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"Kyuubi/summon talking"

'Kyuubi/summon thinking'

"Come, fools! Come to your death!"

The roar of a lone swordsman standing in the middle of the field with two normal katana by his side made a cut on a Jounin's chest. This man looked normal but why did he seem so out of place? Oh yes, it might be the nine tails flailing wildly behind him and the fact that his chakra was forming into the shape of a giant nine-tailed fox. He was the Kyuubi no Yoko, one of Lucifer'sCircle of Demise(1) and his right-hand man in the nine levels of hell.

This one swordsman had destroyed at least a quarter of Konahagakure's ninjas and he's still going! With each step, he left a trail of fire which grew and burned down the surrounding forests. With each swing of the blade, the winds grew violent causing several hurricanes to uproot trees and ninjas alike. With each body slashed in half, the clouds rained down blood. The killing intent and chakra radiating off Kyuubi did nothing but weaken Konoha's shinobi forces.

Every jutsu was blown away by a simple swing of a blade. Every kunai and shuriken was thrown back dealing ten times more damage. Every man amd woman that rushed out to attack the demonic swordsman was dead by the minute they were at least a few inches away from him.

Kyuubi growled as he heard several shinobis calling out their jutsus. Kyuubi threw away his blades which once belonged to a member of the Gekkou clan. He started to mold his chakra into his right hand and it formed into a beautifully crafted katana. It's blade was purple and made out of brimstone which was rumored to burn as hot as the flames of hell. It had a black hilt with the kanji for first and it's handguard was red with a few blotches of midnight black.

Kyuubi gave a feral sneer and raised his blade, calling out his technique. "Ichibi Ken : Kitsune Kouen Shuuha!" He brought the blade down and it imoacted with the earth causing it to crack and wild blue flames spread out, incenerating everything it came into contact with.

-Scene Break-

Minato sighed in distress. He had no choice. He had to call on the shinigami and to ask him to seal the Kyuubi into his own son. It was a tough decision but he couldn't risk someone else's child. He walked past Sarutobi who eyed him with a look that pleaded for him to stop and reconsonder.

"I'm sorry, ojiji but you know I have to do it. When I'm gone I need you to take up the title of Hokage once more."

Sarutobi sighed inwardly at this. He could do nothing to dissuade the Yellow Flash. Minato was,to say the least, stubborn till the very end. Sarutobi was about to reply when he felt a familiar chakra signature heading to the room Minato and he was in. The door flew open to reveal a man with long white hair and markings on his face.

"Gaki! What do you think you're doing? I forbid you to use that jutsu! There has to be another way!"

Minato looked down, his eyes brimming with confusion and determination. "I-I'm sorry, sensei...but it has to be done...so when you die...let's party it up next time. All right...ero-sennin?"

Jiraiya fumed but his anger slowly faded turning into sadness. He shook his head while giving out a hollow chuckle. "All right, gaki...just...leave the scroll for the seal here. It will take some time and I need to get it ready. Go and delay Kyuubi. Just try to hold on for a at least ten minutes."

Minato nodded and took out the scroll and started to summon the toad boss. Once Gamabunta arrived, he looked onto the distance and saw a swordsman viciously cutting down every single living thing he could find. "So...this is it, eh Minato?"

Minato hopped on the toad's head and took out a three pronged kunai along with a wakizashi. "Yeah, let's do this! IKUSE!"

-Scene Break-

The murderer of hundreds of shinobi took a step back and growled at the sight of a the toad boss. He raised his blade and readied himself. After a few minutes, he rushed forward only to be stopped by an orb of fire which was inches away from his face. He slashed it in annoyance and sent out another wave of hellfire at his opponent. Minato jumped off Gamabunta and proceeded to do a helm breaker to Kyuubi. However, Kyuubi was too quick for him and Minato got a deep gash on his chest. He grit his teeth in pain, not allowing the demon satisfaction by screaming.

Kyuubi smirked upon his human opponent. So this was the 'Yellow Flash'? Hah! Nothing but a simple human! Kyuubi rushed forward holding back some of his true power and quickly did an upward slice. Minato swiftly did a backflip resulting in some of his bangs being burned off. He growled slightly in anger and placed his wakizashi in its sheath. He started to form a sphere of chakra in his right hand. Kyuubi stood there, waiting for the attack. He had seen the move before. The Rasengan. He knew that instead of outer damage, it would actually 'shred' the insides of a person. He cocked his eyebrow however, when the Rasengan emitted sparks.

Minato could only smirk at the Kyuubi's expression. And with a run, he yelled out his jutsu,"Hiraishin Rasengan!" With a thrust of his arm, he shoved the Rasengan into the belly of the Kyuubi. Kyuubi could only gasp in pain as the volts and the shredding of the Hiraishin Rasengan coursed through his body. With one final push, the elemental Rasengan flew out of the Yondaime's hand and pushed Kyuubi away, Rasengan still shredding it's victim.

Kyuubi grimaced in pain as the Rasengan faded. The move was equal to that of one tail's worth of chakra. He never expected a human to be so powerful. He glanced up and smirked as Minato popped in a soldier pill, feeling refreshed and disgusted at the same time.

Minato went into a basic battle stance. Sweat formed on his brow as he felt Kyuubi's chakra spike. Kyuubi stood up, his bangs creating a shadow that loomed over his eyes. He looked up and gave a feral smirk.

"Haha...pitiful ningen...I must admit that move of yours is quite powerful...I wonder if you have demon blood within you..."

Minato didn't do anything. He just stood there with a stoic expression on his face. Kyuubi did the same thing. In a second, they dissapeared. The blades and the hiss of metal went well with the night. The screams of those dying and the mourning of loved ones rang throughout the night.

'Kuso! If I don't end this now, it could mean the death of everyone! I have enough for another Rasengan and the Shiki Fuuin.'

Kyuubi smirked as if he knew what the human was about to do. He raised his blade ready to end it but was shocked by a Hiraishin Rasengan to the chest. Kyuubi grunted in pain and skidded backwards. His wound slowly healing. He looked up only to shudder at the sight. There, behind the Yondaime, was Shinigami.

It all happened so fast. The skeletal hand of the Death God followed by a flash of light was the end for demon.

-Scene Break -- After the Kyuubi Battle-

Sarutobi sighed. His tired and aged body shuddering after what had happened. Helooked over at the crib where one Uzumaki Naruto slept. As soon as the sealing was done, Naruto's unharmed face, suddenly had three scars on each cheek which made Sarutobi think they were whiskers. What happened next scared the old Hokage. As soon as the 'whiskers' appeared, Naruto's right arm was suddenly engulfed in red chakra which seemed to burn the skin and muscles off. With the help of a Genjutsu, Naruto went back to peaceful slumber, twitching and muttering what Sarutobi believed to be the language of Hell.

What happened the next few years will rock Konoha off its foundation.

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Custom Jutsus

Name - Hiraishin Rasengan(Flying thunder God Spiralling Sphere)

Rank - S

Used By - Namikaze Minato

Description - An elemental version of the Rasengan. Lightning based. A more powerful version of the Rasengan. Can be thrown as a bomb as well. When used in close range , has a chance of paralyzing or frying the insides of enemies.