A/N: This idea came from the fact that well you look at Bart Simpson and Naruto tell me they don't look a like... tell me... anyway was I had this in my head for a while, there will be 4 main Naruto characters in this story: Naruto (though technically he's also Bart), Sasuke, Kyubi and a 4th person who won't appear until the 4th chapter (hint: 4) Anyways enjoy!

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By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Reincarnated Prankster

Sasuke looked at the body of his friend… his best friend. Itachi made it look easy, he really did, his older brother, the one that told him about obtaining the Mangekyo Sharingan… the one that he swore to kill, it had began to rain which was perfect to what he was feeling, as well as the psychical pain he was in. He walked off in guilt… he just couldn't handle it anymore… he was going to Orochimaru still… no matter what the guilt.

"I'm sorry… Naruto…" thought Sasuke, "Who knows… maybe you will be granted another life… maybe one with a loving family."

Little did Sasuke know was that Naruto's soul was indeed reinserted… And only 10 minutes after he was born… he lit his dad's tie on fire! For Naruto Uzumaki was rein carted as Bart Simpson. Never knowing of his past live… oh well… he would have never known if it wasn't for a series a of events…

10 Years Later…

It was breakfast time at the Simpsons House… Lisa came into the kitchen happily.

"What is it with you?" asked Bart.

"Today we finally get our new teacher!" said Lisa.

"What happened to your old one?" asked Homer.

"Oh Ms. Hoover… she quit because she began to suffer from a Mid-life crisis… she's now working on her screen play." Said Lisa shaking her head.

"It figures with you teacher." Said Bart with a laugh.

"What about you're teacher, it's a wonder Mrs. Krabappel hasn't snapped yet…" said Lisa.

"D'oh!" yelled Bart.

"Hey, that's my line!" said Homer, "you know the rules."

Bart muttered something under his breath as he paid his father a dollar.

Hours later at school, Principal Skinner was showing the new 2nd Grade teacher around, he was a young man in his early 20's, he wore short sleeved collared shirt with a red tie, black pants and write frame glasses and his name was Sasuke Uchiha, he was fresh out of collage and got his first teaching job.

"So you seem happy about starting your new job, then again you're freshly out of collage, so you're going to loose that happiness soon…" said Principal Skinner.

"What does that mean?" asked Sasuke… well Mr. Uchiha.

"Then again you are also heading up detention… which I can't believe…" said principal Skinner.

"What can I say teaching children give me a purpose in life and punishing them helps me get my anger out…" said Mr. Uchiha, "It helps me forget all the mistakes in my life."

"Yes… like stealing the identity of your commanding officer." Said Principal Skinner.

"What?" asked Mr. Uchiha.

"What?" responded Principal Skinner.

That's when they went into the classroom.

"Hello class… this is your new teacher Mr. Uchiha, just don't mess him up like you did you're old one…" said Principal Skinner, "That goes for you Bart!"

"Principal Skinner… Bart's not in the this class." Said Lisa.

"I know…" said Principal Skinner with a laugh, "I never got to prepare a speech for Miss Hoover…"

Principal Skinner left the room and the new teacher got the class started.

"Okay, first off please don't call me Mr. Uchiha… I don't like it, I don't care for it… please call me Sasuke-Sensei!" said Mr. Uchiha… err… Sasuke-Sensei, "Next we'll"

That's when a kid threw a paper airplane at Sasuke-Sensei, he caught in between his fingers and then threw back at the kid… which landed on his desk.

"Whoa!" called out of the class while other clapped.

"Now." Said Sasuke-Sensei, "I know we should get started on lesions right away… but right now I think we should introduce ourselves one by one… by telling each other likes, dislikes, hobbies and dreams for the future."

"What about you Sasuke-Sensei?" asked Lisa.

"Well okay, I minds as well go first, I'm Sasuke Uchiha, I like teaching, I dislike… certain events in my past, my hobbies in clued working out and… reading a certain book and my dreams for the future… is to ensure every child I teach get a great future… Now… how about you go first." Said Sasuke-Sensei motioning towards Lisa.

"I'm Lisa Simpson, I like ponies and Malibu Stacy and I dislike Phonies. My hobbies are playing saxophone soccer, chemistry and protecting the environment. My dream is become a jazz musician." Said Lisa.

"Okay… thanks Lisa… now who's next." Said Sasuke-Sensei.

Hours later, they were still introducing themselves… not because it took hours, but because they were stuck on the last person.

"So… since I heard you name Ralph…" said Sasuke-Sensei slightly twitching, "What are likes, dislikes, dreams for the future… that kind of stuff."

"My cat smells bad after it uses the box!" said Ralph.

"Yes, yes… I already know…" said Sasuke-Sensei he sighed, "Okay class… who votes to skip Ralph."

Everyone raised their hands…

"Okay… okay… let's begin our lesions…" said Sasuke-Sensei.

Sasuke taught them… he taught them well… Lisa in particular enjoyed the lesions… after class, Lisa waked up to Sasuke-Sensei.

"Wow, Sasuke-Sensei your lesions were amazing! You're a great teacher! You're so passionate about teacher" said Lisa.

"Really! Wait about your last teacher…" said Sasuke.

"Mid-Life crisis…" said Lisa.

"I see…" said Sasuke-Sensei, "Now if you excuse me Lisa… I have to go to detention… I'm heading it up now…"

"Okay… see you tomorrow." Said Lisa.

Elsewhere in the detention room the bullies… and Bart.

"I heard that new guy is the new 2nd Grade Teacher." Said Nelson.

"I heard he's a softy…" said Jimbo.

That's when Sasuke-Sensei entered the room… and he didn't look happy, "Okay. Listen up! I'm sure you might have heard from my 2nd Grade Students that I'm a nice, passionate teacher… and I am… to my students but when I enter detention… I'm a real hard ass, while you're here you will experience horrible things that you would never even dream of seeing!"

"Yeah… right." Laughed Bart as the bullies laughed with him.

Sasuke stared at Bart but then shook his head, "Now... experience horror beyond horror." Said Sasuke-Sensei.

He began to from strange hand signs… and all 5 of them experiencing horrifying illusions that can't be shown due to certain reasons.

"Stop… just stop it…" cried Nelson.

I want to go back! I want to go back!" yelled Bart.

"Oh wow… this place is awesome!" yelled Dolph.

Sasuke-Sensei looked at Dolph and then performed different hand signs… his new place isn't that scary… unless you hate certain things

(Dolph's illusion)

The fiery nightmare realm began to melt away… and reformed itself into a magical land of rainbows and unicorns!

"Hello Stranger!" said a Happy Little Elf, "Welcome to out magical land!"

Dolph of course screamed.

(Out of the illusion)

Dolph began to scream "The Elves! The Elves!"

Hours later, the 5 began to leave… all of them pale at what they saw.

"I can't believe he did that! What did he do!" yelled Kearny.

"Does anyone else feel weird in the their stomach?" asked Bart.

This of course earned him punch by Nelson.

The 5 left the room, Sasuke stared at Bart and shook his head.

"He looks so much… like him… and what's that familiar presence from him… must be all in my head." He thought.

That night during dinner, Lisa walking about her school day.

"He's so amazing! During science class while talking about electricity he pulled out a light bulb and lit it up with only using his body!" said Lisa.

"I well I don't like him… he's a nut case! I think he fed us some sort of drug in detention… he made us see things!" said Bart, "And sense then my stomach had been feeling weird."

"So you're going to eat that?" asked Homer point to his meat loaf.

"I said I was feeling weird… not that I'm not hungry." Said Bart.

"D'oh!" grunted Homer.

"It's probably all in your head..." said Marge.

Somewhere… in an unknown location… that great demon fox Kyubi no Yoko chuckled in it's cage…

"So… he's in this world… and accidentally awakened me… isn't that interesting…" said Kyubi who began to laugh, "Let's just see if I can reawaken his memories…"

That night, Bart tossed and turned in his sleep…

(Dream/Inside Bart's Mind)

Bart found himself in a sewer.

"Where am I… did Homer lock me in the sewer again?"

He began to look for a way out when he went to room… he screamed was he saw… a giant monster, a fox like monster… that had 9 tails… even though it was behind a cage Bart could tell it was dangerous. Of course this monster was the Kyubi.

"My Naruto… it's been a long time… you still look the same… just with out the whisker marks… not to mention you're younger…"

"Naruto… my name isn't Naruto." Said Bart.

The demon chuckled, "Of courser you don't remember… not after the reincarnation and all… If it wasn't for that Genjutsu… then I'm I would have never woken up…" said Kyubi, "Now I'm going to give you two gifts… it's up to you what you do with it… whether it's for revenge or pranks it's up to you."

Red light seemed to seep from the cage… and into Bart, pain ripped his body and mind. Memories began to filter though his mind… happy memories, sad memories, memories of pranks, memories lionesses and memories of his death at the hands of one Sasuke Uchiha…

"Not only am I giving you your memories but also you'll be able to use your Jutsu again." Said Kyubi with a laugh.

(Outside the mind)

Bart woke up with a start and screamed…

"Shut up Bart!" yelled Homer form his room.

Bart went into the fetal position… this couldn't be real… he remembered everything…

"That stupid fox…" he muttered, "Stupid Teme…"

Bart sighed then he remembered what Kyubi said.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" he said forming the hand signs, that's when another Bart appeared, "So I can use Justus…" he said.

The clone was dispelled, so what would he do, hide it, then again he had family with a Buddhist genius sister, he went to the next room to Lisa's room.

"Lis… Lis…" said Bart shaking Lisa, he then plugged her nose waking her up.

"Bart! It's the middle of the night!" said Lisa glaring at her brother.

"I need to tell you something very unbelievable…" said Bart, "What do you know about reincarnation?"

"Why do you want to ask?" asked Lisa staring at Bart.

"What would you do if I told you I remembered my past life." Said Bart.

Lisa stared at Bart, "Good night." She said.

"Look, I'm completely serious…" said Bart he took a breath, "Fine then talk to "Sasuke-Sensei" tomorrow… ask him about a Naruto Uzumaki."

"Fine… I will… just leave my room right now!" said Lisa.

"Okay… but you have to do it…" said Bart.

Bart lift the room and Lisa sighed, knowing that Bart would do something to her if she didn't ask.

The next morning, Lisa noticed Bart was acting weird during breakfast, he was quiet.

"What you're problem boy?" asked Homer.

"Nothing Homer…" said Bart glaring at Homer.

"You're acting funny…" said Homer.

"Yeah… I'm enjoying my family…" thought Bart angrily, "On the plus side I know that having no father is better than having you as a father most of the time…"

Lisa wondered if it has something to with what happened the night before but shrugged…

Later that day it was recess time, Sasuke-Sensei pulled out a book called "Make-out Paradise"

"No matter how many times I read it, it's always good…" said Sasuke-Sensei who began to read.

"Sasuke-Sensei…" said Lisa, "I have a question for you."

"What is it?" asked Sasuke-Sensei.

"You see… I think my brother is playing an elaborate prank on you… or me, claiming that he remembers his past life… and part of it involved you." Said Lisa.

"What do you mean?" asked Sasuke-Sensei.

"He wanted me ask you if you knew something named Naruto Uzumaki…" said Lisa.

Sasuke-Sensei went pale, "You're brother… he looks a little like you and has spiky blonde hair … right? He was in detention yesterday?" said Sasuke-Sensei who began to shake lightly.

"Yes… why is something wrong?" asked Lisa.

Sasuke began to cry, "I can't believe it… what are the chances?" cried Sasuke-Sensei.

"This isn't' a prank?" asked Lisa becoming concerned.

"No… there's no way this can be a prank… especially if your brother is his reincarnation… I knew it…" cried Sasuke-Sensei.

"Sasuke-Sensei… what's wrong?" asked Lisa.

Sasuke-Sensei took a breath, "Okay Lisa… since your brother already told you something I'll tell you… Naruto Uzumaki was my best friend… until… that day…"

"What happened?" asked Lisa.

He took another a breath, "What I am about tell you or show you… you must not tell any one… ever… no one would unbelievable you anyways… but it's best you keep it a secret." Said Sasuke-Sensei.

Lisa nodded, now knowing that it wasn't a Prank, but little did she know was that it much more horrifying than she would ever guess… and this was something that she wouldn't have gotten involved with.

Next Time: Sasuke tells Lisa his tragic and horrifying past meanwhile Bart decides to use Justus to perform the best prank ever. What else will happen? Find out next time!