sister. What's up?"

Ty Lee tried her best to sound convincing. "Well Azula knows about you and Zuko, after last night. But did you know that he already has a girlfriend?"

Katara's eyes widened. "What?! Who?"


Ty Lee and Katara both stared in shock at Mai.

"So that's why you better stay away from him or I'll make sure you will," Mai threatened.

Katara's fists shook in fury as she turned away. "They have to be lying. They're just jealous..." she mumbled to herself as she stormed home.

As she walked into her room and threw her backpack to the side, she heard her brother calling her.

"Yeah?" she questioned as she walked over to his doorway.

"I was talking to Azula, and she told me her brother--"

"I know! Her friends told me twenty minutes ago, alright?"

"So did you dump him already?"

"No! He would never do that to me...he's so compassionate and sweet."

Sokka got up off his bed and stood in front of her, his eyes as serious as the tone of his voice. "Look, Katara. You're only 13. And you don't understand that some guys only act like that to get to a girl's good side. And then they just get bored and cheat on them for other girls. Not that I'm like that, but...maybe Zuko is. You've only known him for a few weeks."

"Same with you and Azula! How do you know she's not cheating on you?" Katara yelled out.

Sokka retorted in a matter-of-fact tone, "Trust me. The whole school revolves around her. Every little thing she does is the new gossip. I think I'd know if she was cheating on me. But Zuko on the other hand..."

"Shut it already! Jeez!" Katara shouted as she went back to her room and slammed the door.

She grabbed her cellphone out and called Zuko.

"Hey Katara!" he said happily.

"Hey Zuko," she said unsurely.

"What's wrong?" he said, concerned.

"You wouldn't...cheat on me, would you?"

"What?" Zuko sounded confused. "Never! Why?"

"Your sister told Sokka and her friends to tell me."

"Azula..." he spoke with gritted teeth. "I'll be sure to have a talk with her."

"Okay. So I'll talk to you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, bye Katara."

After Zuko hung up, he walked over to Azula's room to find her lying in her bed, listening to her iPod. She opened one eye and smirked.

"What is it, Zuzu?"

"Why did you tell everyone to that I cheated on Katara?" Zuko spoke loudly.

"Well, Daddy told me to do it after he noticed you had a girlfriend. You know how much he hates you ever since Mom's accident."

"Stop bringing that up! You know that was an accident!" Zuko snapped. "And I am going to stand up to Dad and speak my mind, because I'm tired of him being unjust to his own kid!"

Azula just said calmly, "Go ahead. He's downstairs on the computer doing some business transactions."

Still enraged, Zuko bolted downstairs to his father. "Dad, I have to talk to you about something important."

"What is it?" Ozai spoke irritatedly, not even turning away from the screen.

"Why do you have to hate me? You blamed me for the accident to my mother that happened when I was just a boy! A little boy!"

"What's the matter with you, runt? You shut your defiant mouth, if you know what's good for you!" Ozai bellowed furiously, whirling around to face him.

"You've never treated me like a real son! It's not like I wanted Mom to die!"

And with that final sentence, Ozai got up and punched Zuko across the cheek. Zuko staggered to the floor, clutching the side of his face in agony.

"You are no longer deserving to live in the same home as me! Pack up your things your things immediately! I am calling your uncle so you can live in failure together!" Ozai yelled as he stormed into the kitchen for the telephone.

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