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Chapter 4: The 4th "Hoagie"

In another dimension, it was the realm of the Shimigami… not those Shimigami from Bleach… the ones from Death Note… or the type from Full Moon… or the ones from Risky Safety… let's face it… there's a lot of anime dealing with Shimigami. No this was one that that the 4th Hokage Summoned to seal the demon fox, and the one the 3rd Hokage summoned to unsuccessfully seal Orochimaru.

"So Naruto's reincarnation remembers… and he has a family… perhaps his new father could use the help." Said the Shimigami who then vomited up Minato Namikaze, the 4th Hokage… and a pair of arms.

"I'm out?" asked Minato, "Why are there a set of dismembered arms next to me?"

"Those go back." said the Shimigami eating the arms back up.

"I don't want to know." said Minato staring at the Shimigami.

"I have released after over 20 years for a reason!" called out the Shimigami.

"What is it?" asked Minato.

"You will haunt the father of your son's reincarnation to make him a better father." said Shimigami.

"Naruto's dead?" asked Minato in shock.

"I'm afraid so." said the Shimigami.

Minato shook his head… "I can't believe it." said Minato.

"His reincarnation has remember his past life due to the combination of someone using a Genjutsu in a world they don't exists and the demon fox." explained the Shimigami, "I would like you to help his current life's father become a better dad."

"Is he that bad?" asked Minato blinking.

"Let's watch." said the Shimigami.

They began to watch various things that Homer had done… the last thing was of course the times when he fell down the Gorge.

"You are aware the last one was him being a good father? Right?" asked Minato.

"Yeah… but I like that footage." said the Shimigami.

"I see…" muttered Minato.

"Now only Homer and people under certain conditions will be able to see you." said the Shimigami.

"Under certain conditions?" asked Minato.

"People with the three great Dojutsus, really, really drunk or almost died from suicide." said the Shimigami, "You might want to avoid Moe's…"

"Okay…" said Minato.

"Now go forth Minato and change his life." said the Shimigami.

"Alright." said Minato.

And so in the dead of night the ghost of Minato appeared in Marge and Homer's bedroom.

"Homer Simpson!" called out Minato.

Homier woke up and looked around then screamed in a girly "Ahh! A Ghost!"

Homer hid under his covers, "Homer Simpson! I am Minato Namikaze, the 4th Hokage!"

"The 4th Hoagie? What's the 4th Hoagie?" asked Homer.

"I said Hokage! Not Hoagie!" yelled Minato.

"Right Hoagie." said Homer with a nod.

Minato slapped his forehead, "Whatever." he mutter, "However I came here with a grim message! Become a better father or I will continue to haunt you!"

Minato disappeared leaving Homer shaking.

The next morning at breakfast, Homer was explaining the night before.

"Last night I vested by the ghost of the 4th Hoagie!" yelled Homer standing up while everyone ate dinner.

"Whew I'll say." said Bart waving his hand across his face.

"Why you little!" yelled Homer who began to strangle Bart.

"There has to be a reasonable explanation." said Lisa, "How drunk were you last night?"

"I don't know." said Homer.

"I believe him." said Sasuke.

"Really thank you." said Homer.

"Yes, when I was nothing but a punk teenager a met a mysterious ghost girl who gave me the power to fight evil sprits." said Sasuke.

"Oh really…" said Homer, "Wait a second, you're messing with my head aren't you?"

"Gee… you just figured it out." said Sasuke rolling his eyes.

"I'm raising your rent!" yelled Homer.

"We're not raising his rent." said Marge.

"D'oh!" yelled Homer.

"Oh by the way Sasuke, can you take of Maggie this afternoon?" asked Marge.

"Sure, of course I would." said Sasuke.

Maggie looked at Sasuke… she began to give him a dirty look. She didn't like Sasuke.

"Why is Maggie staring at me." said Sasuke.

Sometime later at the plant, Homer was sleeping when Minato once again appeared.

"Homer Simpson! Repent!" yelled Minato.

Homer woke up and began to look around, "What! What! I'm working!" yelled Homer.

"I'm haunting you Homer! Become a better father!" yelled Minato pointing at Homer.

"Why are you haunting me 4th Hoagie!" yelled Homer.

"It's 4th Hokage! And that's on a need to know basis… and you don't need to know." said Minato who disappeared.

That's when Minato disappeared…

"Why can't I just be haunted by someone cool… not some lame guy calling himself a Hoagie." muttered Homer.

Meanwhile at the Simpson house, Marge left the house with the kids in Sasuke's care.

"Oh Maggie… you're so cute." said Sasuke doting upon Maggie.

That's when Maggie punched Sasuke in the face.

"What the!" yelled Sasuke as Maggie climbed out his arms.

"What happened?" asked Lisa as she and Bart came into the room.

"Maggie punched me and escaped." said Sasuke rubbing where she had punched him.

"You better hope she don't have a toy gun on her." said Bart.

"Why?" asked Sasuke blinking.

They went into the Hall way for Maggie to have a Nerf gun in her hand was shooting it at Sasuke's head.

"I see." said Sasuke blinking.

That's when she shot a ball sized rock at Sasuke which caused him to topple over.

"What the hell!" yelled Sasuke.

"How many people have you killed?" asked Lisa.

"Just three… why?" asked Sasuke getting up.

"Babies can sense when someone's well not trust worthy." said Lisa.

"You're going to try to kill me again, aren't you?" asked Bart.

"I'm here to start a new life as a teacher and that's that." said Sasuke.

"Maybe we can calm Maggie down." said Lisa.

"Yeah… let's." said Sasuke who then passed out because of his head injury.

Meanwhile Homer was with one of his loves, doughnuts.

"Mmm… Doughnuts." drooled Homer.

"Homer Simpson!" yelled Minato appearing to Homer.

"Can't talk not, eating." mumbled Homer who ate more.

Minato slapped his forehead.

Back at the Simpson house. Sasuke was covered in in suction darts and with his pants wet. Lisa was holding Maggie who was glaring at Sasuke harshly.

"Okay… how is Maggie a dead shot." said Sasuke.

"She just is…" said Bart with a shrug, "Did you know she's the one that shot Mr. Burns."

"She was… but why does it seem like she shot more people than before?" asked Sasuke.

Maggie took out her pacifier and said something baby talk.

"I also shot the mean men after bald mommy." said the nearby baby translator.

"I forgot we even had that thing." said Bart.

"Now we know who shot the mobsters that time." said Lisa.

""you know I have a theory." said Sasuke.

He picked up Maggie and held her up, "You hate me and you don't know why." said Sasuke.

Maggie once again punched him.

"Well what's your theory." said Lisa.

"You know… just never mind. I just thinks she hates me." said Sasuke.

Fortunately that's when Marge came home.

"She wasn't too much trouble, was she Sasuke?" asked Marge who then looked at Sasuke condition realizing that Maggie shot him up a lot with her toy guns.

"If you want to… you can raise my rent. I don't think I can baby sit her again." said Sasuke.

Maggie smirked as she adjusted her ribbon… it was the only way for her to her best buddy to be a baby sitter… after all none was a better baby sitter than Moe.

Meanwhile Homer was driving to Moe's when once again the ghost of the 4th Hoagie appeared to me.

"You must become a better father!" yelled Minato.

"Why are you even haunting me?" asked Homer.

"You're not scared any more… are you?" asked Minato.

"Not a chance." said Homer.

"The reason I'm haunting you is because I really wanted to get out of the afterlife I dug myself into." said Minato, "I didn't go to heaven, hell, or reincarnated, no! I had to seal myself into a death god's stomach… sure it's okay since the other Hokages joined me but still! It's god awful! No pun intended."

"So from your inferring, you had a choice, haunt me or go though hell." said Homer.

"Pretty much,." said Minato.

"Want to come to Moe's with me?" asked Homer.

"sure why not." said Minato.

The two went to Moe's where Homer was drinking a beer.

"Hey Homer… what's with the ghost?" asked Moe.

"You can see him/me?" asked both Homer and Minato.

"Yeah… it happened a few years ago, almost died from one of my "accidents"." said Moe using air quote with the word "accident".

"He's haunting me to become a better father." said Homer.

"So what will be ghost boy?" asked Moe.

"You have any sake?" asked Minato.

"Here you go." said Moe taking out a bottle of sake, "Ghosts drink free by the way."

"Thanks." said Minato.

After a while the two began to get drunk.

"You know we have the same son… in a way. My kid was murdered and he was reborn as your kid (hic)." said Minato.

"That is so weird… if you want to raise him… you can…" said Homer.

"No… no… he'll hate me than you." said Minato.

That's when both of them passed out drunk.

Moe shook his head…

"Why is it always the ghosts that have the most problems." said Moe shaking his head.

"You're one to talk Moe." said the ghost of Abe Lincoln who happened to be at the bar.

"I'm getting tittered of what you have to say." muttered Moe.

And so Homer and Minato began to their bizarre friendship of ghost and man… fortunately they forgot the conversation about Bart and his soul… so it wouldn't be that awkward.

Next Time: Sasuke decides to use the transformation Jutsu to pose as a 10 year old so he can hang out with Bart. Unfortunately this causes problems when he quickly becomes much more cooler than Bart. However Bart gets revenge when he uses Sasuke's weakness against him... fan girls! What will happen? find out next time!