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Backpedalling, Naruto dodged Mizuki's new claws which glowed with dark chakra. Sidestep. Dodge another claw. Jump up. Dodge. Duck. Dodge. Clearly, it was very easy to dodge Mizuki's attacks. It was all in a repeated pattern. Downward swipe, uppercut, claw sweep and finishing with with a blast of chakra from his masked maw. It became a pattern which Naruto quickly took in strides, since Mizuki's demonic transformation, he thought his thinking would degrade into nothing but instincts and the need to kill the prey in front of him.

But even as a demon, Mizuki was still a ninja and he had fooled the blonde into thinking it was just that, a pattern. As he charged up for another chakra blast, Naruto got ready to crouch but was blown away by a claw uppercut which released a shockwave of wind.

"Bwaaah!" Naruto flew back and slammed into the tree head first and his whole body slumped to the ground slowly, his back scraping against the rough bark. Grunting, he pushed himself off the tree and withdrew a blade using his armored arm. "I guess I'll have to get serious, ne?" Twirling the blade in his hand, he crouched and in a second, he completely disappeared from Mizuki's vision.

The now demonic knight growled low in his throat and stood up straight, claws flexed, muscles tightening and eyes glowing ominously under the demonic tiger mask. Right! He raised his right arm to block the incoming attack. But instead of the normal 'clang' when a blade hit metal, it was a rough scraping sound. His glowing eyes blinked which made an odd expression for a demonic knight but he quickly regained his thoughts and slashed downwards with his claw only to hit air.

He turned a 180 and slashed once more but was blocked by a blade. "Gotcha…" Using his left hand, he punched Mizuki which caused a decent dent in his armor but in truth, it did no real damage. "You're not so tough, gaki!" Clenching his fist, Mizuki retaliated by punching Naruto In the face only to be stopped by another blade. "You're too slow, sensei…"

"Senkou Ten : Serrating Version!"

Naruto shifted into air and appeared above Mizuki, the blade screamed downwards, it's edges gleaming under the moonlight. Mizuki was in awe at the beauty of it and that was all he saw before the the armor on him was shredded apart. Upon closer inspection, the armor was not slashed off but rather 'sawed' off.

Mizuki growled and Naruto noticed that the dark chakra didn't just create the armour but rather effect his whole body. His skin was purple with black stripes, eyes were slitted and completely yellow with fangs protruding from his upper lip. "Brat! I'll fucking kill you!" He ran forward, slowing down to grab the fuuma shuriken on the ground. The shuriken glowed slightly and he threw it, twisting his whole body as he did so. The large projectile made a whirring sound as it sailed through the air, leaving a trail of purple chakra behind it. The blonde rushed forward and the shuriken can be seen going through his body,

"What!? An afterimage? Where the hell is- Gwaaaaaah!"

Eyes cold and unrelenting, Naruto sawed the blade through the traitorous sensei's shoulder until it reached bone. "I'll ask you this once, Mizuki-teme…Who gave you this power and why are you doing this?"

Mizuki growled and grabbed the blade, not caring whether it would result him in losing an arm. Surely, his new master can grant him a new, stronger one. He growled and tugged at the blade but It didn't budge. Naruto dug the blade deeper and growled ferally, his right gauntleted arm glowing slightly with red chakra. A little bit of Kyuubi had leaked into Naruto as his 'tou-san' wanted to know more about this 'master'.

"I'll never tell you! And why? Simple! I want power! That's all I want! Power! Power! Pow- Gurk!"

Naruto stared as blood spurted up from the dismembered body and all over the forest floor. The body of Mizuki slumped over and fell to the ground, slowly disintegrating into purple flakes and they disappeared into the sky. He glanced around, hand clutching the blade tightly.

"He's here, kit…Guard up…expand your senses…Be ready…"

"Who's here!? Why do I feel so nervous…Just what is this!?"

"KIT! Block!"

Naruto was almost blown away by the impact of the blade against his. On a closer look, he saw that the blade was quite thick and covered in different runes which glowed in a faint white light.

"Tch…so you're the successor to the Nine-pronged Fang, huh? Weak…That's what you are…Not even worthy of that title just yet…"

He leaned the blade forward, Naruto's own blade shaking under the pressure. "Grunt…Ichi…ken…" The black blade erupted into flames in which Naruto quickly crouched down to ensure the assailant lost his balance but he expected it and quickly jumped back, the runeblade's tip scraping the ground.

"First blade…huh? Guess you have enough balls to actually use it…Hmph. You passed. You are now part of my master's game…Good luck, Uzumaki. We'll meet again…"

Game? What was that about…and who was he…? Shaking his head, the first blade flickered and turned back into the normal black serrated blade it was before. He grabbed the forbidden scroll off the ground and started to walk to the Hokage Tower before he felt a few similar chakra signatures. Only then did he realize the words mentioned… "…Part of my master's game…" Could it be? The master that Kyuubi mentioned before?

"Naruto! You're alright!"

"Eh? Ah! Ojiji! What took you so long!? You just missed someone!" Naruto sounded nervous. His skin was pale, eyes slightly wide. This was a completely different Naruto where as he would usually be calm in a situation like this, but this was a far cry from the blonde we know.

"Naruto…What's wrong? What happened to Mizuki? And why could't we enter the forest just then?"

"Not now, Sarutobi. My boy is nerve wracked over what we have just learned and saw from Mizuki and an assailant. It's best for all of us if we discuss this after a nice cup of tea..."

Kyuubi appeared beside Naruto, a hand on his shoulder. Sarutobi nodded and told the ANBU and jounin he brought to check the surrounding area just in case.

-Hokage's Office-

Naruto placed the cup on to the desk, visibly much more relaxed but his left hand still clutched one of his blades tightly while Kyuubi and Hiruzen were talking in hushed tones, low enough so that NAruto wouldn't be able to hear even with his enhanced hearing.

"So he's…?"

"Exactly but then…"


They ended their conversation promptly and turned to Naruto. It was Kyuubi who spoke first. "Naruto, you remember the emblem that was on Mizuki?"

"Yeah, I mean who wouldn't? It was pretty elaborate." He grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and quickly drew the emblem. Eight blades…surround a demonic zanbatou… 'It's official, we're fucked…' Kyuubi growled and slammed the desk, eliciting a small cracking sound, he dug his claws into the mahogany desk and growled.

"And what is that, Kyuubi?"

Kyuubi calmed himself down and took a large deep breath and placed his hand on his forehead. "They are…the Circle of Hell and don't interrupt me, goddamnit! You can ask me questions later…The Circle of Hell can also be known as the Neo-nine blades. They are, in fact, the next set of bijuus. As you know, the first nine bijuus are either sealed away or just asleep. We, the Nine Blades are in actuality, heroes and/or villains from different dimensions while some of us were the result of several strong souls formed together to create one entity. I'm one of those entities and so are the Shichibi and Hachibi while the Ichibi to the Rokubi are heroes from long past.

Now then, our master, is Lucifer a fallen angel who resides in Hell. He summoned us and gave us a proposition, a proposition we couldn't afford to reject. It was to become his soldiers. Lucifer was a top swordsman and he gave us new bodies and powers. Ichibi with his sand…Nibi with the powers of resurrecting the dead and so on. After countless millenniums, we grew tired of residing in Hell so we stole his blades and absorbed them into our bodies which was how we obtained out beasts' bodies. We grew primal and escaped into the ningen world and fell asleep due to the journey from Hell and here took a toll on our bodies…But that's a lesson for another time.

The Circle of Hell is lead by a man, who is my equal in every way, especially since I was his mentor centuries back. In jutsu…In swordsmanship…Everything and with the years gone by, I suspect he is much stronger than me now. You met him just then, Naruto, He was the one who attacked you and killed Mizuki. I don't know his name but he is one to be feared…Very much so. I do know who few members are, though I don't know their ranking in the Circle. One of them is a Shinigami, known as Kurosaki Ichigo. He is to be avoided at all costs. He has an ability called 'shikai' and 'bankai' which increases his powers and gives him the ability to become very fast. Another, is a swordsman with an ability called 'Aurora'. If I'm not mistaken…His name is Reid Hershel. His sword skills are top-notch, Naruto. But I have no doubt that you'll be a match for him. And finally, a warrior who has the ability to control darkness. He goes by the name of Riku.

Now then…The 'game' that the leader mentioned…I'm guessing it's a hunt for the original Nine meaning you have to be on the look-out, Naruto. I'm as much as a part of you as you are a part of me. And to get to me, they'll have to kill you first if they want to reach me…"

The information they have just heard took them by shock. Warriors as strong as bijuus? It will possibly take a miracle to defeat them…Kami-sama…Help us…

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