An: So this was the first fan fic I ever wrote. I have always loved it. But after two years I have decided to re-write. I am not a beta whore. This isn't about fixing grammar. It is about improving the story. I will be updating chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1

Remus paced anxiously in the office waiting for Harry to come. He had wanted to go himself but one person would be safer. And because of his role as a spy Severus was able to come and go quicker. He knew the war needed the BWL but he needed Harry. He had just lost Sirius and he couldn't stand to lose all he had left. He knew Sirius never thought he would put Harry at risk. He wanted to leave Harry his fortune and make sure he was taken care of. He couldn't know the will would mean Privet wasn't home which allowed the house to be attacked. Voldemort couldn't attack Harry but his men could.

Albus was trying to calm him down when the floo flared to life. Severus led a shaken Harry into the office. Remus could see Severus had his trunk. The moment Harry spotted him he ran across the room. Remus took him into his arms.

Severus spoke to Albus "The family was killed."

Harry clung to Remus "How? I thought I had to stay there because it was safe."

Albus motioned them to sit "The will of Sirius changed the wards. Luckily Severus got warning in time."

Harry shook his head "Not son enough to save them."

He hadn't been close to his family. They had called him freak and made him sleep in a cupboard. But they were family and had been killed because of him. He knew enough about the last war to know what kind of death they would have suffered.

Harry was tired "What happens now?"

Remus kissed him "Sirius named me your guardian. I will be teaching in the fall again."

Albus spoke "Unfortunately the Potter will must be taken into account as well."

Remus was pale "You know they would have named me if the laws were changed."

The old laws wouldn't allow a werewolf. They were over turned years ago. If Sirius couldn't Frank and Alice had been named. Alice had been Lily's closest female friend and Frank had worked with James. Harry was confused as the couple were in the hospital. His confusion turned into shock when he was told a third had been named. He couldn't believe his dad would ever name Severus. Severus was no happier.

Severus pointed at Remus "He can have him. I have been protecting him for five years. I won't baby sit."

Albus shook his head "I think Harry would benefit from both. I believe it would be best if he learned from both. He will have rooms with both of you."

Remus looked at Harry "I think he has had all he can take for a night. I will take him to my rooms."

Albus nodded but added "Harry I'm sorry we couldn't save them. You will start your training again with Professor Snape so hopefully this will end."

He got no response as Remus led Harry out of the office. He turned his attention to Severus. He wasn't surprised that the man had not left the room. Severus had made it clear he resented watching over Harry all those years. But he had to make sure the man kept to it.

He cut Severus off "We both know you are the only one who can train him. We both know you loved Lily. You owe it to her."